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Joop! Thrill Men by Joop!

Finally Joop! presents its fans with a different fragrance. I mean, Jump and Go are identical! They almost share the same base notes!

Joop! Thrill is like a tribute to Joop! Homme. It is sweet, with top notes of apple and bergamot. Soon it starts to feel like an upgraded version of 212 Man... full of vanilla and sandalwood.

Women will find this fragrance quite wearable too. In fact, I wonder how Joop! Thrill Women is like... Is it suitable for men?

The staying power is quite good, as well. Not a sillage bomb, but trully noticeable for 4-5 hours. Thumbs up for Joop!
31st March, 2009

Joop! Homme Summer Temptation by Joop!

In my opinion, the best summer variation of Joop! Homme. It starts with nice citrus fruits and its drydown is a delicious combination of apple and muguet.

The base is the well-known Joop! Homme's base notes... just a little more smooth. Perfect for hot days!
31st March, 2009

Joop! Jump Summer Temptation by Joop!

As strange as it may sound, Joop! Jump Summer Temptation is stronger than the traditional version! The vodka note is more evident.

Actually, it is easy to describe this fragrance: imagine a combination of grapefruit, strong notes of cardamom and vodka and some wood. That's it! That's how Jump Summer Temptation smells like.

Highly recommended, not only during hot days.
31st March, 2009
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Eau des Merveilles by Hermès

I really don't know why this fragrance is not market as an unissex fragrance. As mentioned before by many reviewers, this is an unusual fragrance. Its inverted pyramid is really tricky, but, on my skin, its staying power is moderate.

Great bottle and presentation, but maybe great part of its fame is just hype. It is not recommended for nights out... At least I can't imagine myself reaching for it for a night out at the club... Great choice for office use.
31st March, 2009

Eau Parfumée au Thé Rouge by Bulgari

Thé Rouge is a beautiful and well composed creation. I've never drunk red tea, so I have no idea how it smells, but what I get from Thé Rouge is a delicious combination of figs, coconut and almonds. It reminds me autumn... a warm and confortable bed...
24th August, 2008

What About Adam by Joop!

Great citrus fragrance! It's kinda funny, but the official Joop! website does not list it anymore, and it became really hard to find it nowadays.
The beginning is an explosion of grapefruit, evolving to something more comfortable... Great staying power, as well as its sillage. Highly recommended to those looking for a good green scent.
30th July, 2008

Blue Seduction for Men by Antonio Banderas

And here we have the inexpensive clone of Versace Man Eau Fraiche. Come on, "capuccino"? Don't know where...
23rd July, 2008

Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

A good fragrance, but to similar to JPG's Le Male. No need to buy this if you have the latter.
08th June, 2008

Dior Homme by Christian Dior

Simply horrible. If you want to smell like a makeup bag, then i'ts perfect for you! Not my case, thank you.
25th May, 2008

Joop! Homme Chill-Out by Joop!

The beginning is quite citrus, with the bergamot and lemon, evolving to something more fruity. I can really smell a little bit of strawberry and pineapple. Lovely.
The base is the classic and adored (at least by me) base of Joop! Homme, but not too strong and annoying. Perfect for hot days, or just a walk in the park. I still think that the best summer edition of Joop! Homme is "Summer Temptation". I haven't tested the "Beach Clubbing" yet...
12th May, 2008

Cumming by Alan Cumming

Maybe too unique and different to my taste. The top notes are just terrible and I found to hard to wait the base notes come. Besides, the longevity is so poor...
02nd May, 2008

Versace Man Eau Fraîche by Versace

One of my most powerful perfumes along with Joop! Homme, Paco's Black XS and JPG Le Male!
It is strong, but not offensive like Joop! Homme (although I love it).
Very delicious and light. Perfect for hot days. The carambola, a very traditional fruit from Brazil, is perfect and can be smelt during all notes, in my opinion.
Great sillage!
19th January, 2008

Versace Man by Versace

Great fragrance! The "Man" line by Versace proved to be wonderful!
I found the base notes of "Man" quite feminine, although the tabacco leaves are very evident...

Wonderful from the very start... the pepper note is very very strong at the beggining, but soon fades out... leaving a delicious combination of tabacco and kashmir..
19th January, 2008
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Gaultier² by Jean Paul Gaultier

This one is so delicious! For me, it is just about the vanilla and amber notes. For those days when you want to smell like a hot petit gateau! Perfect.
Oh, and it makes me feel so sexy... Don't know why.. Some perfumes have this power...
17th December, 2007

Blue Jeans by Versace

A lovely fragrance! This one smells so nice...
Unfortunately, it doesn't last long on me... :(
But, anyway, a great choice for those days when you just want to smell nice to go out for a quick walk.
16th December, 2007 (last edited: 05th May, 2008)

DKNY Red Delicious Men by Donna Karan

Indeed it does reminds cough medicine, at the end, which is strange, but this is a wonderful fragrance. Much more complex and richer than the "Be Delicious".
The longevity is great! The sillage is just perfect! I can smell it for hours! Now... when we talk about "Be Delicious"... it lasts, on my skin, for about 1 hour! Terrible!
"Red Delicious" is very dark and I wish I could have a drink that could taste just like this perfume smells...
11th November, 2007

Joop! Homme Summer Fever by Joop!

