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    Cologne Impatiente
    by La Manufacture (2015)


    Cologne Intense: La Baie des Anges
    by Hervé Gambs (2015)


    Colonial Club Legend
    by Jeanne Arthes (2015)


    Commitment Man
    by Otto Kern (2013)


    by Tommy Bahama (2014)

    1 Review


    Concentré de Pamplemousse Rose
    by Hermès (2011)

    4 Reviews


    by Fragonard (2012)

    1 Review


    Conga Beatz
    by BillyXClub (2015)


    Connect for Him
    by Esprit (2007)


    by Chevignon (2015)


    Conquest for Men
    by Agatha Brown (2004)

    9 Reviews


    Contre Pouvoir
    by Brécourt (2010)

    1 Review


    Cool Tropic Turquoise
    by Comptoir Sud Pacifique


    Cool Water Ice Fresh
    by Davidoff (2010)

    Discontinued • Limited Edition
    1 Review


    Cool Water Into The Ocean for Men
    by Davidoff (2013)

    Limited Edition


    Cool Water Pure Pacific
    by Davidoff (2012)

    Limited Edition
    2 Reviews


    Cool Water Tender Sea Rose
    by Davidoff (2015)


    by Ayala Moriel (2007)

    1 Review


    Corazon Blanco
    by Mario Tomas (2014)

    1 Review


    by Zirh (2005)

    69 Reviews


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    Côte d'Amour
    by L'Artisan Parfumeur (2009)

    6 Reviews


    Couleur Kenzo Rose-Pink
    by Kenzo (2013)


    Country Chic
    by Bath and Body Works (2011)


    Coup de Foudre
    by Delrae (2010)

    5 Reviews


    by Anthony Logistics (2005)

    3 Reviews


    Crazy Kiss
    by Salvador Dali (2012)


    Creation Thé Vert
    by Ted Lapidus (2008)


    Creed pour Enfants
    by Creed (2015)

    1 Review


    Crimes of Passion: Goddess of Love & Perfume
    by 4160 Tuesdays (2015)

    Limited Edition
    1 Review


    Crimes of Passion: Inevitable Crimes of Passion
    by 4160 Tuesdays (2015)

    Limited Edition


    Crowning Glory
    by Long Hair Lovers (2008)


    by American Eagle


    Crystal Honey
    by Isabel Toledo (2015)


    Cuban Cedar & Lime
    by Bath House


    Cuir Intense
    by Pierre Cardin (2009)


    Culture by Tabac
    by Mäurer & Wirtz (1996)

    4 Reviews


    Culture by Tabac Blue (original)
    by Mäurer & Wirtz (1999)



    Cuore di Pepe Nero / Black Pepper
    by Erbario Toscano


    Cupid MV
    by Cupid (2014)


    Curve for Women
    by Liz Claiborne (1996)

    9 Reviews


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    Custo Barcelona
    by Custo Barcelona (2008)


    Cyber Garden
    by Costume National (2013)

    5 Reviews


    Cyprès et Pamplemousse
    by Yves Rocher (2015)


    by Carner Barcelona (2010)

    7 Reviews


    by Marc Jacobs (2007)

    51 Reviews


    Daisy Dreamgirl
    by Bath and Body Works (2013)


    Daisy Eau So Fresh
    by Marc Jacobs (2011)

    5 Reviews


    Daisy Eau So Fresh Blush
    by Marc Jacobs (2016)

    Limited Edition


    Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine Edition
    by Marc Jacobs (2013)


    by Salvador Dali (2000)

    6 Reviews


    by O.P.S.O (2013)

    3 Reviews


    Dalton Maldonado Formula 3
    by Xyrena (2015)

    Limited Edition


    Dangerous Desires
    by Dangerous Fragrances (2012)


    Daniela Katzenberger
    by Daniela Katzenberger (2012)


    by Fueguia 1833 (2012)


    David Beckham Beyond
    by Beckham (2015)

    1 Review


    David Beckham Classic Blue
    by Beckham (2014)

    1 Review


    David Beckham Classic Summer
    by Beckham (2014)


    David Beckham Instinct After Dark
    by Beckham (2009)


    David Beckham Pure Instinct
    by Beckham (2009)

    5 Reviews


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    David Beckham The Essence
    by Beckham (2012)

    5 Reviews


    by The Only Way Is Essex (2011)


    Dazzling Darling
    by Kylie Minogue (2011)



    by Etienne Aigner (2013)


    Declaration L'Eau
    by Cartier (2014)

    3 Reviews


    Deep Blue Essence
    by Weil (2015)

    1 Review


    Deeply Yours for Her
    by Enrique Iglesias (2015)


    Derby Club House Belmont
    by Armaf

    1 Review


    Desire Black
    by Dunhill (2014)

    3 Reviews


    Dewberry Perfume Oil
    by Body Shop (2005)

    2 Reviews


    by Possets (2015)


    Dilis Classic Collection No. 27
    by Dilis (2015)


    Dino Sadino for Him
    by Dino Sadino (2012)


    Dior Homme Cologne (2013)
    by Christian Dior (2013)

    20 Reviews


    Dior Homme Eau for Men
    by Christian Dior (2014)

    30 Reviews


    Dior Homme Sport (original)
    by Christian Dior (2008)

    94 Reviews


    Disco Sunset Pour Femme
    by Moods of Norway (2013)


    Divine Essence 1
    by JoAnne Bassett (2005)


    Divine Sensual
    by Oriflame


    DKNY Be Delicious
    by Donna Karan (2004)

    68 Reviews


    Showing 401 to 480 of 1755.