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    Whitewater Rush by Bath and Body Works

    Do you like Abercrombie & Fitch's Fierce? Then you'll like this one. A slightly weaker version, but still quite close to Fierce. Of the three new frags they just released, this one is my favorite. Of course, I like Fierce a lot.

    04th September, 2014


    Everlast Original 1910 by Everlast

    I've started wearing Coty's Adidas Classic blue and it took me awhile to realize that 1910 has some strong similaritie to it. Not clones by any means. And I like them both!

    04th April, 2014


    Weekend by Avon

    PS by Paul Sebastian? 1818 by Brooks Brothers? This fragrance smells like one of them -- or possibly both. According to the directory, this predates PS by one year. Not sure when 1818 came out.

    Alas, if you are a fan of either of those -- you'll like Weekend. But as usual with Avon fragrances, expect a few hours at best of decent projection and then BAM, close to the skin it goes.

    28th February, 2014


    Legacy for Men by Avon

    This reminds me a lot of Giorgio Beverly Hills for Men, just with the longevity and projection of an Avon fragrance. It's not exact, but pretty close and easily one of the better knock-offs of GBH (not that there have been that many).

    26th February, 2014


    Adidas Classic / Classic Blue by Adidas

    Note that the "original" Adidas cologne is golden, while the Coty Version is blue (hence "Classic Blue.") Adidas Original is a great 80's fragrance -- a pretty strong musk/incense scent. Longevity is only a few hours of strong projection and then goes close to the skin (similar to an Avon scent.)

    The "Classic Blue" Coty reformulation is a more of a 90's scent -- *almost* an entirely different animal. The "spirit" of the original is there, but the musk/incense is heavily muted and smells more synthetic. It actually more resembles Everlast's 2005 fragrance than its original version. Projection and longevity are not as good as the original (even though the Coty Version is an EDT.)

    I own both versions and have done side by side comparisons. If I had only owned the Coty version and never smelled the original Jovan/Quintessence version, I'd be quite pleased with Coty. But if you can get the original version, you'll be even more pleased, especially if you appreciate scents of the 80's.

    21st February, 2014 (Last Edited: 04th April, 2014)


    Undeniable for Men by Avon

    The box says "inspired by Billy Dee Williams." He must have been a fan of Caron because it reminds me of Third Homme. As with most Avon Men's Fragrances from the 80's - 90's, it is Cologne strength, so you'll get 2 hours of full blast and then 2 more hours of "close to the skin," and then that's about it. Discontinued, but still you may be able to find it cheap enough to warrant reapplying to get a full day's worth out of it.

    17th February, 2014 (Last Edited: 20th March, 2014)


    Jade East by Regency

    I found a vintage Swank bottle of this at a thrift store and was immediately impressed. It's a definitely talcum powder/barber shop fragrance. I find it very calming when I wear it -- perhaps a bit of a baby diaper smell that most people find distasteful but I'm quite a fan of.

    I purchased a bottle of the current Regency version and find it very similar to the original vintage Swank formula. A side by side comparison results in a slight difference when first applied, but that almost immediately changes to a very very similar effect from each version. This could be attributed to the age of the original version or a slight change to the formula, but nevertheless, it is not enough of a difference to complain about.

    My only dislike of the Regency version is the label on the bottle. It looks like one of those cheesy ads for a weekend car show. All it is missing is the cute asian babe. It does not belong on a bottle of cologne. Bring back the original design.

    If this type of scent is your thing, I recommend grabbing a current Regency version.

    17th February, 2014


    True Force by Avon

    The moment I read this cologne smelled like Polo Crest, I immediately ordered it. Unfortunately, I don't get any Polo Crest from it at all. I do, however, get a migraine from it.

    The original Chevignon is still my go to for a Polo Crest fix.

    17th February, 2014


    Woodland by Bath and Body Works

    Indeed, a copy of the 80's - early 90's version of Obsession -- before Coty destroyed that fragrance.

    Discontinued, hard to find, overpriced now. A shame BBW didn't keep this one around...

