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      Love in Black
      by Creed (2008)
      32 Reviews


      Love Love At Night
      by Love Love (2011)


      Lovely Day
      by Ramon Monegal
      2 Reviews


      Lovely Kiss
      by Salvador Dali (2011)


      Lulu (C)
      by Lulu Castagnette


      by Ghost (2009)
      1 Review


      Mad About You
      by Bath and Body Works (2014)


      Mad Madame
      by Juliette Has a Gun (2012)
      1 Review


      Malbec Duo
      by O Boticário (2011)


      Malbec Gran Reserva 2004
      by O Boticário (2012)


      Mama Cassis
      by Smell Bent (2009)


      by Isabella Rossellini (2000)
      7 Reviews


      Manifesto L'Eclat
      by Yves Saint Laurent (2014)


      Marché Aux Fleurs
      by Fragonard


      by Tiziana Terenzi (2013)
      2 Reviews


      Marry Me à la Folie
      by Lanvin (2013)
      Limited Edition


      mat; Cherry
      by Masakï Matsushïma (2007)
      1 Review


      Mat; Male
      by Masakï Matsushïma (2002)
      18 Reviews


      Mauboussin Rose Pour Elle
      by Mauboussin (2012)


      by Neil Morris Fragrances (2013)


      Mediterranean Peach 15
      by Krigler


      by Fragonard
      2 Reviews


      Mexx Black Woman
      by Mexx (2009)


      Mexx First Sunshine Woman
      by Mexx (2010)
      Limited Edition


      Miami Glow by J.Lo
      by Jennifer Lopez (2004)
      21 Reviews


      Mini Girly
      by Ulric de Varens (2012)


      Miss Caty Cat Joy
      by Novae Plus


      Miss Caty Cat Pretty Fairy
      by Novae Plus (2006)


      Miss Caty Cat Shiny Violet
      by Novae Plus (2010)


      Miss Caty Cat Sparkling Love
      by Novae Plus


      Miss Caty Cat Violet
      by Novae Plus (2006)


      Missoni (original)
      by Missoni (1981)


      Mitsy (new)
      by Arno Sorel (2012)


      Moment Volé (new)
      by Fragonard


      Muguet Secret
      by Ulric de Varens (2009)


      by Slumberhouse (2011)


      My Love
      by Parfums Love (2008)


      My Ylang
      by Caron (2013)
      1 Review


      Mysteries of Musk : Musk Eau Naturale
      by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz (2010)


      Mythos - Hommage à Greta Garbo
      by Grès (2009)


      Nanette Lepore
      by Nanette Lepore (2004)
      8 Reviews


      Natasha : Poem
      by Atomic Kitten (2013)


      by Annayaké (2004)
      1 Review


      Naturellement Homme
      by Prestilux (2001)
      1 Review


      Nebulae 2
      by Oliver & Co. (2013)


      Nectarine Blossom & Honey
      by Jo Malone (2005)
      19 Reviews


      Nejma Five
      by Nejma (2009)
      1 Review


      Nejma Six
      by Nejma (2009)


      Neon Orange
      by Superdry (2012)


      New York Musk
      by Bond No. 9 (2012)
      6 Reviews


      Noa L'Eau
      by Cacharel (2014)


      Noble Carnation
      by Royal Apothic (2012)


      Northern Lights
      by Oriflame (2006)


      Nubia Red
      by Emeshel (2011)


      Nuit Rouge
      by Antonio Alessandria


      by Mistral


      by Roja Dove (2014)
      1 Review


      On El
      by J del Pozo (2001)
      11 Reviews


      On Vogue
      by Max Gordon


      Opium pour Homme
      by Yves Saint Laurent (1995)
      124 Reviews


      Or Noir
      by Lise Watier (2011)


      Orange Stripe
      by Oilily


      by Nayomi (2005)


      Oud Prestige
      by Jacoglu (2013)
      1 Review


      Oudh Intense
      by Comptoir Sud Pacifique (2013)


      by So Oud (2010)
      1 Review


      by Fergie (2010)


      Paco Rabanne Pour Elle Eau D'Été
      by Paco Rabanne (2004)
      Limited Edition


      by Etro (2011)
      1 Review


      Papa Cool
      by Parfums de Famille (2001)


      Papavero delle Balze
      by La Collina Toscana (2012)


      Par Amour
      by Clarins (2005)
      12 Reviews


      Par Amour Toujours
      by Clarins (2005)
      7 Reviews


      Paris Amour
      by Bath and Body Works
      1 Review


      Paris Roses des Vergers
      by Yves Saint Laurent (2006)
      Discontinued • Limited Edition
      2 Reviews


      Parisienne L'Eau
      by Yves Saint Laurent (2012)


      Passenger Cruise pour Femme
      by S.T. Dupont (2011)


      Passion Extrême
      by Franck Oliver


      by House of Matriarch (2013)


      Paul Smith Women
      by Paul Smith (2000)


      Showing 321 to 400 of 554.