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    #Boom Couture
    by Faberlic (2017)


    About Women
    by Bruno Banani (2004)


    Aero New York 1987 for Girls
    by Aeropostale (2011)


    Agave Papaya Sunset
    by Bath and Body Works (2016)

    2 Reviews


    Agua de Colonia : Flores de Bach
    by Sanborns


    Alabaster Eau Fraîche
    by Banana Republic (2011)


    All of Me Her
    by Mandarina Duck (2012)


    by Acqua dell'Elba (2016)

    1 Review


    by Amanda Lepore (2008)

    1 Review


    by Contro Corrente (2015)


    Ambre à Sade
    by Nez à Nez

    5 Reviews


    by Floris (2014)

    Limited Edition


    Amour Amour
    by Jean Patou (1925)

    9 Reviews


    Amouse Bouche
    by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz (2013)

    Limited Edition
    1 Review


    by Tola (2013)

    1 Review


    by Marco da Venezia


    by Thierry Mugler (1992)

    254 Reviews


    Appleberry Champagne
    by Vera Bradley (2016)


    Arabian Fashion : Milan
    by Arabian Oud


    Arome Arthes Seduction
    by Jeanne Arthes (2010)


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    art 05: Cocktail Di Frutta Esotica / Exotic Fruit Cocktail
    by Art Landi Profumi (2014)


    Attraction Rush for Her
    by Avon (2017)


    August Picnic, 1976
    by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz


    Aura Loewe Magnética
    by Loewe (2013)


    by Al Kimiya (2016)

    1 Review


    by Tayyib


    by Bud Parfums


    B.U. Candy Love
    by Sarantis (2014)


    Bae by Sebastian Olzanski
    by Xyrena (2015)


    Baies des Champs / Field Berries
    by Fruits and Passion


    by Ricardo Sibelo (2013)


    Ballroom Beauty
    by Avon (2012)


    by O Boticário (2009)


    by Max Azria (2011)

    4 Reviews


    Be Authentic By Francisca Lachapel
    by Zermat (2017)


    Beau Contour
    by Altamoda (2011)


    Belle de Nuit
    by City Parfum


    Bent Al Ezz Nabah
    by Rasasi (2014)


    Bethany Mota Eau de Parfum
    by Bethany Mota (2014)


    Black Caviar
    by Electimuss (2014)

    Limited Edition


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    by Miller Harris (2019)


    Blue Fresh Seduction for Women
    by Antonio Banderas (2010)

    Limited Edition


    Blue Style : Smurfette
    by The Smurfs (2013)


    Bon Bon: II Bon Bon alla Fragola
    by Nobile 1942 (2014)


    by Jeanne Arthes


    Bouquet de Hongrie
    by BDK Parfums (2016)


    Bouquet Romantique
    by Mimmina (2013)


    Brazilian Summer
    by Fernanda Brandao (2014)


    Burberry Her
    by Burberry (2018)


    C-Thru Blooming
    by Sarantis (2012)


    C-Thru Blooming Sense
    by Sarantis (2014)


    Cape Heartache
    by Imaginary Authors (2013)

    22 Reviews


    Caravan NYC
    by Demeter Fragrance Library (2011)

    Limited Edition


    by Carolina Herrera (2003)

    11 Reviews


    Cassandra Rose Framboise
    by Jeanne Arthes (2018)


    Cassis et Copains
    by Soivohle (Liz Zorn)


    by The Perfume & Skincare Company


    Charlie Instinct / Charlie Insight
    by Revlon (2001)


    Charm Kiss
    by Thomas Sabo (2011)


    Cheery Cherry
    by Alice & Peter (2012)

    1 Review


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    by Oriflame


    Cherry Musk
    by Ramon Monegal (2011)

    7 Reviews


    by Vince Camuto (2016)


    Cloudless Sky
    by Poesie (2018)


    Confidentiel : Après Tout
    by Fragonard (2005)

    2 Reviews


    Crimes of Passion: Goddess of Love & Perfume
    by 4160 Tuesdays (2015)

    Limited Edition
    4 Reviews


    Cristal for Women
    by Nino Touma (2015)


    by Marc Jacobs (2007)

    57 Reviews


    Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine Edition
    by Marc Jacobs (2013)


    Déborah Secco
    by Água de Cheiro (2011)


    Dehn El Oud El Qamer
    by Swiss Arabian Perfumery


    Delicious Blossom
    by Zara (2016)


    Delicious Cotton Candy
    by Gale Hayman (2007)

    1 Review


    Désir de Rochas pour Femme
    by Rochas (2007)

    1 Review


    Diesel Plus Plus Feminine
    by Diesel (1997)

    3 Reviews


    Dilis Classic Collection No. 27
    by Dilis (2015)


    by Christian Dior (1949)

    11 Reviews


    by La Perla (2011)


    Divina Gold Edition
    by La Perla (2012)

    Limited Edition


    by Nabeel


    Showing 1 to 80 of 364.