    22nd January, 2014


    Iron by Coty

    I was a fan of this in the early 90's. Now I like the smell of it just to take me back to that time (a much better part of my life.) That being said, it's not that really great of a fragrance.

    If I had first smelt it today, I would have passed.

    Incidentally, this one is long discontinued and a bit expensive on "that auction site" now. If you'd like to save a few bucks, try Tabac Man by Maurer + Wirtz. It's not an exact match for Iron, but it's pretty dang close.

    11th January, 2014


    Tabac Man by Mäurer & Wirtz

    Crap? Maybe. Chemical Waste. Could be. Smells like Iron by Coty? Yep.

    11th January, 2014


    Mr Blass by Bill Blass

    Time Travel in a bottle. Very 70's -80's frag. I was reminded a little of Lagerfeld for Men (now called "Classic") and that's a compliment indeed. I picked up a big bottle of this for less than $20 and it is easily worth more than that to my nose. Even the simplistic bottle is awesome.

    Releasing this frag in 2009 took balls...and I'm glad those of us with them found it and have embraced them..I mean it.

    25th November, 2013


    Number 1 for Men by Clive Christian

    Just tried this at a shop in West Hollywood. It was just sitting there with a bunch of other testers. How much is this again? Seems like it should have been locked up!!!

    At any rate, I found this a pleasant fragrance. But it reminded me of a more complex Jovan White Musk for Men -- which costs much less and fits more nicely into my budget.

    29th January, 2012


    Clean Simply Soap by Clean

    I agree with everything said -- except for the unisex part. To me it definitely has the "perfume" smell associated with "feminine."

    Had to scrub this stuff pretty fast.

    Thumbs down as a male scent, thumbs up as a female scent.

    02nd November, 2010


    Activist by Body Shop

    A 90's scent that I only recently discovered (thanks to its re-issue by The Body Shop) that has become an instant classic for me. I definitely also get the root beer opening. I also get a more complex (and expensive) "Preferred Stock" smell from it (which I also like but prefer this one by leaps and bounds).

    At any rate when I learned it was re-released I was quite pleased as I had heard of this frag's fans and, being a fan of the 90's in general, was glad to have a slice of that better than now decade. A+

    29th May, 2010


    Green Tea by Victor

    An absolutely splendid Tea fragrance. It is indeed unisex and I'm quite comfortable wearing it (I feared it would be too feminine).

    If you want a fantastic Tea scent that lasts a long time and projects well, this is the one to get. It can be found for around $20US (or less) and is truly a fantastic bargain, as it smells like it would cost 3x as much.

    05th December, 2008


    Corvette Red by Corvette

    I sampled it this evening and found it to be a slightly woody version of CK One. Not much else to say about it. Not very original.

    02nd December, 2008


    Kiss Him by KISS

    Indeed, I definitely smell a man's body odor in this. One who hasn't showered and tried to cover the stench up with a cheap and weak cologne.

    This has to be Gene Simmon's joke on the public. He must truly believe that if you throw the name "KISS" on it, anyone will buy it -- regardless of how bad it is.

    It truly stinks.

    23rd November, 2008


    Swiss Army by Swiss Army

    In my opinion this is an absolutely terrific scent. It's not overpowering but has excellent sillage and longevity. I can put it on before work and still smell it by the end of the day. I get nothing but compliments on it and will always make sure I have a bottle of it handy.

    In terms of Cool Water, this scent is everything that one should be and more. I find Cool Water to be cloying and it gives me a headache (which, to be fair, a lot of scents do).

    I'm surprised at the amount of "meh" or negative reviews -- but that means less people probably wear it and more of a chance for it to be unique to me! :)

    21st November, 2008


    Colden by Abercrombie & Fitch

    Abercrombie seemed to fall back to its sister's stores for this concoction. For me, Colden smells like Ruehl No. 925 Signature and Hollister SoCal blended together, with maybe an added dash of pepper.

    Already owning both of those, I feel like I could take both scents, spray one, then the other on top of it, and have Colden.

    I was *really* hoping for something more original. Or at least, if you're going to copy yourself, they should have developed something based on the now discontinued (but still hugely popular) Woods.

