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Sandalwood by Caswell-Massey

The reviews on other forums are way more mixed (& negative) than here. I cannot deduce why that is.

Because I am principley a Basenoter I blind bought this recently (curse you Amazon One-Click!).

I will not dispense with pleasantries.

What we have here is room spray.

Oh, wait—Joe Malone, et al, make great room sprays. This is not them.

So; room spray when you run out of room spray.

That's what my bottle is doing.

(So, at minimum, try before you buy, but it's a clear Thumbs Down for me.)
04th May, 2016

Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler

I don't think it's unfair in this case to lead with a discussion of this cologne's notable weakness - power. As much as I love this frag, I can get neither longevity or sillage from this one. To its credit, these traits mean you will rarely offend, even if you overapply.

The scent itself is very nice. Fresh, bright and somewhat soapy, it smells like what you would expect to smelly like after a straight razor shave at at 1952 barber shop. Crisp, clean and masculine. There is not much complexity to comment on, but the component notes are well blended and pure. No mineralic or metallic accords here. The oft debated 'S'-note can be detected, but isn't strong, and isn't obvious to everyone.

Overall, a can't miss summer cologne -- but be prepared to re-apply frequently.
23rd December, 2007

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

I am a new reviewer, but after wearing TdH for a week now, the 'm' word comes to mind -- this is a masterpiece. The zesty orange/grapefruit top/middle notes over a great base of wood/soil make for a lovely point and counterpoint. The balance is near-perfect, and the drydown, while fairly linear (as the top notes seem to remain throughout) is delicious. I don't ever want to run out of TdH so am already stocking up early. A must try for any fragrance lover. Kudos, Hermes!
01st April, 2007
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