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Giorgio by Giorgio Beverly Hills

I enjoy big 80s scents with lots of sillage (Poison, Lou Lou). I had always overlooked this one, but I saw a 30ml bottle for only $15 aud so I thought what the hell? I am getting tonnes of sillage - just how I like it! Definately a BIG floral, and smells different from modern perfume offerings. Worth a sniff. I can't see it being everyone's taste, its hard to imagine every woman in the 80s overapplying it!
23rd March, 2012

Vintage by Kate Moss

This one must be fussy/chemistry dependant. On my skin the top notes remind me of Chopard Wish without the patchouli. On me this is floral vanilla scent. And I got it for a song to boot. Thumbs up!
07th February, 2012

Cabotine Rose by Grès

Very pretty cherry blossom scent. Much nicer than my Body Shop Cherry Blossom and cheaper to boot! If you are after a mimosa flag I recommend this
27th January, 2012
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True Star Gold by Tommy Hilfiger

Blind buy, bad buy! Boring bland floral with no sillage and zero longevity. Yawn! Giving away to a young one suitable as a first perfume for a ten year old imo.
25th January, 2012

Still by Jennifer Lopez

I bought this blind on the recommendation of a friend at a great price. I enjoy tea scents - this has a lovely earl grey tea note balanced with flowers and a little fruit. Nice sillage nothing over the top. I recommend as a summer scent. My partner loves this on me, so two thumbs way up!
25th December, 2011

Joop! Femme by Joop!

I bought this based on the reviews here and a good deal going at the local chemist. I am seriously impressed! After a slightly powdery opening I get a luscious and longlasting vanilla drydown. If you like vanilla I recommend this with two thumbs way up! The packaging leaves a lot to be desired but the juice is divine!
07th December, 2011

Liberté by Cacharel

Sweet Orange and a dry clean patchouli, this is simply gorgeous and a favourite scent - definately in my top five! I'll be stocking up now that I know this has been discontinued.
14th November, 2011

Voile de Jasmin by Bulgari

This is so lovely. I do get the jasmine with this one, with a little sillage for an hour or so, then the scent stays close to the skin. I have also tried layering with Kim kardashian which is all gardenia on me, which also works quite nicely. I love to wear this scent to bed - simply divine. If you want a white floral that is not in your face loud, I recommend this.
13th November, 2011

Kim Kardashian by Kim Kardashian

I have been looking for a nice gardenia perfume that wouldn't cost the earth - at $30aud for a 100ml bottle this fit the bill. Upon first spray I get a big creamy gardenia note : exactly what I have been looking for! I enjoy a good white floral and its refreshing to see a celebrity do something else other than a fruity floral or gourmand scent.
10th November, 2011

Fleurs d'Orlane by Orlane

This is an old fashioned white floral - I get powder and a bouquet of white flowers. This is not my typical style of perfume but I am going to try to layer this with some other fragrances from my wardrobe.
05th November, 2011

Beckham Signature for Her by Beckham

This one is growing on me - its a lighter and more work friendly version of lolita lempicka. I get the anise through the whole wear. I don't really get the candy Apple at all. The drydown is more anise, with a soft vanilla and musk. Would have been nice for the patchouli to make an appearance! This was a blind buy. It's not spectacular but nice enough for day wear at work.
30th October, 2011

Signature Story For Her by Beckham

This is much better than signature for women. Signature story is a lovely floral. I purchased this unsniffed on the promise that the scent is a chypre. It really does not come across as such. I was hoping for notes of bitter orange, patchouli and moss which did not eventuate on my skin. I did however get a pleasant spicy floral - beats the usual fruity floral celebrity offerings! Worth a try and I got a 75ml bottle for $30aud so cannot really complain!
23rd October, 2011

Neroli Jasmine by Body Shop

I have this in a body spray, which makes it very nice for layering scents :)
28th December, 2007
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Love In Paris by Nina Ricci

I simply adore Nina Ricci perfumes, and this one is no exception. This is fruity, and floral. Love the apricot and star anise notes in this one, sweet yet spicy! Granted, it is not a particularly innovative scent, but it is lovely! Classy bottle too, square, classic look happening there.
19th November, 2007

Princess by Vera Wang

I own this! It is not something I wear very often, but when I do, I quite enjoy it. Its quite sweet, but I think its nicely blended. I quite like gourmand scents, but I can see why a lot of reviewers do not like this one. The gourmand thing HAS been a bit over-done of late!

If it's not overapplied, its quite sweet and quite soft too. Overapplication is a BAD idea!
08th November, 2007

Dune by Christian Dior

I like this! Its so, different! Kind of hard to describe, its quite woody, this is sweet on me also. Lovely dry down. I find this to be a subtle fragrance, not overpowering in any shape or form.