    02nd November, 2008


    The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

    This is not a bad fragrance, but it smells like David Beckham's Intimately Beckham + Coconut. I am a fan of Intimately Beckham, but not really a fan of Coconut.

    22nd October, 2008


    Essence of United Colors of Benetton Man by Benetton

    Hey, CK One was a hit! We need one too! Let's make our own version of it!

    "Do you think anyone will notice, it being 14 years later and all?"

    "Who cares!"

    -- I noticed. :(

    19th October, 2008


    Chrome by Azzaro

    Hey, CK One is a hit! We need one too! Let's make our own version of it!

    19th October, 2008


    Wings for Men by Wings

    Cool Water + Cotton Candy (with the emphasis on the latter). It's a nice clean scent that seems to last awhile with some decent sillage.

    Nothing remarkable, just meh.

    12th September, 2008


    DK Men Unleaded by Donna Karan

    While DK Men Fuel tops my list of favorite colognes, DK Unleaded doesn't make my top 10. It's a nice cologne to be sure, but it's missing the notes that make DK Men Fuel the classic that it is.

    DK Unleaded is sold as a "Bracing Skin Spray," and honestly I'm not quite sure if that's an EDT or Cologne, or neither. At any rate, it doesn't last nearly as long as DK Fuel, so I'm guessing that it possibly approaches the concentration of a body spray (?).

    The smell reminds me a lot of a men's facial scrub product, specifically one that I used to buy from Bath & Body Works in the early to Mid-90's (and long discontinued as well).

    I have a 1.7 oz bottle of this and honestly just keep it because it's related to DK Fuel. But I'm not in a rush to wish or campaign for a re-release.

    DK Men, on the other deserves it's recent relaunch!!!

    08th August, 2008


    Musk for Men by Coty

    While I definitely can smell the relation to Pinaud Clubman and "Barbershop," this scent also reminds me a lot of Helmut Lang Men. In fact so much did it that I ditched my bottle of it and decided to just use this instead.

    Oh, the sacrilege I know! But $8 a bottle is preferred to $45 (or more) in my book. :)

    29th July, 2008


    Of a Man by Body Shop

    Yikes! I'm the only one who doesn't like this so far. I tried it today and was immediately reminded of the smell of "Off" insect repellent. I suppose if you are going camping or hiking, this would be a great scent to wear to protect you from insect bites. But you'd be better off spending a lot less and just getting "Off" instead. ;)

    16th June, 2008


    Boss Number One by Hugo Boss

    If someone held a gun to my head and made me pick my signature fragrance, this would be it. I feel a cologne should be packed with longevity and should project itself well. When I enter a room, I want to be noticed, and this one does the trick!

    This fragrance is no longer listed on the Hugo Boss fragrance website, which does not hold well for the future of this, my favorite fragrance ever.

    I think I'll hold a gun to my own head now. :(

    09th June, 2008


    OP Blend by Ocean Pacific

    I totally agree with the Dolce & Gabbana comparison. They are *almost* twins in my opinion. The only thing that puzzles me is there is no tobacco listed in the note pyramid, but clearly it's a basenote. And that what makes it smell so much like D & G.

    Not being a big fan of tobacco, this one really isn't for me. But I would recommend it as a cheap alternative to D & G.

    07th June, 2008


    King by Parfums de Coeur

    The first time I smelled this fragrance, I immediately dismissed it. The initial blast smelled like cheap cologne. At the suggestion of a fellow BN'er, I gave it another try. I had asked for a scent that smelled like Dial Gold Soap, and King was suggested to me. Sure enough, after I gave it a second try (and calmly waited the minute or so for the "cheap" smell to pass), there was my Dial Gold Soap!

    Soapy and clean smelling, this has quickly risen to my "scent of the day" rotation. Have no illusions, this is a cheap cologne ($10 US for a 1.5 oz bottle, $15 US for a 2.6 oz bottle), but it smells like it costs more.

    I was told SMN Gold Musk smells like Dial Gold Soap too. That would set me back about $100 US. I think I'll stick with King for my Dial fetish.

    05th June, 2008

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