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    Acqua Attiva
    by Collistar (2009)

    1 Review


    Agave Nectar
    by Thymes (2010)


    Aloha Waterfall Orchid
    by Bath and Body Works (2016)


    by Pryn Parfum (2015)


    Aqua Allegoria Lemon-Fresca
    by Guerlain (2003)

    8 Reviews


    Aqua Composita Citronnier
    by Florascent (2015)


    by Lancaster (2004)

    1 Review


    Beach Flower
    by Arts & Scents (2014)


    Blue Ridge Skyline
    by Alkemia Apothecary and Perfumery


    by Jacques Bogart (1975)

    35 Reviews


    Carré d'As
    by Nicolaï (1995)

    10 Reviews


    Casamorati 1888 Regio
    by Xerjoff (2011)

    10 Reviews


    CH L'Eau (original)
    by Carolina Herrera (2011)



    by Nest (2016)

    2 Reviews


    Cuba Copacabana for Men
    by Cuba Paris


    Datura Noir
    by Serge Lutens (2001)

    54 Reviews


    by Detaille


    Eau de Citron Noir
    by Hermès (2018)

    11 Reviews


    Eau de Givenchy (2018 version)
    by Givenchy (2018)

    1 Review


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    Fleurs de Citronnier
    by Serge Lutens (2004)

    20 Reviews


    by Sow Good (2012)


    Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties - Love
    by Gwen Stefani (2009)

    Limited Edition


    In White
    by J del Pozo (2007)

    10 Reviews


    Iniezione di Morfina
    by Peccato Originale (2013)


    Jardin d'Interdit Sweet Swing
    by Givenchy (2009)

    Discontinued • Limited Edition


    Jardin Néroli
    by Comptoir Sud Pacifique (2014)


    L'Ame d'un Héros
    by Guerlain (2008)

    12 Reviews


    by Tauer (2017)

    6 Reviews


    L'Eau Nirique
    by Stéphanie de Saint-Aignan (2008)


    La Nuit de HJ
    by Henry Jacques


    Lavender & Sandalwood
    by Bath and Body Works (2017)


    Lemon & Neroli
    by Bronnley


    Like a Jump in the Pool
    by Essence (2013)


    by Clean (2017)


    Malibu Lemon Blossom
    by Pacifica (2008)

    3 Reviews


    by Nicki Minaj (2013)


    Mysterious Girl
    by Peter Andre (2010)


    Notting Hill
    by Hugh Parsons (2019)


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    by Sohum


    Pamplemousse / Grapefruit Red Currant
    by Mistral


    Peace, Love & Juicy Couture
    by Juicy Couture (2010)

    3 Reviews


    by Ormonde Jayne (2012)

    2 Reviews


    Qi Intensivo
    by Ormonde Jayne (2015)


    Romeo Sweet Key
    by Love Passport (2002)


    Sable & Soleil
    by Phaedon (2016)

    2 Reviews


    Sake Lemon Flower
    by Voluspa (2014)


    Scent Essence Sparkly Citrus
    by Avon (2014)


    by Gap (2010)


    by Pierre Guillaume (2019)


    The Zieba Tree
    by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab


    Tommy Girl Neon Brights
    by Tommy Hilfiger (2015)

    Limited Edition


    Totem Orange
    by Kenzo (2015)


    True Life for Her
    by Avon (2014)


    True Star Gold
    by Tommy Hilfiger (2005)

    7 Reviews


    Yuzu Water
    by Odore Mio (2020)


    Zest di Sorrento
    by Simone Andreoli (2019)


    Zeste de Vigne
    by Caudalíe (2011)


    Showing 1 to 57 of 57.