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Vibrant Patchouly by Judith Williams

I love all that is patchouli so really wanted to like this too. Trouble is, you hardly notice the patchouli at all. The peach and vanilla are the only notes I can discern from application to drydown. Whilst it is a pleasant enough fragrance, I find the name of this fragrance truly misleading.
18th September, 2014

Oud Wood by Tom Ford

Sadly I feel that those enthusing about this fragrance along with a few others of Tom's most recent fragrances are suffering from 'The Emporor's New Clothes' syndrome. Whilst this was very nice once sprayed, smelling of Oud; I was disappointed to find I could no longer smell it after 20 minutes!! I own several Oud oils bought from travels to Dubai, Jordon etc that were inexpensive and last all day.
In England a 30 mls bottle is retailing for £100. OUTRAGEOUS. Anyone foolish enough to buy is encouraging Mr Ford and others to exploit perfume enthusiasts and making a fool of us.
Hope you read this Tom!!
15th August, 2009

C'est La Fête Patchouli by Christian Lacroix

Hurrah, another wonderful patchouli. This has fruity notes so not as dark and brooding as some patch frags, but still lovely. Light enough to wear in the daylight hours unlike some sticky, thick gluey patchouli frags. ( Yum) Interestingly, in the UK this is not selling well at all; as most people buying on the high street abhor patchouli, therefore I picked up 2 bottles for a third of the price that I bought my original bottle. look out for discontinuing??? Lasts approx 6 hours on my skin. I cannot detect any vanilla, which IMHO is a good thing. I dislike vanilla in anything other than desserts. Thumbs up on this as I can finally wear patchouli to work without too many complaints!!!
11th August, 2009
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Givenchy Gentleman by Givenchy

I would have to vote this as my favourite fragrance of all time. I cannot understand those who feel it is for older people. The patchouli is devine and the most prominent note throughout, however the leather and tarragon are close at its heels. Longevity fantastic. I know this is predominantly a male fragrance, but I do wear my husbands stock at any opportunity. I defie anyone not to feel sexy smelling this on their spouse. The patchouli does induce a calm, tranquil mood for me, followed closely by an intense desire to rip the wearers clothes off!! I do refine this symptom to my husband though!! Thumbs way up.
21st April, 2009

Outrageous by Kerry Katona

The only outrageous thing about this fragrance is that it is allowed on the market. Who wants to smell like a wannabe celebrity with a dubious lifestyle. One can only imagine it would be those who admire council estate chic!!
14th November, 2008

Blasé by Eden Classics

I recently found this fragrance again after 32 years. Reminds me of Bay City Rollers and Saturday night fever, also my first crush. ( Sigh). Very synthetic and tacky, but thumbs way up for bringing back floods of fabulous memories.
31st October, 2008

Midnight Poison by Christian Dior

I hesitated to review this for a long time as I could not make up my mind if I liked it or loved it. Decision made, I like it. Patchouli is a must for me to be a firm favourite, and although this has lots of patchouli, the other notes make it quite fruity and fun rather than the gothic effect I usually yearn for. Ideal for work for me, not too strong or too offensive to non patchouli lovers as some.
12th July, 2008

Alex by Alex Curran

Another WAG from my beloved hometown, Liverpool giving the city a bad name. Why would anyone aspire to smelling like one of these unfortunate women. I have never smelt this and would avoid any WAG perfume at all cost. Totally tasteless and tacky are far from the image that most ladies wish to be percieved, so save your money.
15th November, 2007

Shh... by Jade Goody

I am appalled that a sleazy foul mouthed racist chav such as this horrible specimin is now one of the best known British 'celebreties' from UK. I do not agree with celebrity scents at the best of times, but this particular product is in extremely bad taste considering the recent racism and bullying associated with this young woman. Avoid at all cost.
01st August, 2007

Passion Dance for Him by Avon

I have passion dance for her and loved it so much, i bought the men's version for my husband. BIG disappointment. It is not unpleasant at all, but does not have the WOW factor that the female frag has. Not very good longevity either but for the price, who can complain too much.
01st August, 2007

Mitsouko Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

I love smelling this frag on others, but when I recently was given it as a gift, I find to my disappointment that I cannot bear it on me. It feels too sweet and sickly, it must be the peach. I don,t get the leathery note either. Lasts on me approx 6 hours which is a shame as it usually induces a migraine!!
Needs to be used very sparingly, and I would definitely try before you buy. It also reminds me of old favourite white haired aunts. I havn't got one personally, but if I did, this would remind me of her!!?
30th July, 2007

Pur Désir de Lavender by Yves Rocher

Light fresh and floral. Great longevity. Ideal for after shower, but not special enough for evening. Price reflects quality, but OK as a stocking filler.
20th July, 2007

Vera Wang by Vera Wang

I couldn't wait to try this, and sadly bought before i tried. Nothing sophistocated about this at all, nor special enough to wear on your wedding day!! Very ordinary floral that smells like drug store quality instead of the supposed high quality that the price tag suggest. fragrance vanishes after an hour, makes me sneeze, and people have commented that it smells too sweet for my personality!! How very dare they. HA HA
20th July, 2007
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Splendor by Elizabeth Arden

Cheap but not nasty, just sort of clean smelling. Smells like a good quality air freshener, but not nearly nice enough for me to wish to use on my skin. Having said that, on the few occasions I have worn it,lots of people commented on how nice it was?? I feel they must have stopped taking their medication.!!
20th July, 2007

