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  • News Special: Maison Francis Kurkdjian

    by Sandra Rose, 05 November 2009

     In a wood panelled room above Liberty in the heart of London, Francis Kurkdjian leans forward excitedly and reaches for one of the pristine white boxes that are spread out on the table in front of him. This is the man who created one of the most prolific fragrances of the 90’s: Le Male, at the age of 25, and who has since been the créateur parfumeur behind a succession of internationally renowned fragrances for the likes of Dior, Elizabeth Arden, Guerlain and Armani. Today, he presents a range of fragrances which launch his own parfum house: Maison Francis Kurkdjian....

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  • News Special: Estée Lauder Launches the 2009 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

    by April Schanoes, 01 October 2009

    Evelyn H. Lauder welcomed fashion, beauty, and fragrance bloggers to Estée Lauder's opulent headquarters for the launch of the worldwide October Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.  Mrs. Lauder passionately described her many contributions to breast cancer education and research.  In 1992 she co-created the Pink Ribbon to raise awareness of breast health;  85 million pink ribbons later, Mrs. Lauder, the founder and chairman of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, is just as legendary for her advocacy as she is for her much loved fragrances and impeccable style. 


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  • Basenoters worldwide meet up in last weekend of August

    by Grant Osborne, 09 September 2009

    All over the world, on the last week of August, Basenotes members gathered together to meet and celebrate and participate in their love of scent. As well as the official Basenotes Meetup in London, members also met in Boston, Kansas, Southern California, San Francisco, Vancouver, Florida, Chicago and Hong Kong!...

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  • Straddling Z

    by Maureen Gibbon, 16 July 2009

    When I was fifteen, I had a twenty-two-year-old boyfriend.  He had dark waving hair, almond eyes, and a jaw you could cut paper on.  He was also so vacuous my family called him “the village idiot,” but that’s another story. 

    My boyfriend drove a low-slung orange 240Z in 1978, but the car wasn’t the only place where the letter Z played a role in  his life – he also wore Halston Z-14 cologne.

    Granted, I was only fifteen, but I couldn’t believe a man could smell so good.  Z-14 had tang as well as musky darkness, and it seemed to match my boyfriend’s dark, good looks.  But my fascination with the fragrance went beyond wanting to smell it on him.  I liked the scent so much I bought a bottle and started wearing it myself. 


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  • Basenotes Events Coverage: Your questions for Roja Dove and an exclusive offer

    by Danielle Cooper, 26 May 2009

    As previously reported on Basenotes we are collaborating with the man behind London's Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie and bringing our readers the opportunity to attend an exclusive masterclass with Dove himself, followed by a delicious two course lunch and a warm welcome in some of the local fragrance establishments.

    Now we also bring you two new and exclusive opportunities - you can pose your questions to the man himself and also purchase a piece of fragrance history in the form of the beautiful Baccarat flacons designed for Guerlain's Coq D'or fragrance, Roja's personal collection.


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  • Basenotes Events Coverage: An Odour Profile at the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie

    by Danielle Cooper, 18 May 2009

    In the second of our pieces to celebrate Basenotes and Roja Dove's event collaboration we take a look at The Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie based at one of the most famous shopping destinations in London, Harrods.

    The opulent surroundings and rare and exotic scents have meant that that the Parfumerie is a place that excites curiosity and attracts attention. Basenotes went along to find out what the Parfumerie offers and why this is not just another boutique.

    Stepping off of the pavement on a grey and overcast Knightsbridge morning into the blazing Green and Gilded department store is an act of refreshment in itself. The noise of traffic and tourists and workers rushing out of the office for an energy boosting mid-morning latte melts into a luxurious ambience, service with a smile and a sense that retail therapy could not be more pleasing. Yes I am a fan of Harrods and have been since childhood, gazing for what seemed like entire festive holidays into magical windows that held endless promise.


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  • Basenotes Events Coverage: Roja Dove - a Profile

    by Danielle Cooper, 11 May 2009

    Basenotes will be celebrating its exclusive Roja Dove masterclass with a series of editorial pieces about the man himself and the eclectic Haute Parfumerie that he has created in Harrods, one of London's most famous department stores.    

