Live coverage: Scratch & Sniff - Smells Like Teen Spirit


22nd March, 2011

We're live-blogging Scratch & Sniff tonight from London's The Book Club. This Scratch+Sniff promises to be a rollercoaster of nostalgia, cringeworthiness, and delight, as we revisit the phenomenon of teendom through the perfumes we wore back then. We’ll be hearing from gender sociologist Sarah Sternberg who will present the origins and history of the teenager as consumer phenomenon, from post-war USA through to the present day, and exploring the gaps between the 90210 myths and the often painful reality.

We’ll be journeying from sports pitch to locker room to Saturday night clubbing, and yes, we will be smelling lots of the old favourites, from White Musk (remember that one?!) to Charlie and many more besides. Come with brave nostrils, after all, these fragrances weren’t exactly designed to be subtle.

This Scratch+Sniff is supported by the folk at online emporium Escentual, who will be providing lots of the retro favourites for us to enjoy….

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