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  • A guide to the New York Fragrance r-Evolution

    by Ali Nakhai, 18 March 2009

    Ahhh the smell of New York city... hot dogs and knish's from vendors on the street, a dash of burnt rubber from the cabby that almost hit you, all topped with vapor brimming out of manholes. Mmmm... Guerlain and Creed can only dream of something so sublime. Maybe not, but New York has a softer side for sure, despite the all too familiar moniker of urban grit that's been stamped on the city. The people of New York have been swept in a fragrant revolution (or maybe leave out the 'r' and just call it an evolution)....

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  • In search of Oud on Oxford Street

    by Liz Upton, 20 December 2007

    Oud is a note I fell in love with long before I found out what it was. About ten years ago, in search of some Lebanese ingredients for a dinner party, I found myself standing rigid in the middle of the pavement, trying to locate a curiously wonderful smell....

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  • The Basenotes Holiday Gift Guide part 2

    by Thomas Stone, 10 December 2007

    In the second of our holiday gift guides Tom Stone and Colin Murchie take you through the best of the bargains - top tips to save the pennies over the festive season. ...

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  • The Basenotes Holiday Gift Guide part 1

    by Thomas Stone, 09 December 2007

    In the immortal words of The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Don't Panic. Yes, it maybe just days away, but Basenotes is here! In the first of two articles Tom Stone and Colin Murchie take you through the pick of the season to take the stress out of holiday shopping. The first guide will bring you some of the best luxury buys and the second, published tomorrow, will help you bag a bargain. Happy shopping!...

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  • Scented Summer Travelogue

    by Walker Minton, 05 November 2007

    In his first atmospheric piece for Basenotes, Walker Minton parts the falling leaves of November to allow us a peek back towards a wet and fragrant summer, in which he rediscovers old loves and finds new delights in unexpected quarters....

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  • A trip to Belgravia's Les Senteurs

    by Grant Osborne, 07 December 2005

    If you are fed up with pushy sales assistants, who don't know their Grasse from their elbow, then you should take a trip to Belgravia's Les Senteurs...

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  • Cedriceccentric at the House of Guerlain

    by Cedriceccentric, 23 August 2005

    Guerlain have recently opened their new flagship boutique on the Champs-Elysees in Paris, where you have the chance to sniff Guerlain fragrances, old and new. Basenotes regular, Cedric, takes a look...

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