Joop! Homme is one of my favorite fragrances, but, unfortunately, for those who live in the tropics, it is a very strong fragrance that cannot be used everyday.
Summer Fever is the answer to this problem. It is just the traditional version, but way too less strong. It has a wonderful "berry-note", maybe raspberry, that make it feels like "212 Sexy"...
Great perfume. The lasting power, as usual for Joop!'s fragrance, is superb! I still love Joop! Home, but this summer version may be sprayed more often!
27th October, 2007

Jungle pour Homme by Kenzo

Terrible! From the moment I sprayed it on a department store, I felt that my head would explode! Horrible.
17th October, 2007

Tokyo by Kenzo

Hm, I just loved this new fragrance by Kenzo! Very sharp and citrus. Very good! Hope to purchase one bottle for me soon!
14th October, 2007

Joop! Go by Joop!

The problema with Joop! Go is that it is very similar to Joop! Jump. Honestly, I can't see much difference between them both... I can't sense any blood orange neither.. Anyway, I love Joop!'s fragrance, but unfortunately, "Go" is not as good as the others fragrancies from Joop!.
14th October, 2007

Rococo Homme by Joop!

Rococo is an interesting fragrance. The bottle would receive, only by itself, a thousand of thumbs up!

I just love the notes! And I'm not really into woody fragances! The start is very spicy, I can feel the pepper all around it, and it dries down to very sweet woody notes...

Unfortunately, it doesn't last much. It just vanishes after two or three hours! What a pity! Wish it could last longer on my skin.. Even the scent that always stays in the clothe you're wearing vanishes...
20th July, 2007

DKNY Be Delicious Men by Donna Karan

I may have bought a fake version, but this one stays only 15 minutes on may skin! I just love the fragrance, everytime I go to a retail store I stop by the counter just to smell it... but what I have at home is another thing!
07th July, 2007 (last edited: 28th May, 2008)

LouLou by Cacharel

Urgh! This perfume is terrible! Once a girl in my office bought a bottle and just opened it... the whole building was smelling like old lady's purse... Terrible...
06th June, 2007

Black XS by Paco Rabanne

This one is just perfect! Dunno why but something tells me that there a lot of strawberries in its composition! It's just delicious and sexy!
31st May, 2007

Joop! Jump by Joop!

This fragrance is just lovely! Very good for the summer. Unfortunately, it doesn't last long on me. Oh, it does last some time, but the notes dry down really fast... Maybe next time I'm gonna spray it four times on me... Anyway, lovely.
09th May, 2007

Happy for Men by Clinique

Tooooo simple! I traveled to the beach with a friend of mine and it was like going there with an walking orange! Terrible... I like orange's scent, but this one is too simple.
09th May, 2007

Rochas Man by Rochas

Man, this perfume is just perfect! I first tested it about three years ago and just forgot about it. I liked but didn't include on my wish list. But then, out of the blue, the scent of it came to me and I just had to buy it! It took me a long time to find it here in São Paulo, Brazil. People told me that Rochas wasn't producing perfumes anymore (can anyone confirm this for me?).

The fragrance is very delicate and gourmand. The top notes are very green, but they fade very fast. Then comes the special part... the coffee and vanilla notes stay on your skin for a long time... They are not strong notes, but everyone who comes next to you will feel them and ask you: "Man! What a perfume!"

03rd May, 2007

Rumba by Ted Lapidus

Urgh! Disgusting! A friend of mine have this one and it is terrible... She's 20 somethings years old and everytime she wears this, she's like 100 years old! Too strong! Maybe perfect if you live in the middle of nowhere, with snow all around you!
03rd May, 2007

Crave by Calvin Klein

This one was once in my wish list but, fortunately, a friend of mine had a bottle and I could just loose all the passion for this fragrance... Thinking now, it was very artificial, simple and exclusively for summertime. It can still be found here in São Paulo, Brazil, even though it was discontinued.
01st May, 2007

Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

The green top notes are just wonderful... if only they could last longer... I just can't feel the middle note and the base one is just awful for me... as day goes by I feel like I'm with a incense stick on me...
01st May, 2007