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      Black XS for Her
      by Paco Rabanne (2007)
      12 Reviews


      Black XS L'Excès pour Elle
      by Paco Rabanne (2012)
      1 Review


      Blackberry Amber
      by Bath and Body Works (2007)


      Blackberry Blush
      by Sula


      Blanc des Cotons
      by Sinfonia di Note (200)


      Blanc Violette
      by Histoires de Parfums
      4 Reviews


      Bleecker Street
      by Bond No. 9 (2005)
      60 Reviews


      by Belinda Brown


      by Paul & Joe (2003)
      5 Reviews


      Bleu de Chine
      by Marc de la Morandiere (1987)


      Bling Bling
      by Revlon (2010)


      Blood Cedar
      by Soivohle (Liz Zorn)


      Bloody Orange
      by Alice & Peter (2012)
      1 Review


      by Boheme Chic


      Blu Mediterraneo Sicilian Almond / Mandorlo di Sicilia
      by Acqua di Parma (1999)
      25 Reviews


      Blue Agava and Cacao
      by Jo Malone (2006)
      23 Reviews


      Blue Amber
      by Montale
      41 Reviews


      Blue Blooded King
      by Amordad (2011)


      Blue Glow by J.LO
      by Jennifer Lopez (2009)


      Blue Orchid & Water Lily
      by Woods of Windsor (2013)


      Blue Stratos
      by Parfums Bleu (1976)
      11 Reviews


      Blue Sugar
      by Aquolina (2006)
      51 Reviews


      by Olivine Atelier (2014)


      by Ruddy Water (2010)


      Bodhi Sativa
      by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz (2011)


      Body Fantasies : Cherry Blossom Fantasy
      by Parfums de Coeur (2010)


      Body Fantasies : Iced Cupcake Fantasy
      by Parfums de Coeur (2006)


      Body Fantasies Signature : Clean Lavender Vanilla
      by Parfums de Coeur


      Body Fantasies Signature : Sexiest Musk
      by Parfums de Coeur (2003)


      Body Spa Coconut Dreams
      by Lavera (2010)


      Bogart pour Homme
      by Jacques Bogart (2004)
      54 Reviews


      by Segreti di Lucca (2004)


      Bohemian Rose
      by Ava Luxe


      Bohemian Spice
      by April Aromatics (2011)
      2 Reviews


      Bois d'Orange Eau Sublime
      by Roger & Gallet (2012)


      Bois d'Oud
      by Perris Monte Carlo (2012)
      6 Reviews


      Bois des Îles
      by Chanel (1926)
      62 Reviews


      Bois Satin
      by Keiko Mecheri (2014)


      Bolshie Vixen
      by Smell Bent (2012)
      Limited Edition


      Bombay Bling
      by Neela Vermeire (2011)
      9 Reviews


      by Victoria's Secret (2010)


      Bombshell Diamonds
      by Victoria's Secret (2012)
      Limited Edition


      Bon Chic
      by Max Azria (2012)


      by Sammarco (2012)
      1 Review


      Bora Bora
      by Lise Watier (2011)
      1 Review


      by Acqua di Portofino (2013)


      Borgo delle Stelle
      by La Collina Toscana (2012)


      Boss In Motion Edition Blue
      by Hugo Boss (2004)
      Limited Edition
      5 Reviews


      Boss Intense
      by Hugo Boss (2003)
      11 Reviews


      Boss Orange
      by Hugo Boss (2009)
      7 Reviews


      Boss Orange Eau de Parfum
      by Hugo Boss (2013)


      Boss Orange Man
      by Hugo Boss (2011)
      27 Reviews


      Boss Orange Sunset
      by Hugo Boss (2010)
      Limited Edition


      Boss Soul
      by Hugo Boss (2005)
      36 Reviews


      Boss The Collection: Silk Jasmine
      by Hugo Boss (2011)
      3 Reviews


      Boss The Collection: Velvet Amber
      by Hugo Boss (2011)
      3 Reviews


      Botanical Essence No. 100
      by Liz Earle (2013)
      1 Review


      Botanical Essence No. 15
      by Liz Earle (2012)
      3 Reviews


      by Esther P


      Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique
      by Bottega Veneta (2014)
      2 Reviews


      Bouche Baie
      by Nez à Nez
      2 Reviews


      Boucheron Edition Bleue
      by Boucheron (2006)
      Limited Edition


      Boucheron Edition Noël
      by Boucheron (2004)
      Discontinued • Limited Edition


      by Vivienne Westwood (1998)
      35 Reviews


      Boum pour Homme
      by Jeanne Arthes


      Boum Vanille Sa Pomme d'Amour
      by Jeanne Arthes (2012)


      Bountiful Garden: Sunshine Grove
      by Great American Scents (2013)


      Bouquet d'Amour
      by Angela Flanders (2002)


      Bouquet d'Orient
      by Girard (2008)
      2 Reviews


      Bouquet de la Reine
      by Floris (2002)
      Limited Edition
      2 Reviews


      Bouquet di Violette
      by Borsari 1870 (1890)
      4 Reviews


      Bouquet Melange
      by Mimmina (2013)


      by Boyfriend (2010)
      11 Reviews


      Brazilian Summer
      by Fernanda Brandao (2014)


      Breakzone for Her
      by Zippo (2014)


      Brezza di Seta
      by Calé (2008)
      1 Review


      by Burberry (2003)
      62 Reviews


      by Roja Dove (2012)
      Limited Edition


      Broadway Nite
      by Bond No. 9 (2003)
      19 Reviews


      by Ellen Tracy (2011)


      Showing 481 to 560 of 3613.