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    10 Crosby Hi-Fi
    by Derek Lam (2016)

    1 Review


    Always Alfred Sung
    by Alfred Sung (2009)


    Amo Flowerful
    by Salvatore Ferragamo (2019)


    by Becker.eshaya (2005)

    4 Reviews


    Be Jeweled
    by Vera Wang (2013)


    Burberry Brit Sheer
    by Burberry (2007)

    12 Reviews


    Butterfly Kiss
    by Sula


    Cabotine Moonflower
    by Grès (2010)

    Limited Edition


    Chic in Black
    by Avon (2009)


    Chloé Rose Edition
    by Chloé (2011)

    Limited Edition
    1 Review


    cK one Shock for Her
    by Calvin Klein (2011)

    3 Reviews


    by Mary Kay (2015)

    Limited Edition


    Cozy Sunday Morning
    by Bath and Body Works (2015)


    Cuba Strass Zebra
    by Cuba Paris


    Curve for Women
    by Liz Claiborne (1996)

    10 Reviews


    Dancing Butterfly by Miss Sara
    by Lisa & Sara (2015)

    1 Review


    Derby Club House Fairmount
    by Armaf (2013)


    Desert Flowers : Peony
    by J del Pozo (2013)


    DKNY Delicious Candy Apple Sweet Strawberry
    by Donna Karan (2011)


    Eau Fraîche Peonía Rosa
    by Angel Schlesser (2017)


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    Enduring Glow
    by Jennifer Lopez (2018)


    Escada Joyful
    by Escada (2014)

    1 Review


    Eternity Summer 2010
    by Calvin Klein (2010)

    Limited Edition


    Euphoria Blossom
    by Calvin Klein (2006)

    12 Reviews


    by Eva Longoria (2012)


    Fairy Dust
    by Paris Hilton (2008)

    7 Reviews


    Faith Hill
    by Faith Hill (2009)

    1 Review


    Flirt! Luv-a-Licious
    by Flirt! (2011)


    Florida State University for Women
    by Masik Collegiate Fragrances (2012)

    1 Review


    Forbidden Euphoria
    by Calvin Klein (2011)

    6 Reviews


    by Alfred Sung (1995)

    9 Reviews


    Ghost GirlCrush
    by Ghost (2016)


    Halloween Magic
    by Halloween (2018)


    Hamptons Style
    by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (2007)


    Hanae Mori No. 7
    by Hanae Mori (2012)


    Harajuku Lovers : G of the Sea
    by Gwen Stefani (2011)

    1 Review


    Hello Beautiful
    by Bath and Body Works (2016)


    Hello Sunshine
    by Bath and Body Works (2014)


    Her Open Heart
    by Jane Seymour (2017)


    Incanto Heaven
    by Salvatore Ferragamo (2007)


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    Incanto Shine
    by Salvatore Ferragamo (2007)

    1 Review


    Kenneth Cole for Her
    by Kenneth Cole (2018)


    by Gilly Hicks Sydney (2008)


    Lavender & Sandalwood
    by Bath and Body Works (2017)


    Le Beige
    by Maison Louboutin (2015)


    Le Jardin de Marie-Antoinette
    by Olibere Parfums (2018)


    by Terre del Garda (2015)


    Live Joyously
    by Philosophy (2014)

    1 Review


    by Liz Claiborne (2005)

    5 Reviews


    Lotto 2 Shocking for Her
    by Lotto (2012)


    Lovely Kiss
    by Salvador Dali (2011)


    Luscious Pink
    by Mariah Carey (2008)

    8 Reviews


    Madagascar Orchid
    by Lisa Hoffman (2008)

    1 Review


    by Avon (2003)

    1 Review


    Must Have
    by Beverly Hills Beauty (2010)


    by Violette Market (2012)


    No. 3 Snowdrop & Crystal Flowers
    by Trish McEvoy (1999)


    Off to Ibiza
    by Brécourt (2015)

    2 Reviews


    Paris in Bloom
    by Bath and Body Works (2012)


    Perry Ellis f
    by Perry Ellis (2004)

    1 Review


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    by Azagury (2014)


    Pink Peony & Rhubarb
    by Bronnley (2016)


    by Fragonard (2017)

    Limited Edition


    Pivoine Rose
    by Ava Luxe


    Pleasures Bloom
    by Estée Lauder (2010)

    2 Reviews


    Pleasures Pop
    by Estée Lauder (2013)

    Limited Edition
    1 Review


    Princess D : Dance me!
    by Divage (2013)


    Princess D: Enjoy Me!
    by Divage


    by Avon (2000)


    Pure White Linen Pink Coral
    by Estée Lauder (2009)

    2 Reviews


    by Flower (2014)


    Radley London
    by Radley (2015)


    Red Door Revealed
    by Elizabeth Arden (2003)

    6 Reviews


    Rock Revival for Her
    by Buckle (2012)


    by Anna Sui (2015)


    Rose Olivier
    by Bastide (2017)


    Rose Pompon
    by Annick Goutal (2016)

    4 Reviews


    Rosie for Autograph Nuit Parfum
    by Marks and Spencer (2015)


    Royal Peony Rose and Mandarin Musk
    by Lucy B (2010)


    Sensational Moment
    by Celine Dion (2008)

    Limited Edition


    Showing 1 to 80 of 91.