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      Benetroessere Raving
      by Etro (2001)
      4 Reviews


      Benetton Energy Woman
      by Benetton (2008)


      Bent Al Ezz Nabah
      by Rasasi (2014)


      by Benta Berry (2012)


      Berry Flirt
      by Bath and Body Works (2013)


      Bethany Mota Eau de Parfum
      by Bethany Mota (2014)


      Betty Barclay
      by Betty Barclay (1992)


      Betty Barclay In Love
      by Betty Barclay (2007)


      Betty Barclay Selection - Smaragd
      by Betty Barclay (2006)


      Beverly Sunshine
      by Style Parfum


      Biografia Campos Ao Sul Feminino
      by Natura (2011)


      Black Diamond
      by Canali (2007)
      23 Reviews


      Black Rose
      by Au Pays de la Fleur d’Oranger (2015)


      by Emmanuel Levain


      Blanc One
      by Code Deco (2014)


      Blue Romance
      by Escada (1995)


      Blue Sparkle
      by Oilily (2008)


      Body Fantasies Diva Latina : Pasion Tropical Body
      by Parfums de Coeur (2008)


      Bohemian for Her
      by American Eagle


      Bois d'Oud
      by Perris Monte Carlo (2012)
      6 Reviews


      Bois de Oud
      by La Sultane de Saba (2013)


      by Viktor & Rolf (2014)
      1 Review


      by Louis Féraud (2014)


      Boss Nuit pour Femme
      by Hugo Boss (2012)
      3 Reviews


      Boss Nuit Pour Femme Intense
      by Hugo Boss (2014)


      Boss Orange
      by Hugo Boss (2009)
      7 Reviews


      Bouche Baie
      by Nez à Nez
      2 Reviews


      Boum Be Different
      by Jeanne Arthes (2008)


      Boum Cherry
      by Jeanne Arthes (2006)


      Boum Green Tea Cherry Blossom
      by Jeanne Arthes (2012)


      Boum Mango
      by Jeanne Arthes


      Boum Muscat
      by Jeanne Arthes


      Bouquet de la Reine
      by Floris (2002)
      Limited Edition
      2 Reviews


      Breakzone for Her
      by Zippo (2014)


      by Hayari Parfums (2012)
      1 Review


      Brown Sugar
      by Fresh (2011)


      Brown Sugar and Fig
      by Bath and Body Works
      1 Review


      Burberry Body
      by Burberry (2011)
      12 Reviews


      Burberry Body Rose Gold
      by Burberry (2012)
      Limited Edition


      Burberry for Men
      by Burberry (1995)
      83 Reviews


      Butterfly Nectar
      by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz (2010)


      By Night
      by Christina Aguilera (2009)


      Byblos Butterfly
      by Byblos (2014)


      C - 100 Jubilée
      by Schloss-Parfümerie (2014)


      C-Thru Golden Touch
      by Sarantis (2011)


      C-Thru Pearl Garden
      by Sarantis


      by Grès (1990)
      49 Reviews


      Cabotine Aquarelle
      by Grès (2009)
      Limited Edition


      Cabotine Eau Vivide
      by Grès (2013)


      Cabotine Fleur d'Ivoire
      by Grès (2011)
      Limited Edition


      Cabotine Fleur Splendide
      by Grès (2013)


      Cabotine Floralie
      by Grès (2014)


      Cabotine Floralisme
      by Grès (2011)
      Limited Edition


      Cabotine Rosalie
      by Grès (2014)


      Caline Blooming Moments
      by Grès (2005)


      Caline Exotic Moments
      by Grès (2010)


      Calvin Klein
      by Calvin Klein (1978)
      4 Reviews


      by Prescriptives (1986)
      27 Reviews


      Caravan NYC
      by Demeter Fragrance Library (2011)
      Limited Edition


      Carnet de Bal
      by Révillon (1937)
      3 Reviews


      Carnet de Bal
      by Ava Luxe


      Cashmere Glow
      by Bath and Body Works


      by Chopard (1991)
      45 Reviews


      by Ted Baker (2012)


      Celestial Rose
      by Ramón Béjar (2014)


      Cereus pour Femme No. 12
      by Cereus (2008)
      2 Reviews


      by Germaine Monteil (1983)
      1 Review


      Chapeau Bleu
      by Marina Picasso (1994)


      Charles Jourdan The Parfum
      by Charles Jourdan (2004)
      4 Reviews


      Charm Rose Intense
      by Thomas Sabo (2013)


      Charm Rose Summer
      by Thomas Sabo (2014)


      Cheap and Chic Light Clouds
      by Moschino (2009)


      by Karen Low
      1 Review


      Check, Check Mate
      by Mona di Orio (2009)
      Discontinued • Limited Edition


      Cheery Cherry
      by Alice & Peter (2012)
      1 Review


      Cherry Cat
      by Pussy Deluxe (2014)


      by Eudora (2014)


      China Rose
      by Floris (2000)
      7 Reviews


      by Bond No. 9 (2005)
      69 Reviews


      by Jafra (1999)


      Showing 81 to 160 of 989.

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