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Inspire by Christina Aguilera

Oie, another celeb fragrance, but I surprisingly like this one. It reminds me of a toned down mixture of Lauders Paradise and Dior J'Adore; feminine, clean and floral. I think its a teeny bopper frag, but I like it. I've worn it for a full day and the lasting power on me is actually decent (most edt last 30 mins on me, this one about half a day) and it doesn't dry down sour on me like most either. I will use up my tester and if I still like it, will actually purchase!
03rd September, 2008

Roxy by Roxy

This is a wonderful scent for a laidback kind of girl. This is my new signature scent.

Topnotes: pink grapefruit, white peach, lemon leaves, oraganic ylang ylang.
Middlenotes: magnolia, lily of the valley, violet
Basenotes: salty amber, musk, sandalwood and frangipani flower.
17th October, 2007

In Love Again by Yves Saint Laurent

I smell grapefruit and as someone mentioned somewhere else, a subtil hint of grape leaves, like a vineyard. Dries down nice on me as most frags end up too overpowering me and give me a headache throught the day. Not this one!
20th April, 2007
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Satsuma by Body Shop

I really do enjoy this, however, I can't wear it daily or I will get sick of it.
04th March, 2007