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      by Santi Burgas (2013)


      Lollipop Bling Mine Again
      by Mariah Carey (2010)


      Londa 1006
      by O'Driù (2011)
      3 Reviews


      London Love
      by Lipsy (2012)


      by Penhaligon's (2014)
      5 Reviews


      by MCMC Fragrances (2011)
      1 Review


      Love Exposure
      by Folie à Plusieurs (2014)
      2 Reviews


      Love for Her
      by Annayaké (2013)
      Limited Edition
      1 Review


      Love In White
      by Creed (2005)
      40 Reviews


      Love, Ralph Lauren
      by Ralph Lauren (2008)
      3 Reviews


      by GoodTrueBeautiful (2011)


      Loverdose Tattoo Eau de Toilette
      by Diesel (2014)


      Luan Santana - Te Vivo Feminino
      by Água de Cheiro (2012)


      Lulu Castagnette
      by Lulu Castagnette (2004)


      Lychee Blossom / Fleur de Litchi
      by Body Shop (2010)
      Limited Edition


      Madame Gres
      by Grès (2013)
      2 Reviews


      Magazine Street
      by Strange Invisible Perfumes (2006)
      6 Reviews


      by Demeter Fragrance Library (2010)


      Magnolia & Mûre
      by L'Occitane (2013)
      1 Review


      Magnolia Blossom
      by Bath and Body Works
      2 Reviews


      Magnolia Grandiflora Michel
      by Grandiflora (2014)
      1 Review


      Magnolia Petal
      by Ayala Moriel (2005)
      2 Reviews


      Magnolia Pourpre
      by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier (2001)
      3 Reviews


      Magnolia Romana
      by Eau d'Italie (2008)
      8 Reviews


      Magnolie, Orchidea & Mimosa / Magnolia, Orchid & Mimosa
      by Antica Farmacista


      Magnolio de Verano
      by The Exotic Island Perfumer


      Maijda Donna
      by Acqua di Sardegna (2011)


      by Fueguia 1833 (2011)
      1 Review


      Mango Mandarin
      by Bath and Body Works
      1 Review


      Maria Sharapova
      by Maria Sharapova (2005)
      1 Review


      Marry Me
      by Lanvin (2010)
      1 Review


      Marry Me! Love Edition
      by Lanvin (2012)


      by Masakï Matsushïma (2007)


      by Tola (2013)
      1 Review


      Matthew Williamson Sheer
      by Matthew Williamson (2007)
      2 Reviews


      Mauboussin Rose Pour Elle
      by Mauboussin (2012)


      Me L'Eau
      by Lanvin (2014)


      by Elizabeth Arden (2007)
      15 Reviews


      Mercedes-Benz Rose
      by Mercedes-Benz (2015)


      Merry Merry Pink
      by Victoria's Secret (2011)
      Discontinued • Limited Edition


      Message in a Bottle
      by Mark Buxton (2014)


      Mexx Summer Edition Woman 2014
      by Mexx (2014)
      Limited Edition


      Michael Kors Gold
      by Michael Kors (2011)
      2 Reviews


      by Onyrico (2015)


      Midnight Dream
      by Ana Hickmann (2013)


      Midnight Tryst
      by Neil Morris Fragrances (2008)
      3 Reviews


      by Nicki Minaj (2013)


      by Lancôme (2000)
      30 Reviews


      by Soivohle (Liz Zorn) (2006)


      Miss 4
      by Dzintars


      Miss Caty Cat Candy Pink
      by Novae Plus


      Miss Caty Cat Pearl Pink
      by Novae Plus


      Miss Caty Cat Petal Bath in Sunshine
      by Novae Plus (2014)


      Miss Pucci
      by Emilio Pucci (2010)


      Miss Pucci Intense
      by Emilio Pucci (2011)


      Miss Soprani
      by Luciano Soprani (2007)


      Missoni Colori Collection: Giallo
      by Missoni (2008)


      Mito Eau De Parfum
      by Vero Profumo (2012)
      6 Reviews


      Mito Voile d'Extrait
      by Vero Profumo (2013)
      2 Reviews


      Mod Noir
      by Marc Jacobs (2015)


      Mojave Ghost
      by Byredo (2014)
      3 Reviews


      Mon Jardin Fresca
      by Apple Parfums (2014)


      Mon Numéro 1
      by L'Artisan Parfumeur (2011)
      1 Review


      Mon Numéro 6
      by L'Artisan Parfumeur (2011)
      3 Reviews


      Mona Lisa
      by Eclectic Collections (2011)


      by Ormonde Jayne (2012)
      1 Review


      Moody Cow
      by Cowshed (2012)


      Mugler Show
      by Thierry Mugler (2013)
      Limited Edition


      Musc Monoï
      by Nicolaï (2014)


      Music Is My Life
      by Glee (2011)


      Naomi Campbell
      by Naomi Campbell (1999)


      by Strange Invisible Perfumes (2005)
      3 Reviews


      Narcotic Flowers
      by 1000 Flowers (2011)


      Navîgo Femme
      by Jafra


      Nawab of Oudh
      by Ormonde Jayne (2012)
      3 Reviews


      New Orleans
      by Ayala Moriel (2011)


      Nightshade Woman
      by Jasper Conran (2014)


      by DoubleYou (2010)


      Nudo Blue
      by Pomellato (2013)


      Ocean Pacific for Women
      by Ocean Pacific (2004)
      2 Reviews


      Showing 321 to 400 of 604.

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