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      Dangerous Desires
      by Dangerous Fragrances (2012)


      Dangerous Woman
      by Bruno Banani (2013)


      Dark Brown Sugar
      by BeautiControl (2012)


      Déjà Vu
      by Signature Fragrances London (2014)


      Denise Richards
      by Denise Richards (2012)


      Desir Secret
      by Gothmetic (2012)


      Dianoche Ocean
      by Daisy Fuentes Beauty (2008)
      1 Review


      Disco Nap
      by Smell Bent (2012)


      Dolce Acqua
      by Profumum (2011)
      2 Reviews


      by Marc Jacobs (2012)
      12 Reviews


      Dream Angels Heavenly Enchanted
      by Victoria's Secret (2009)


      Dream Angels Heavenly Summer
      by Victoria's Secret (2011)
      Limited Edition


      Dubai Next to Me
      by Ramon Monegal (2014)
      Limited Edition


      by Costamor (2009)


      Eau Délassante Parfumante
      by Nuxe (2014)


      Eau Rosée
      by Mariella Burani (1997)


      Elle L'Aime
      by Lolita Lempicka (2013)
      2 Reviews


      by Ellie D (2007)


      by Sweet Anthem (2010)


      Endless Weekend
      by Bath and Body Works (2014)


      Ensoleille Moi
      by André Gas


      by Biehl Parfumkunstwerke
      7 Reviews


      Escada Margaretha Ley
      by Escada (1990)
      8 Reviews


      Et Maintenant
      by Histoires d'Eaux (2012)


      Étoile de Rem
      by Réminiscence (2008)


      Exotic Coconut
      by Bath and Body Works
      2 Reviews


      Exotic Coral
      by Leiber (2013)


      FCUK Friction Her
      by French Connection (2012)
      1 Review


      Fifth Avenue
      by Avon (1986)


      Fig / Figuier
      by Ava Luxe
      2 Reviews


      Fils de Dieu du Riz et des Agrumes
      by Etat Libre d'Orange (2012)
      6 Reviews


      Florida State University for Women
      by Masik Collegiate Fragrances (2012)
      1 Review


      FM253 (Classic)
      by Federico Mahora


      Fool for Love
      by Ego Facto (2009)
      1 Review


      Forever Vera
      by Vera Wang (2014)


      by Gorilla Perfume [Lush] (2012)
      3 Reviews


      by Bath and Body Works


      Gardenia Exuberante
      by The Exotic Island Perfumer


      Glimmer & Glam
      by BeautiControl (2013)


      Go Be Lovely Coconut Milk Mango
      by Illume (2014)


      Gold Sugar
      by Aquolina (2013)


      Golden Glam
      by Yoppy (2012)


      by Maison des Reves (2011)


      Greek Isles
      by Mark (2007)


      Harajuku Lovers - G
      by Gwen Stefani (2008)
      15 Reviews


      Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric - G
      by Gwen Stefani (2014)


      Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties - Love
      by Gwen Stefani (2009)
      Limited Edition


      Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties : G
      by Gwen Stefani (2009)
      Limited Edition


      Harmonie Creole
      by Comptoir Sud Pacifique
      2 Reviews


      by Sow Good (2012)


      by United Scents of America (2013)


      Hello Kitty Big Pink Bow
      by Koto Parfums (2012)


      Hermèssence Santal Massoïa
      by Hermès (2011)
      11 Reviews


      Hilfiger Woman Peach Blossom
      by Tommy Hilfiger (2011)
      Limited Edition


      I'm Free - Perle de Coco / Coconut Pearl
      by Laurence Dumont


      I. D. Beats
      by Oriflame


      Ice Station Pineapple
      by Smell Bent (2014)
      Limited Edition


      by Lollia (2008)


      by Victoria's Secret (2011)
      1 Review


      Indian Coconut Nectar
      by Pacifica (2010)
      1 Review


      Ipanema Posto Nove
      by Monsillage


      Irene Neuwirth for Barney's New York
      by Barney's New York (2014)


      Isle of Pink
      by Victoria's Secret (2008)
      Limited Edition
      1 Review


      Jamaica Woman
      by Puma (2004)


      Jasmine Summer
      by Soivohle (Liz Zorn) (2011)


      Jet 365 Cabana For Two
      by Romane (2011)


      by Jennifer Lopez (2013)


      by Ava Luxe
      1 Review


      Juste un Rêve
      by Nicolaï (1996)
      3 Reviews


      Korloff Gold
      by Korloff (2012)
      1 Review


      L'Eau Enchantée de Margote / The Magic Roundabout
      by Koto Parfums


      L'Eau Nirique
      by Stéphanie de Saint-Aignan (2008)


      La Danza delle Libellule
      by Nobile 1942 (2012)
      1 Review


      Lady Presidente
      by Emper


      Le Petit Chocolatier: II Praline
      by Nobile 1942 (2012)


      Le Petit Chocolatier: III Noir Intense
      by Nobile 1942 (2012)


      Les Echappées - Lalibela
      by Memo (2008)
      3 Reviews


      Les Nombres d'Or - Tubéreuse
      by Mona di Orio (2011)
      6 Reviews


      Les Souveraines d'Egypte / The Sovereigns of Egypt
      by Romea d'Ameor (2008)


      Let Them Eat Cake No. 11
      by Tokyo Milk
      1 Review


      Showing 81 to 160 of 323.

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