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      by Acqua di Genova (2008)


      by Jeanne Arthes


      Bountiful Garden: Flowering Herbs
      by Great American Scents (2013)


      Bountiful Garden: Orchard Blossom
      by Great American Scents (2013)


      by Lollia (2004)
      1 Review


      Bright Crystal
      by Versace (2006)
      24 Reviews


      by Burberry (2003)
      62 Reviews


      Brit Summer Edition for Women
      by Burberry (2012)
      Limited Edition
      1 Review


      Bronze Goddess Capri
      by Estée Lauder (2012)
      Limited Edition


      Butterfly Kiss
      by Sula


      By Night
      by Sex and the City (2011)


      C'est Moi
      by Etienne Aigner (1983)


      C-Thru Charming
      by Sarantis (2011)


      Cabotine Fleur de Passion
      by Grès (2011)
      Limited Edition


      Cabotine Gold
      by Grès (2010)


      Cabotine Moonflower
      by Grès (2010)
      Limited Edition


      Cashmere Glow
      by Bath and Body Works


      Celebrate Grace
      by Philosophy (2014)


      Cereus pour Femme No. 3
      by Cereus (2008)


      by Sweet Anthem


      Charm Rose Intense
      by Thomas Sabo (2013)


      Charm Rose Summer
      by Thomas Sabo (2014)


      Charmed Life
      by Bath and Body Works
      1 Review


      Cheap and Chic
      by Moschino (1995)
      10 Reviews


      Cheap and Chic Stars
      by Moschino (2014)


      Cheeky Alice
      by Vivienne Westwood (2011)


      Cheery Cherry
      by Alice & Peter (2012)
      1 Review


      Chelsea Flowers
      by Bond No. 9 (2003)
      13 Reviews


      Chemical Bonding
      by Ineke (2006)
      13 Reviews


      Cherchez La Femme
      by Faberlic (2014)


      Cherry Blossom
      by Floris (2013)


      Chic in Black
      by Avon (2009)


      Chic in White
      by Avon (2009)


      Chic in White
      by Avon (2009)


      Chiffon Peony Freesia
      by Victoria's Secret (2010)


      by Tiziana Terenzi (2014)


      by Bond No. 9 (2005)
      67 Reviews


      Chloé (new)
      by Chloé (2008)
      27 Reviews


      Chloé Rose Edition
      by Chloé (2011)
      Limited Edition
      1 Review


      Christina Aguilera
      by Christina Aguilera (2007)
      7 Reviews


      by Yves Saint Laurent (2004)
      42 Reviews


      Cinéma Festival d'Été
      by Yves Saint Laurent (2007)
      Limited Edition
      2 Reviews


      Circus Fantasy
      by Britney Spears (2009)
      6 Reviews


      by Space NK (2010)
      1 Review


      cK One Shock for Her
      by Calvin Klein (2011)
      3 Reviews


      Clair de Rose
      by Berdoues (2010)


      Clair Matin
      by Les Parfums de Rosine (2011)
      Limited Edition
      1 Review


      Classique X L'Eau
      by Jean Paul Gaultier (2012)


      Clean Summer Escape
      by Clean (2011)
      Limited Edition


      Clear Heart
      by Map of the Heart (2014)


      Clin d'Oeil Excentric
      by Bourjois (2001)


      by Gap (2000)


      by Jeanne Arthes


      CO2 Extreme
      by Jeanne Arthes


      Coach Signature Rose d'Or
      by Coach (2012)


      Cocktail Seduction Blue for Women
      by Antonio Banderas (2014)


      Cologne du 68
      by Guerlain (2006)
      7 Reviews


      by Maison Francis Kurkdjian (2013)
      Limited Edition


      Connect for Her
      by Esprit (2007)


      Cool Water Sea Rose
      by Davidoff (2013)


      Cosmic Radiance
      by Britney Spears (2011)
      1 Review


      Coup de Foudre
      by Delrae (2010)
      3 Reviews


      Création No. 30
      by Ulric de Varens (2009)


      Cuba Heartbreaker
      by Cuba Paris


      Cuba Strass Zebra
      by Cuba Paris


      Curve Chill for Women
      by Liz Claiborne (2006)
      4 Reviews


      Curve for Women
      by Liz Claiborne (1996)
      9 Reviews


      Curve Kicks for Women
      by Liz Claiborne (2007)
      2 Reviews


      Custo Barcelona
      by Custo Barcelona (2008)


      Dahlia & Vines
      by Nest (2013)


      Daisy Delight
      by Marc Jacobs (2014)
      Limited Edition


      by Salvador Dali (2014)


      Dalimix Gold (new)
      by Salvador Dali (2009)


      Dancing Lady
      by Oriflame (2009)


      Dancing Waters
      by Bath and Body Works (2007)


      Dark Kiss
      by Bath and Body Works (2010)
      1 Review


      David Yurman Eau de Parfum
      by David Yurman (2008)
      11 Reviews


      by The Only Way Is Essex (2011)


      Début de Carmel
      by En Voyage Perfumes


      Deep Rose
      by Montale (2009)


      Showing 81 to 160 of 732.

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