Tribute & Transformation

31st May, 2011

I volunteer at Dress for Success, an incredible and inspiring organization that provides interview outfits and job search assistance to women re-entering the work place. It is truly gratifying to have the opportunity to be a volunteer and to witness the transformative impact of a well-chosen work outfit and to be a small part of the prodigious accomplishments of this vital organization. What always interests me as a perfume fanatic is that when perfume samples are available they are a very popular item. The right outfit can bolster confidence and improve appearance, but the power of perfume to transform not only one’s appearance, but also one’s demeanor continually delights and surprises me. The ability to feel good about oneself works in ways both physical and emotional. I understand completely the desire for the one thing that so effortlessly brings oneself and others happiness, a fragrance.

I think about this transformative power of perfume almost every morning. Women wear perfume because it enchants. Because great perfume has the power to tell a story with no words, to evoke a feeling or a memory, to create a familiar comfort zone, to make a compelling statement, to complete the outfit that once has chosen.

I often wear the fragrance Vol de Nuit, the masterful Guerlain perfume ,when I volunteer at Dress For Success. because it reminds me of the brave women I have been fortunate enough to meet through Dress For Success. Vol de Nuit is described as "a tribute to women who like to take risks," a scent I find applicable to the women who work so hard to make Dress For Success such a truly life changing experience for the women they assist. The fragrance reminds me of their strength and it is my small tribute to the women of this organization at a time in the world when many of us must take risks and change our expectations. I instinctively surround myself with invisible beauty as I witness the beauty in the life changing power of collective efforts of all those involved with this inspiring organization. As these days become economically challenging and the world seems daily, more unforgiving I wear this scent to comfort, to reassure and to remind myself of the strength of others and the power of people united to help others succeed.

The dictates of the economy may mean that I will not have all of my heart’s desires but perfume is something I have that reminds me there is splendor in the world and I can indeed own a part of it. And I understand the desire of the women, who, newly suited; instinctively ask for that one accessory that makes their outfit sing…the perfect scent. The ability to remind us all that there is beauty to be found, there is a sense of risk taken on confidently as the doors of Dress for Success open to empower women and through them….the world.

More information about Dress for Success can be found here.

About the author

Michelle Smith is a complete fragrance addict and has been collecting perfume longer than she would care to admit. She is a former English teacher,web content writer and ghost writer for several blogs as well as an author of poetry, magazine articles and many product use and study guides. Her own blog combines her love of perfume with her love of literature

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    • JeanieE | 31st May 2011 16:08

      Great article! A friend of mine here in Columbus, OH had a party for Dress For Success; we were to all bring clothing and perfumes to swap or donate. Thanks for bringing such a great cause to our attention!

    • Francop | 31st May 2011 21:45

      Great article Michelle; keep up the good work...:smiley:

    • knit at nite | 31st May 2011 22:11

      Great article, Michelle!

      I run a small Career Closet at my job and never thought to add office friendly scents to the list of donations sought! I'll be rectifying that ASAP.

    • rtamara41 | 3rd June 2011 23:13

      Great article and an inspiring read. Thank you! :smiley:

    • msmith139 | 3rd July 2011 19:07

      Thanks for all the wonderful and thoughtful comments...I will be back at my blog after a brief hiatus in a few weeks so do stop by and thanks again for all the wonderful comments!

    • nonnative | 5th August 2011 13:46

      Feeling confident is so important. Expressing yourself with your wardrobe is vital for me. For a long time l looked for a true an genuine image of myself. I even wrote a book about it. Wearing the right perfume is part of the job. Like Michelle I find that Guerlain parfumes are great for getting the strength. Another brand I rely on for self confidence is L'Artisan Parfumeur. But perhaps for a job interview Guerlain is a safer choice. And I want to thank Dressforsucces for its precious work. I'd like to have such a group in Italy.