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Richard James Cologne Pink Pepper and Cardamom by Richard James

It smells just as good on me as it does on my boyfriend! With an oh so tactile dimple in the lid, it's a delicate pink colour that smells warm and sensual. The geranium is very clear, and the whisper of pepper is just enough to spike the attention before the light moist heart draws you in.
29th October, 2008

Bulgari Black by Bulgari

Loving that sexy bottle, not loving the smoky bonfire smell. It's rubbery and just too much. One for the fetish clubs, perhaps?
29th October, 2008

Azzemour by Crabtree & Evelyn

It comes in a beautiful sturdy bottle laced all over with golden curlicues; very Arabian indeed. The perfume is a warm amber colour, like a setting sun over the desert. It is spicy but with a sugary sweet undertone. It doesn't have great sticking power but for a more gentle oriental, you can't go wrong. Choose this if Opium is too heady for you.
29th October, 2008

Alessandro Dell'Acqua by Alessandro Dell'Acqua

Powdery, flowery and bonds to the skin dramatically. Very freshly soapy and will last for hours, with a more delicate woody drydown. I'd recommend it for a night out rather than a day at the office as some might find it cloying.
29th October, 2008

Brit for Men by Burberry

I didn't agree with any of the positive things written here. It's so citrus it's cranked up beyond citrus and is approaching motor oil. It smells really rancid on my own skin. It actually reminds me of that 'timeless' old man gathering dust on your shelves, BRUT.
09th May, 2007

Imperial Vetyver by Yardley

YOWZA! This one stands as an emergency bottle on my bedside. Like that first aid box in a machinist's workspace, you hope you never have to use it but one day the inevitable happened...the Man has used it several times. It looks like a large bottle of cheap sunflower oil and employs this Olde Worlde charm whereby you have to hold the open bottle-neck in a tight seal to your neck then jerk your body backwards. Well he did, much to my amusement. We both hate to smell of nothing at all, and even I put some on to review it this evening. My eyes, my eyes! It's trying to be green but smells like some sort of terrible base chemical toilet cleaner with 'Male' stamped on it's base in embossed plastic letters. I thought that perhaps it was invented at the dawn of modern English perfumerie for a discerning gentleman but no-1996, created for women. This isn't a crime. Yet.
09th May, 2007

White Rose by Floris

Jax-it was only created in 2002 so couldn't have been Emma Hamilton's scent but perhaps this is based on one she used to wear?
It's clever because whether there are any white roses in it or not, it makes you think 'ooh it's rosey bit a bit different so maybe it's because it's white'. To me it's more of a damask rose, older somehow.
09th May, 2007

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

I read the Granny Smith top note thingy and thought (THATS IT!!!) It had been bugging me for a while and while it's every chav's favourite stocking filler round where I work, it's also very recognisable and this must surely be why. Modern, female, none-to-intellectual. Were I 16, I'd use it after a PE session, in large quantities. It's a good fragrance for a young girl ot start a collection with
09th May, 2007

Spring Flower by Creed

It's quite a 'pop' flower smell-rather modern and definitely something for a younger lady. I agree there are some fruity undertones too - I doubt Audrey Hepburn wore this either. She was too busy being over-rated, rather like this.
09th May, 2007

Chance by Chanel

I am reviewing the limited edition Summer version of this fragrance. It's grassy and Chanelly! Fun. Flirtatious. They obviously pay people vast quantities of people to achieve this. I wouldn't buy it but its an enjoyable tester-should have brought it out as the original as the original 'is so dull it's unbelievable' You'll only laugh at that comment if you're English
07th May, 2007

Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood

I'm afraid it's far too heavy and cloying. It smells old. As in a fusty old parlour with lots of air freshener sprayed around to hide the smell of dust. I don't think men would find it sexy, it's far too in your face.
01st March, 2007

Insolence Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

It's a strange name, unless it's supposed to be ironic, because it's not really something that would smell out of place on a governess. That's not a bad thing, being quite governessish myself. However all I can smell is violets from start to finish, but not the flowers, violet creams. It's a little too linear and outstays it's welcome as a result of not changing as it wears off. So if you love all types of violet, artificial or otherwise, get some. Impractical bottle, doesn't suit the perfume
27th February, 2007

Gaultier² by Jean Paul Gaultier

I detested it. The fella and I were sort of cornered one afternoon by a shop assistant that he knew slightly who was promoting this so I didn't feel I could say no to a spray. I wish I'd just said no. Slightly less unpleasant on a man, it smelled like the bottom of a biscuit tin. Very warm, slightly uncooked biscuit dough. Something stale too. Impossibly dry, it is definitely a Gourmand style fragrance and made me not like the smell of my own skin until it wore off. i don't really sign up to the idea of a smell that can work on anyone, male or female. There was nothing for a female in this. Hang your head in shame, Jean Paul. Most sequels never work and this is a testament and a half to that.
27th February, 2007

