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    Frutto della Passione / Passion Fruit
    by L'Erbolario


    2022 Generation Femme
    by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777 (2013)


    8 Pure Summer
    by Abercrombie & Fitch (2013)


    Adidas Fresh Escape
    by Adidas (2010)


    Agua di Massimo Dutti
    by Massimo Dutti (2001)


    Arpège pour Homme
    by Lanvin (2005)

    88 Reviews


    by Penhaligon's (2002)

    19 Reviews


    Aruba Coconut
    by Bath and Body Works


    Bali Mango
    by Bath and Body Works (2013)


    Bazar Femme
    by Christian Lacroix (2002)

    3 Reviews


    Beautiful Butterfly
    by Avon (2015)


    Because of You
    by Jordin Sparks (2011)

    1 Review


    by Vince Camuto (2014)


    Bella Belara
    by Mary Kay (2007)


    Blanc pour Femme
    by S.T. Dupont (2006)

    1 Review


    Bluebell + White Tea
    by Love2Love (2015)


    Can Can Burlesque
    by Paris Hilton (2014)


    Can Can Paris Hilton
    by Paris Hilton (2007)

    13 Reviews


    by Yves Rocher (1995)


    Capri Seaside Citrus
    by Bath and Body Works (2013)


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    by Mark (2008)


    by Essence (2016)


    Clemson University for Women
    by Masik Collegiate Fragrances (2013)


    Cosmopolitan, The Fragrance
    by Cosmopolitan (2015)


    Curve Appeal Women
    by Liz Claiborne (2011)


    DKNY Be Electric Citrus Pulse
    by Donna Karan (2016)

    Limited Edition


    DKNY Nectar Love
    by Donna Karan (2017)


    DKNY Sweet Delicious Pink Macaroon
    by Donna Karan (2012)

    1 Review


    by Women'Secret (2014)


    Eau Spontanée
    by L'Occitane (2013)

    1 Review


    Electric Lemonade
    by Dunlop (2014)


    Endless Weekend
    by Bath and Body Works (2014)

    1 Review


    by Sixteen92 (2017)


    by Escada (2005)

    16 Reviews


    Escada Joyful Moments
    by Escada (2015)


    Exhalted You
    by Jacques Battini


    by Isaac Mizrahi (2012)


    Fabulous Intense
    by Isaac Mizrahi (2014)


    Feminine Limited Edition
    by Women'Secret (2013)

    Limited Edition


    Fico Pesca
    by Luciano Soprani (2014)


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    by Vince Camuto (2013)

    Limited Edition


    Fiorucci (new)
    by Fiorucci (1999)


    Fleurs d'Ombre Jasmin-Lilas
    by Jean-Charles Brosseau (2006)


    Florida State University for Women
    by Masik Collegiate Fragrances (2012)

    1 Review


    by Masakï Matsushïma (2010)


    by Masakï Matsushïma (2010)


    FM283 (Luxury)
    by Federico Mahora


    Frangipani & Grapefruit
    by Bath House


    French Lavender & Honey
    by Bath and Body Works (2014)


    French Vanilla Lavender
    by Instyle ActivEssence (2016)


    by Alan Bray (2012)


    Giordani White Gold
    by Oriflame


    Go Be Lovely Thai Lily
    by Illume (2014)


    Gold Rush
    by Paris Hilton (2016)


    Green Summer
    by Yves Rocher (2009)


    Green Tea Nectarine Blossom
    by Elizabeth Arden (2016)

    1 Review


    Harajuku Lovers - Love
    by Gwen Stefani (2008)

    4 Reviews


    Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties - Love
    by Gwen Stefani (2009)

    Limited Edition


    Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style - Love
    by Gwen Stefani (2010)

    Limited Edition
    1 Review


    Heavenly Shine
    by Victoria's Secret (2011)

    Limited Edition


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    Hello Beautiful
    by Bath and Body Works (2016)


    Hello Darling
    by Victoria's Secret (2012)


    Hugo Pure Purple
    by Hugo Boss (2006)

    11 Reviews


    by Lise Watier (2013)


    Jessica Simpson
    by Jessica Simpson (2014)


    Jimmy Choo L'Eau
    by Jimmy Choo (2017)


    L'Eau Kenzo Electric Wave pour Femme
    by Kenzo (2016)


    L'Eau Neuve Inédite
    by Lubin (2010)

    2 Reviews


    L'Être Aimé Femme
    by Divine (2008)

    2 Reviews


    Lady Presidente
    by Emper


    Leila Lou
    by Rosie Jane Cosmetics (2009)

    1 Review


    Les Maitresses de Louis XIV / The Mistresses of Louis XIV
    by Romea d'Ameor (2008)

    1 Review


    Let's Travel to New York for Woman
    by Mandarina Duck (2017)


    by Lili Bermuda

    1 Review


    by Pryn Parfum (2016)


    Love & Rock
    by Eau Jeune (2012)


    Love and Glamour
    by Jennifer Lopez (2010)

    2 Reviews


    Love and Luck for Women
    by Ed Hardy [Christian Audigier] (2008)

    12 Reviews


    Love Etc…Sun Kiss
    by Body Shop (2012)

    Limited Edition


    Love Woman
    by Förster & Johnsen (2010)


    Showing 1 to 80 of 135.