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    by Becker.eshaya (2005)

    4 Reviews


    Be Jeweled
    by Vera Wang (2013)


    Beach Club Woman
    by Tom Tailor (2016)


    Because of You
    by Jordin Sparks (2011)

    1 Review


    by Worth (2017)


    Belle Fleur
    by Mistral


    by Blumarine (2009)

    3 Reviews


    by Eau Jeune


    Bellissima Parfum Intense
    by Blumarine (2010)


    Beloved Purple Blossom
    by American Beauty (2010)


    Benessere dei Sensi
    by Collistar (2008)


    Benetton Energy Woman
    by Benetton (2008)



    Benetton Rosso
    by Benetton (2010)

    2 Reviews


    Bergamot Noir
    by Berkeley Square (2011)


    Betty Barclay Selection - Rubin
    by Betty Barclay (2006)


    Betty Barclay Woman No. 1
    by Betty Barclay (1998)


    Beyond Haute
    by Caché (2015)


    by Avon (2013)


    by Byredo (2017)


    Billet Doux
    by Fragonard (2006)

    4 Reviews


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    Biografia Campos Ao Sul Feminino
    by Natura (2011)


    Black Amethyst
    by Bath and Body Works

    10 Reviews


    Black Peony
    by Zara (2011)


    by Byredo (2009)

    9 Reviews


    Blooming Paradise
    by Essential Garden (2014)


    Blooming Passion
    by Penthouse (2013)


    Blue Fresh Seduction for Women
    by Antonio Banderas (2010)

    Limited Edition


    Blue Romance
    by Escada (1995)



    Body by Victoria (original)
    by Victoria's Secret (2002)

    5 Reviews


    Bohemian Rose
    by Ava Luxe


    by Victoria's Secret (2010)

    3 Reviews


    Bombshell in Love
    by Victoria's Secret (2012)


    Bon Chic
    by Max Azria (2012)

    1 Review


    Bonheur for Her
    by Annayaké (2015)


    Boudoir Jouy Edition
    by Vivienne Westwood (2009)

    Limited Edition


    by Jeanne Arthes


    Bountiful Garden: Flowering Herbs
    by Great American Scents (2013)


    Bountiful Garden: Orchard Blossom
    by Great American Scents (2013)


    Bouquet Massai
    by Parfumerie Generale (2016)

    1 Review


    by Lollia (2004)

    1 Review


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    Bright Crystal
    by Versace (2006)

    29 Reviews


    Bright Crystal Absolu
    by Versace (2013)


    by Burberry (2003)

    65 Reviews


    Brit Summer Edition for Women
    by Burberry (2012)

    Limited Edition
    1 Review


    British Rose
    by Body Shop (2016)


    Bronze Goddess Capri
    by Estée Lauder (2012)

    Limited Edition
    1 Review


    by Divona (2017)


    Brume du Matin
    by Fragrance Du Bois (2016)


    Burberry London
    by Burberry (2006)

    32 Reviews


    Butterfly Kiss
    by Sula


    By Any Other Name
    by Altaia (2015)


    By Invitation
    by Michael Bublé (2016)


    By Night
    by Sex and the City (2011)


    C'est Moi
    by Etienne Aigner (1983)

    1 Review


    C'est Rien Que du Bonheur
    by Marina Marinof (2001)



    C-Thru Charming
    by Sarantis (2011)


    by Grès (2003)

    36 Reviews


    Cabotine Fleur de Passion
    by Grès (2011)

    Limited Edition


    Cabotine Gold
    by Grès (2010)

    1 Review


    Cabotine Moonflower
    by Grès (2010)

    Limited Edition


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    Café Gold Label
    by Cofinluxe (2011)


    by Acca Kappa (2003)

    5 Reviews


    Camicia 113
    by Gianfranco Ferré (2015)

    1 Review


    Camicia 113 Eau de Toilette
    by Gianfranco Ferré (2016)


    Cara Mia Ti Amo
    by Etienne Aigner (2017)


    Carven L'Eau de Toilette
    by Carven (2014)

    2 Reviews


    Cashmere Glow
    by Bath and Body Works

    1 Review


    Cashmere Wood
    by Montale (2013)


    Celebrate Grace
    by Philosophy (2014)


    Cereus pour Femme No. 3
    by Cereus (2008)


    Champagne Apple & Honey
    by Bath and Body Works (2016)


    by Sweet Anthem


    Charm Rose Beach
    by Thomas Sabo (2015)


    Charm Rose Intense
    by Thomas Sabo (2013)


    Charm Rose Summer
    by Thomas Sabo (2014)


    Charmed Life
    by Bath and Body Works

    1 Review


    Cheap and Chic
    by Moschino (1995)

    10 Reviews


    Cheap and Chic Stars
    by Moschino (2014)


    Cheeky Alice
    by Vivienne Westwood (2011)


    Cheery Cherry
    by Alice & Peter (2012)

    1 Review


    Showing 81 to 160 of 1094.