Dior Homme by Christian Dior

I'm surprised they took so long to bring out a simple 'Pour Homme' scent. Dior tends to bring out quite over the top and powerful frangrances which can date, but this one is very chic and understated. With most of Dior's you can have a fun game of 'guess the decade' but this one is more subtle and could have been brought out any time (OK, not the 80s). The Mister said it smelled like wet silk and that's a very good way to describe the heart of it. It also settles and becomes a bit fruitier and warmer, settling well into the skin whilst still leaving a nice vapour for those you're sitting with. this is also something I've found with Addict Eau Fraiche 1. Not womanly, just not for hairy chested macho boys.
27th February, 2007

Love In White by Creed

It is delicately floral without being cloying and is effervescent and unique. Perfect for a younger woman it's breezy and will get you lots of favourable comments. I don't know about anything relating to the high seas, I think more about a royal garden party! Fairly European feel to it.
27th February, 2007

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

I don't agree that it's as polarising as Angel, but it's just as instantly recognisable and for that, deserves some respect. The pink grenade shaped bottle mixes masculine and feminine imagery. The idea of a bomb I think suggests a gradual war on the senses rather than an overpowering effect. In the vein of Agent Provocateur's first one, it's a dusky musky floral. Powdery but quite bodily in that it's pungent. Like a voluptuous lady that's shaken talcum powder under her arms on a hot day. Feminine but absolutely not girly it also has a quite bitter smell. Some smells go 'up' when you smelll then, some 'down'. This one stays level in terms of the progression of notes to me.
27th February, 2007

Blush by Marc Jacobs

At first its delicate and room freshener-y but then a strange hint of mint kicks in such as the dark green sauce you put on lamb on Sunday roasts. This rather bitter dark green smell then sort of floats up every time you take a smell, which you will and often, because it's unaccountabliy moreish. A bit like the sort of snack you make after a night out, full of things that don't go together and which would make you ill if sober. Curious, this one.
27th February, 2007

Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

Powdery, musky and reminds me of male animal pheromones. It seems to be popular men from all ends of the spectrum and the colour and design of the bottle is just beautiful. There used to be a sailor shaped bubble bath when I was a little girl called 'Matey' with lovely blue liquid inside. come to think of it, 'Matey' would have suited the fragrance well. It's definitely a date fragrance and will impress most girls. Or maybe just me. It manages to be sexy but fun and lighthearted with nothing overpowering in there. Always picture younger lads who have graduated from their first sporty deodorants and are looking to get their first decent adult fragrance getting on with this. Nice memories attached, of someone I should have dated, but bottled out.
27th February, 2007

Comme des Garçons 2 by Comme des Garçons

Rather overpowering for a woman although I do think its more feminine than masculine-was surpised when I learnt it was masculine. A very synthethised pungent smell. A confident woman with a strong personality will get away with it-if you like things like Nu and Opium and Prada (the first one) you'll like this. Does not wear off gracefully or for a very long time so a single spritz will do
27th February, 2007

Antaeus by Chanel

Grrrrrr!!! Alpha male alert! If Platinum Egoiste was my dear husband, Antaeus would be the young overseas workman I fantasised about having an affair with. It's full of vigour and power and would just leap out of it's bottle and gobble you up. It's quite leathery but in a very moist way, spicy and fruity all at once. You couldn't wear this out and not be saying something about how terribly manly you are. This scent could wear somebody if they were not confident. It could spit you out. Other half likes it but won't buy any, despite several beggings. I could be sneaky and just buy some but I couldn't just make him a mannequin for my own perfumic desires. Could I? Could I....?
27th February, 2007

Libertine by Vivienne Westwood

Definitely a crying shame that they stopped it because it was the only tolerable one. I love her clothes and have always been let down by her fragrances-will always regret not buying it but have a bottle of shower gel I have stopped using so I will always have the scent. It's like a citrus in an alternative, funky-Brit universe. Mood-boosting and very sexy it's summery with a strange silky spike of sexy aldehyde in the middle. They blantantly brought out Anglomania to try and placate Libertine lovers, but it's like your spouse or child coming home one day with permanently different coloured eyes.
27th February, 2007

Angel by Thierry Mugler

I've been holding off reviewing it because over the years you become so influenced by what others have found you forget to write what you feel when you smell it. So I pretended I'd never heard of it before. To me, there is something extremely unisex about it. It's clever to use chocolate and vanilla (bitter vanilla) is what I notice most without evoking extreme femininity. Pete Burns wears this. Mugler has also been clever to have the same 'family' smell running through all the series with slight floral differences, but yet not losing the character and definitive common theme. I want to say I don't like it but I can't quite. It's like a celebrity who is quite patently untalented but you have a soft spot for them. It has taken great creativity to make this smell and get people talking and then to use the name Angel. It's almost ironic but fitting-I think if you did meet an angel you would feel uncomfortable but unable to look away and it's presence would stay with you. I really like it on others and find it very moreish-its musky and dry and not too sweet. I have more time for Angel, then say, Dolce and Gabbana The One which is just sickeningly sugary. So Angel, here is my truce and grudging respect. I do not love you, you don't love me (it smells quite honeyish and cereally on me) but you deserve your place and you deserve to be talked about.
27th February, 2007