    In our first piece we find out how Roja became involved in fragrance and take a look at a career that has seen him quoted in so many leading magazines and newspapers, allowed him to become the resident fragrance expert for British Airways Highlife magazine and to undertake the training of staff in some of the UK's biggest fragrance retailers.  Often cited as a knowledgeable and flamboyant story-teller and passionate orator of his subject, Basenotes discovers the source of that passion and the background of that knowledge....

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  • Our Love Dance with Scents

    by Marian Bendeth, 15 April 2009

    Seeking and living out the titillation of romance and love relationships is as human as breathing. This choreography of the heart is the sustenance of human attraction and with each partner we choose, and where the ego searches to have it's needs met and bolstered, the love dance is ever evolving.

    Ironically,  this pursuit of physical bonding also pertains to the way we live out our memories and views on fragrance selection. The parallels in our behaviour towards each other uncannily emulates scent choices and the results may appear eerily familiar....

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  • A guide to the New York Fragrance r-Evolution

    by Ali Nakhai, 18 March 2009

    Ahhh the smell of New York city... hot dogs and knish's from vendors on the street, a dash of burnt rubber from the cabby that almost hit you, all topped with vapor brimming out of manholes. Mmmm... Guerlain and Creed can only dream of something so sublime. Maybe not, but New York has a softer side for sure, despite the all too familiar moniker of urban grit that's been stamped on the city. The people of New York have been swept in a fragrant revolution (or maybe leave out the 'r' and just call it an evolution)....

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  • News Special: Basenotes writer Liz Upton scoops prestigious UK Jasmine Award

    by Grant Osborne, 13 March 2009

    Wednesday saw the announcement of the winners of the 2008 Jasmine Awards, which were held at BAFTA, Piccadilly, London. The awards have become recognised as the most prestigious in beauty journalism and have developed from two original prize categories, the Jasmine Literary Award and Jasmine Visual Award, into eight prize categories. Liz Upton picked up an award for her Basenotes article, Body Odour - "Body Odour – or how I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Musk". Walker Minton was also given a special mention for his "Relatives"article.

    The Jasmine Awards are the perfume industry's way of recognising expertise in the world of journalism. Their aim is to reward excellence in literary and visual achievement in articles devoted to the subject of fragrance. The awards were started in France some twenty years ago and introduced into the UK by the Fragrance & Beauty Association of Great Britain (FBA) in 1989, the first awards being presented in 1990....

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  • Book Review: The Essence of Perfume - Roja Dove

    by Anya McCoy, 16 February 2009

    The understated dustcover gives little hint as to the gorgeous photos and illustrations included in Roja Doves’s  book The Essence of Perfume. It reminded me of how a glorious perfume can be hidden in a dark, elegant bottle such as the iconic Joy parfum flacon.  Dove has been a legend in the world of perfume for years as the owner of the glamorous salon The Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie in the Urban Retreat in Harrods. Previously he worked at Guerlain and his naming, by Robert Guerlain as the “the world’s sole Professeur de Parfums” practically begged he author a book on perfume. The Professeur title is apt: he’s the type of theatrical and engaging professor that finds his classes overbooked because every student wants to sit in and be transported and educated by a maestro...

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  • Enzo Galardi - the man behind Odori and Bois 1920

    by Ali Nakhai, 26 January 2009

    Ali Nakhai returns from his Basenotes writing hiatus to investigate the two lines from Enzo Galardi: Bois 1920 and Odori: In 2005 a new niche brand with the tradition of the old hit the fragrance market. Three colors, each representing a different fragrance style, marks the assortment of fragrances from Enzo Gallardi’s first line, Bois 1920. The Tradizionali features the fragrances Agrumi Amari di Sicilia, Sandalo e The, Real Patchouly, and Vetiver Ambrato.  Classic 19201920 Extreme belong to the Classici line and the Orientali consists of Sutra Ylang and Sushi Imperiale. ...

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