Live coverage from tonight's Scratch and Sniff


19th April, 2011

Having only just recovered from last Thursday's UK FiFi Awards, the Basenotes Outside Broadcast Team (ok, me) is back in London to cover tonight's sold out Scratch and Sniff Event. This month's event is "The Scent of Music" and is described by Scratch and Sniff overlord, Lizzie Ostrom as thus: "Perfume, like music, has notes. And both are brought to us, invisibly and mysteriously, through the airwaves via vibrational energy. But beyond that, what’s the connection?"

Ostrom (aka Odette Toilette) continues:

Well, at this very special edition Scratch+Sniff, we’re going to find out. We’ll explore whether a scent can belong to a musical genre. We’ll go on a rollercoster tour of different music styles, from classical to blues and punk, and will discover what happens when you listen to a track whilst experiencing very different perfumes. Prepare for a double sensory whammy this month, it’s going to be intense. Our guest speaker, (and musical conductor) will be Michael Bywater, a writer and broadcaster, man about town, raconteur and Jasmine award-winner for outstanding perfume journalism. He is also a trained harpsichordist.

Please be assured, (or perhaps dismayed), that though the title suggests the Von Trapp family, no songs from The Sound of Music will be played at this Scratch+Sniff.

Follow the action LIVE in the special box below:

You can also follow the action on Twitter using hashtag : scratchnsniff

Next months Scratch and Sniff is "Sniff, Scratch, Touch and Prod" and will be on 25 May. We advise you to book now, as Scratch and Sniff is prone to selling out. More details here. See you next time!

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    • kbe | 19th April 2011 18:14


      I always look forward to your pithy comments about events.

      Thanks! :beer: :beer: :beer: (that should about do it..:rolleyesold:)

      --oh hell, why not..:beer: :beer: