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    by Tiziana Terenzi (2016)


    by Christian Lacroix (2015)


    Billionaire Boyfriend
    by Boyfriend (2012)


    by Atkinsons (1979)

    1 Review


    Black Ambre Anointing Perfume Oil
    by Salt Trade (2014)


    Black Collection : Bois
    by Commodity (2018)


    Black Gold
    by Ormonde Jayne (2014)

    9 Reviews


    Black Leather
    by Clean (2016)


    Black Orchid
    by Tom Ford (2006)

    160 Reviews


    Black Orchid
    by Ana Hickmann (2011)


    Black Orchid Eau de Toilette
    by Tom Ford (2015)

    1 Review


    Black Orchid Voile de Fleur
    by Tom Ford (2007)

    2 Reviews


    Black Raspberry and Vanilla
    by Bath and Body Works

    5 Reviews


    Black Rose Oud
    by Trish McEvoy (2011)

    3 Reviews


    Black Violet
    by Tom Ford (2007)

    20 Reviews


    Black XS Los Angeles for Her
    by Paco Rabanne (2016)


    Blue Glow by J.LO
    by Jennifer Lopez (2009)



    Blue Orchid & Water Lily
    by Woods of Windsor (2013)


    by Mark (2006)

    Discontinued • Limited Edition


    by Victoria's Secret (2010)

    4 Reviews


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    Bond Girl 007
    by Avon (2008)

    5 Reviews


    Boss Intense
    by Hugo Boss (2003)

    11 Reviews


    by Ellen Tracy (2011)

    2 Reviews


    Brown Sugar and Fig
    by Bath and Body Works

    1 Review


    Bubbly Gal
    by Rasasi (2014)


    Butterfly Flower
    by Bath and Body Works (2009)

    4 Reviews


    BV Feel
    by Bottega Verde (2009)


    By Night
    by Sex and the City (2011)


    By Night White
    by Profumi del Forte (2009)

    4 Reviews


    C'est La Fête
    by Christian Lacroix (2007)

    2 Reviews


    C'est La Fête Patchouli
    by Christian Lacroix (2008)

    4 Reviews


    C'est Moi
    by Etienne Aigner (1983)

    1 Review


    Cacao Aztèque Extrait de Parfum
    by Perris Monte Carlo (2017)

    1 Review


    Can Can Burlesque
    by Paris Hilton (2014)


    Can Can Paris Hilton
    by Paris Hilton (2007)

    13 Reviews


    Canto Dell'Angelo
    by Ars Mirabile (2016)


    by Tiziana Terenzi (2014)

    1 Review


    by Chopard (2009)

    1 Review


    Celebration Happy Vibes for Her
    by Esprit (2010)


    Cereus pour Homme No. 5
    by Cereus (2007)

    9 Reviews


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    CH Eau De Parfum Sublime
    by Carolina Herrera (2013)

    2 Reviews


    Chaleur d'Animale
    by Animale Parfums (2000)



    Champaca Absolute
    by Tom Ford (2009)

    18 Reviews


    Chapeau Bleu
    by Marina Picasso (1994)

    2 Reviews


    Charlie Red
    by Revlon (1993)

    2 Reviews


    Charmes Secrets - Amour Intense
    by Laurence Dumont


    Charriol pour Femme Eau de Parfum
    by Charriol (2008)


    by Rouge Bunny Rouge (2012)

    2 Reviews


    Cheap and Chic
    by Moschino (1995)

    10 Reviews


    Cherchez La Femme
    by Faberlic (2014)


    Chocolate Amber
    by Bath and Body Works (2007)

    1 Review


    Christian Audigier For Her
    by Ed Hardy [Christian Audigier] (2009)


    Chypre Green
    by Pecksniff's

    4 Reviews


    Circus Fantasy
    by Britney Spears (2009)

    7 Reviews


    City Rush for Her
    by Avon (2012)


    City Rush Glamour
    by Avon (2013)


    cK In 2 U HEAT Her
    by Calvin Klein (2009)

    Limited Edition
    1 Review


    cK In 2U Her
    by Calvin Klein (2007)

    18 Reviews


    Classic Amber
    by Kingsbury Fragrances


    Classic Collection : Vanilla Blossom
    by Monotheme


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    Clean Warm Cashmere
    by Clean (2017)


    Club Banger
    by Vegas Dream (2012)


    Coal Diamond : Play with Fire [Night]
    by Sylvie van der Vaart (2012)


    by Franck Boclet (2017)


    Coffee Man Passione
    by O Boticário (2013)


    Cologne Intense Collection : Dark Amber & Ginger Lily
    by Jo Malone London

    9 Reviews


    by Vurv (2014)


    Cool Amazon Rain
    by Bath and Body Works (2015)


    Cool Water Woman Sensual Essence
    by Davidoff (2012)


    Corte Belfiore
    by La Collina Toscana (2012)


    Costa Rica
    by Mark (2009)


    Country Chic
    by Bath and Body Works (2011)


    Croyance Or
    by Charrier Parfums


    Cuba Carnaval for Women
    by Cuba Paris


    Curve Crush for Women
    by Liz Claiborne (2003)

    7 Reviews


    Curve Wave for Her
    by Liz Claiborne (2005)


    by Laura Tonatto

    1 Review


    Daala Al Banat Anaqa
    by Rasasi


    Daligramme : Ma Muse
    by Salvador Dali (2017)


    Dancing Lady
    by Oriflame (2009)


    Showing 81 to 160 of 791.