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An interview with Hiram Green

by Haniya Rae, 21st May, 2015

For Netherlands-base Hiram Green, natural oils aren’t a luxury, they’re a necessity. Green, who is a self-taught perfumer, took more than a decade tinkering with essential oils until the release of Moon Bloom in 2013. The perfume was an instant success, and gave Green the confidence to launch Shangri La, a perfume conjures up James Hilton’s famous paradise, a year and a half later.

Fishy Business

by Marloes Hagenaars, 19th May, 2015

When singer Cassie Graves explains to people that she suffers from fish odour syndrome, a rare disorder that makes her smell like rotten fish, they usually laugh and think she is making a joke.

Greatest Hits : Sophia Grojsman

by Nick Gilbert, 15th May, 2015

Nick Gilbert gives us the run-down on perfumer Sophia Grojsman's Greatest Hits


Interview with Filippo Sorcinelli of UNUM

by Alfarom, 14th May, 2015

Alfarom interviews Filippo Sorcinelli - the co-founder of Italian niche fragrance house, UNUM.

Scenting Television's Mothers

by Callum Langston-Bolt, 09th May, 2015

Mother’s Day is a time to show the one who sired you how much you love and respect her. Mums come in all shapes and sizes, and I thought I’d have a go at scenting a few of my favourites from the world of television.

An interview with Angela Ciampagna

by Alfarom, 07th May, 2015

One of the hits at the recent Esxence in Milan was the fragrances of Angela Ciampagna. Alfarom speaks to the founder.

Start! : How Scent Trunk Developed Their Product

by William Yin, 29th April, 2015

Right off the bat, we knew we had to find out what the market was missing. We had to discover what market we wanted to target, and what they wanted in a product. So, we did surveys… a lot of them. We discovered a group of men (and women), who cared more about the scent, than the brand. These men didn’t just wear fragrance, they experienced it.

Report from the second annual Art & Olfaction Awards

by Deadidol, 27th April, 2015

A full report of the winners and happenings from the second annual Art & Olfaction Awards held on 17th April.

Scenting Game of Thrones

by Callum Langston-Bolt, 11th April, 2015

With the imminent return of Game of Thrones, Callum decides which fragrances would suit the residents of Westeros. (Plus - bad photoshopping)

The Smell of Home

by Marloes Hagenaars, 30th March, 2015

Marloes Hagenaars recounts the scent memories of her home and the power fragrance has in bringing back memories

Pierre Guillaume : "We are not for sale!" - new line, Collection Croisiere launched at Esxence

by Grant Osborne, 27th March, 2015

Pierre Guillaume show his new collection, and tells Basenotes why he remains fiercely independent

Bottle Bling: Paris Hilton Announces Her Limited Anniversary Edition Perfume

by Haniya Rae, 25th March, 2015

Haniya Rae reports from the launch of Paris Hilton's 10th Anniversary fragrance