FlowerbyKenzo by Kenzo

I liked Miss Spring's review very much. She has pretty much covered any points I would have made and made me smile too. I used to love Flower. When I didn't have money and one of favourite pursuits was getting free spritzes in department stores, I would head straight for Flower. I'll bet I'm not the first person who thinks ah I've found it! My signature scent! This is how floral should be. But no, because it's synthetic an powdery. Almost a parody of a flower, and not in a brazen flirty nudge-nudge-wink-wink European way, like say YSL Paris. Flower aims for that, and falls short because it takes itself too seriously. The arthouse bottle does it no favours in that, and for a while everyone wore it. They should have stuck it in a fun bottle like Anna Sui did with Dolly Girl and removed the powderyness, replaces it with a dewy wet spring note. Perhaps something green to balance it out. It's always odd to go off something, because you start to doubt your own taste, so sorry if I've over pruned this particular bloom.
27th February, 2007

Dolce Vita by Christian Dior

Not really me, but I kind of enjoy a blast on my wrist from a tester now and then. Smells like Coca Cola and sherbert! Fizzing with scented e-numbers and definitely making all your teeth fall out! Ever seen a nose with teeth? No coincidence. Hard to feel less than cheery with this; like a playful oriental, campy in it's brashness. Evenings only-it's too heavy for the afternoons
27th February, 2007

No. 5 by Chanel

Many people seem to treat this perfume the same way most people regard the Beatles within the context of the music scene. Untouchable, The Original, Timeless. Never been matched.
So too with me. I think the Beatles were quite simply vendors of pleasant tunes, were in the right place at the right time and were the first celebrities of their genre.
Now just transpose all that onto the dreaded number 5. It was the first famous perfume and was always going to be lauded. It takes guts to say you don't like number 5 because people will immediately jump on you and accuse you of not knowing taste if it jumped up and bit you. Whilst probably secretly agreeing. No 5 does bite-it is false, soapy and assaults your poor curous nose like a diva slapping a paparazzi. Don't go near it unless you're 50 plus and are happy to smell compltely un-natural with this thing sitting, clashing, on top of your skin for hours
27th February, 2007

1881 pour Femme by Cerruti

You can definitely smell the geranium. Feminine without being floral, it's fresh and dry. Nothing soapy. Doesn't tend to wear off too well and I agree with the person who said there is an irritating note that doesn't give way with time. Bought it on sale, is decent for work and is just enough above average. A good all rounder with no quirks and any age can wear it.
27th February, 2007

Agent Provocateur by Agent Provocateur

Marketing does wonders, but I agree that it's very sexy and i wouldn't feel right wearing it to work or to meet a man who fancied me but whom I wasn't interested in. It is quite teasing and dusky and I smell violets in it although there aren't any. It smells like a very turned on person's skin. They chose the perfect pink because it's not a baby or girly pink. This scent is also not va-va-voom but it's definitely an innocent teen should not be wearing unless she's not so innocent! Perhaps the right man could get away with it too.
27th February, 2007

Dior Addict Eau Fraîche by Christian Dior

It outclasses it's parent fragrance perfectly. Ideal on a woman in her 20s-30s it's punchy and just smells like delicious and warm skin on me; just melts right it and clings all day. Not floral, not oriental, but warm, slightly spicy and kind of like skin only better. The only reason I didn't buy it is cos we didn't click, it and me, although I respect it greatly and enjoy it as a tester. Would love to know how others find it. come on review it, it doesn't deserve to be overlooked! xx
24th February, 2007

Platinum Égoïste by Chanel

Welcome to the first review of a stalker of perfume counters. I'm not an expert on recognizing different 'notes' in a commercial fragrance, although I'm not bad when smelling them in essence on their own but I do enjoy describing feelings and impressions I have from scents. This would have to be the ultimate in men's scents for me. It's manly without that sharp 'sporty' smell people feel they need to stick into a man's fragrance, or that unpleasant citrus unisex which is the other extreme. One for the real men, this is classy and yes, timeless. It hangs perfectly between modern-chic and classic. There is a continental sweetness when you first breathe it in but damp smell follows that. When my fella wears it, it's just him, and his fresh sweat and part of his pores. Fits like a glove for him so probably terribly biased but oozes polish and gentlemanly charm.
24th February, 2007

Égoïste / L'Égoïste by Chanel

Now then, have you ever heard the saying 'if it ain't broke don't fix it?' Glad they brought out the 'Platinum' version of this. It's like sherry and Christmas cake. A winter smell full of spice and candied dried fruits, it's Oriental in too sweet a way for a man.
24th February, 2007