Les Nuits d'Hadrien by Annick Goutal

Spicy citrus with some patchouli. WOW. Fantastic, only problem is longevity. Only lasts on my skin for an hour MAX. Too pricy to be reapplying by the second, so is a definite considered purchase for those of us who are not made of money.
16th July, 2007

Coleen by Coleen McLoughlin

I would never buy or even try this fragrance. I am from Liverpool, and feel she is a disgraceful ambassador for our wonderful city. I hate celebrity scents at the best of times, but this chav is not a celebrity, just consorting with a sportsman. Big Deal. It is so easy to meet and dupe a footballer, especially if you live in our area where they literally in abundance.
04th July, 2007

Surrender for Her by Avon

I absolutely adore this fragrance. It smells so expensive despite its rather low price tag. It is sensuous, warm, sexy and spicy. Great longevity. Always attracts comments. Men love it. Not sure on the notes, but whatever they are they WORK. Totally recommend this for gals who like to stand out from the crowd. This is way different from any previous Avon frag.
04th July, 2007

Trouble Eau Légère by Boucheron

With all the lovely notes in this I thought this would be a new favourite. How wrong was I. It is cloying, syrupy and so headache inducing that it should be issued with a health warning. Vanilla is the overall note, drying to a sticky almost sweaty effect.( Where are the fresh notes???)
My advice is try before you buy.
03rd July, 2007

Initial by Boucheron

I rarely wear this fragrance as I feel it is pleasant enough but not special. I like the warm honey and amber, but just a tad too much vanilla. However, this is one frag that always gets great comments from others. I wonder that they are from people who are used to high street samey smells, as the same people hate it when I wear my favourite frags i.e patchoulis, CDG incense series etc. This leads me to the conclusion that I would not take much notice of the high street junkies, and always please myself. In summary, Initial is nice but not a first choice for me.
03rd July, 2007

Black Orchid by Tom Ford

After all the hype and expectation, this was a mega disappointment. Sickly, headache enducing and syrupy. I imagine a bordello in a red light area to smell like this. I could not smell any truffle or indeed any of the listed notes. My husband gave me a wide berth the evening I wore my sample, and told me I had an 'unpleasant odour'. I think it was his hint for me to hit the shower!!
29th June, 2007

Dzongkha by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Every time I use this fragrance I notice different notes. I agree that it is slightly similar to Passage d'enfer, but I fing it much more woody. I feel at times it is very similar to Bois D'Iris by the Different Company. Enough incense to help with meditation on stressful days, and spicy enough to help with moments in your life when you need a bit of spice!! Not a scent I would use to work, as I feel this would mainly be appreciated by perfume lovers who steer clear of high street mediocrity.
29th June, 2007

Ardenbeauty by Elizabeth Arden

I disregarded this fragrance as cheap drug store trash, however although it will not win any awards for its originality; it is quite a pleasant day time option. Nothing about it is offensive. It is very feminine and smells like there is a lot of rose in it but this is not listed in the notes. For the price tag it is worth a try.
29th June, 2007

Scent Intense by Costume National

I absolutely adore this fragrance. It is so dark and mysterious, but definitely not disturbing. Very sexy unisex frag that always induces naughty intent whenever I wear this or I smell it on my husband. Very incensey, but apparently does not have incense in its notes!! Does wear close to the skin, so good excuse for snuggling.
22nd May, 2007

Emporio Armani City Glam for Her by Giorgio Armani

Lovely light fruity and flirty frag. Ideal for young or young at heart. Smells very much like Choc de Cardin. Longevity very good. It is great fun to wear, but doesn't particularly fit my idea of a sexy fragrance; however, each to his/her own!! Whatever floats your boat!!
21st May, 2007

Que Viva by Escada

I loved this lovely fresh fun fragrance, but cannot find it anywhere now. It was spicy and fruity all at once, great longevity, and reminded me of a great holiday dancing the night away. Cannot remember any distinct notes, but if anybody does ever find this by chance, definitely worth a try.
18th May, 2007

Autograph Isis Woman by Marks and Spencer

This is a very fresh green cucumbery frag that smells exactly like Issy Miyake. In fact longevity is better, body lotion is better quality, and all at a fraction of the price. Well done M&S
18th May, 2007

Japanese Musk by Body Shop

This is a lovely fresh oriental musk that has a hint of incense. Ideal for travel, as it is in a tiny bottle of oil, and takes up such little space.
Longevity is great, and as it is oil, sweat and heat does not seem to affect the lovely aroma. Alcohol based perfumes can turn sour in hot climates. fantastic price too.
18th May, 2007

Cinnamon Spice by Body Shop

Lovely spicy cinnamon oil. Gorgeous for winter evenings. Aroma stays constant as drydown does not affect the initial aroma. Fantastic price and longevity excellent.
18th May, 2007

Special Edition Cosy Cashmere by Body Shop

Lovely spicy aromatic fragrance that reminds me of christmas, or cold nights in front of a log fire with a mulled wine. However this fragrance is ideal for anytime. I wear this on hols as the oil base does not react negatively with heat or sweat.
18th May, 2007

Passage d'Enfer by L'Artisan Parfumeur

I love this incense fragrance, but when you compare it to the CDG incense series, it simply doesn't quite hack it. It is much more subtle and feminine than other incense frags, but longevity is a problem. It dries out to lose a lot of the gothic effect and develop a more floral aroma, but for the incense junkies amongst us, and yes, you know who you are; I feel this is may not be bold enough?
18th May, 2007