This seems to be one that reacts differently on different skin types. I really would like to own a bottle of this, definately a far cry from the fruity florals that are dominating the market at the moment.
08th November, 2007

True Love by Elizabeth Arden

I tried this, and did not like! I suspect because it has been discontinued, the bottles you can purchase here in Australia now are at least two years old, may not have been stored properly, and the fragrance has been 'damaged'. This must be the case, because to me the fragrance smelt acrid - judging from other reviews I am going to blame the age of the perfume!
05th November, 2007

In Love Again Jasmine Étoile by Yves Saint Laurent

This smells a lot like baby doll, its fun, fresh and fruity. Tangerine, star anise - makes it a little spicy. Nice everyday daytime fragrance, nice sillage, nice drydown too.
04th November, 2007

Yvresse / Champagne by Yves Saint Laurent

I appreciate a good chypre - and we are not seeing many of those kind of fragrances coming out these days. Seems to all be fruity florals, which are nice for daytime wear but I like a good chypre for the evening.

Very sophisticated scent - beautiful development, strong sillage, long lasting. Do not over apply, or it will become head-achy. This is one of my favourites.
04th November, 2007

M by Mariah Carey

To me, this smelled a lot like Vera Wang Princess - must be the Tiare flower.

I could not smell the patchouli!

And I think the bottle is hideous. Ick!

Nothing special, nothing innovative. But it smells nice. Rather sweet.
03rd November, 2007

Fantasy by Britney Spears

I have a fairly sizeable perfume collection, and wear this occasionally. It was given to me as a present when I was first building up my perfume collection - and its going to last for a long time. If you wear it sparingly, you can enjoy the notes. If you wear too much, it is going to be overpowering and you will want to wash it off. So be warned!

This fragrance is very sweet, the cupcake note comes through very strongly. Like a lot of other reviewers, its the dry down that I like on this one. Creamy vanilla woods, very nice. This one is definately a winter fragrance. The woods cut the sweetness a bit, but I like a sweet perfume that is more spicy (try hypnotic poison).
03rd November, 2007

Echo Woman by Davidoff

This is a nice day time scent, great for the office. Its a light floral, completely unoffensive, and subtle. Not a perfume for a date, just a nice everyday fragrance. I really like this one, a staple during the working week.

Unfortunately, lasting power is not all that great, particularly considering its an EDP. Again, it fades to a more subtle scent that holds close to the skin.

Could always reapply - but I am not one to carry fragrance around with me.
03rd November, 2007

Curious by Britney Spears

Very, average. Its a clean floral, but I wish it had some lasting power. It fades too quickly. Which is a shame, because otherwise it would make for a nice day time fragrance as its unoffensive and subtle.
03rd November, 2007

Cool Water Woman by Davidoff

I like this, its a nice summertime scent. No, its not wildly original, its quite sweet and there is nothing subtle about its composition. But its a nice everyday fragrance- you know, for a trip to the markets, or the beach, or for lunch with girlfriends.

This one does not strike me as a sexy fragrance. Best to have a collection, different frags have their purposes!
03rd November, 2007

Dolly Girl by Anna Sui

I love this! Beautiful! It's the pink grapefruit that does it for me, its playful, sparkling, lively and girly. It's just fab!
03rd November, 2007

Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka

Mmmmm! I bought a 100mL bottle of the EDP which arrived in the mail today (thank you Ebay!) and this is divine. Just LOVE the aniseed smell, totally gorgeous. I also enjoy sweet scents and this is delicious. This one deserves its reputation and popularity but I can see why some don't like it. It just depends on what your style is!

I would recommend testing before you buy though! See if it is to your taste.
08th May, 2007

Versace Woman by Versace

This is my favourite fragrance in my collection. It is sublime and very very sexy! Love the berries and the oakmoss, this one is hot! 10 out of 10 from me!
02nd May, 2007

Shalimar by Guerlain

I just HAD to have this classic perfume in my collection. Today I managed to get a gorgeous shalimar gift set with a EDP, body mist and hair gel in a gorgeous make up bag.

Anyway, the EDP is just lovely! Definately has the 'lemon pie' thing happening that other reviewers have pointed to. This sits very well on my skin, i love the sweetness of the vanilla and the sharpness of the bergamot - work so well together once the bergamot top note settles a little and the vanilla comes through more.

Can't wait to add more classic Guerlain fragrances to my collection!
01st May, 2007

Champs-Elysées by Guerlain

On me, this is very creamy. Actually, it reminds me of what a really REALLY good quality soap or moisturiser should smell like.

I personally prefer something that is a little more spicy. I only tried this once, yesterday in fact. I might give it another try and see...
27th April, 2007

Hypnotic Poison Eau de Toilette by Christian Dior

Oh, my, god! I tested this in the department store yesterday and I am positively LUSTING after a bottle. This one yields pure sex appeal, absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE the Vanilla in this scent, it is sweet but not cloying, and spicy but not overpowering.

Pure class, even the way the spray diffuses the fragrance is just divine.

I must, must, MUST own a bottle of this!
27th April, 2007