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Dunhill Burgundy by Dunhill

A nice gentlemans fragrance,

It was somewhere 1986-87 and a friend of my father brought this fragrance as a gift yo my father. I was a uni. student at that moment and my father was not a daily fragrance guy as me. I liked the fragrance very much and I have noticed that especially the women liked it very much. Then I asked my father if it was possible for me to take the fragrance and he said yes. I have owned a lot of fragrances and I still do have a lot, but I can say that till now this fragrance is the one which has been asked by many of his name. I was really charmed with it. When I entered the university building everyone was sniffing the air trying to understand what is smelling so nice. The girls were running around me and sniffing me and trying to know the name of the fragrance. One of my girlfriends told me that he could fall in ,love with me just because of my scent. The nice thing that it was loved both by young and by old. For that time it was a kind of multi-character fragrance. Younger people found it very attractive and romantic and the older people found it both casual and official at the same time. I can remember it as I have felt it at that time, but I don't know how I would feel about it now. Then I was crazy about Azzaro, but now I don't get the same feeling that I got then. Maybe same would happen with Dunhill Burgundy. I would sure buy one again if I could find one.

Pros: A very nice casual, romantic and attractive scent
Cons: Almost impossible to find"

11th October, 2013

Acqua di Giò Essenza by Giorgio Armani

I first noticed this on my fragrance freak friend and I thought that he was wearing a new intenser version of Ralph Lauren Polo Blue, but he told me that I was the new version of Acqua Di Gio. He told me that he bought it because it smelled like Ralph Lauren Polo Blue and we both thing that this is much finer version of it. Polo Blue is much light/aquatic, but Essenza is a bit spicy and long lasting than Polo Blue. I was fond of Polo Blue, but I always thought that it could be a bit long lasting, actually not long lasting, Polo Blue was long lasting too, but it was a bit weak, could be just a few degrees intenser. You would understand what I mean if you compare eau de sauvage normal and extreme or EDP of it. That is what I feel when I compare RL Polo blue and ADG Essenza. I guess this makes it a bit spicier. I guess I'll be given one as a present with Christmas.
30th November, 2012

Dior Homme by Christian Dior

It is not a bad fragrance, but just like some other reviewers have told: it smells like lipstick or a makeup bag. It smells more like the lipsticks of past what my mom used to use. When I was a small kid, time to time I had tried to put lipstick on my lips. I can still remember the smell of the lipstick and the makeup bag. Because of that I find it feminine and not an interesting fragrance.
09th June, 2007
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Men's Style by Juvena

The scent of this fragrance is still in my memory. It was 1987 and I was looking for new fragrances and I tested Juvena. It was not a known brand to me and first I thought that it was cheap prodcut which is trying to look like Jovan. At that time the Musk and Sex Appela by Jovan was very famous in Turkey. At that time there were a lot of fake product with a very similar name like SONY-ZONY, DIOR-DIYOR, PACO-PAKO and so on. I thought the same about Jovan-Juvena but I liked the fragrance very much and the seller told me that it is a Swiss cosmetic company. So I bought it. I liked it very much and smelled very nice. It has a vey nice clean, soft, a little sweet and sexy smell. Especially the girls at the university were fond of it and was not know by a lot of people so I was smelling kind of unique. I was very happy about this, but it came to an end very quick because I used it a lot and unfortunately I couldn't find it anymore. I'm still looking for it with the hope that I can maybe find it somewhere else. Who knows. Or maybe they reproduce it. Maybe I won't like it anymore like I did it then, but it still has good memories on me. Sometimes it is not only the scent that plays a role, but it is the memories.
09th June, 2007

Fresh Uomo by Trussardi

I'm surprised that there was just one review about this fragrance. I was expecting to see more actually. Anyhow. a very nice fragrance warm fragrance. Because of it's compound it reminds me somewhat linden. It is very good warm fragrance for winter tim and cool days, but a bit to much for summer days; only on cool summer days and nights.
02nd June, 2007

Joop! Homme by Joop!

I'm completely agree both with musky_monkey, Renaissance_Man and Ensoleille. I received my forst bottle as a gift the same year it is distributed. I was very excited when I received it, but unfortunately it is a very strong fragrance. The drydown is nice but till you get to the drydown, you are already dead. When I wear it on I feel myself like a huge walking & talking candyfloss. I have to admit that the girls were crazy about it and they would like to eat me just like they did a canyfloss, but eventhough it is like that Iafter a short while I couldn't stand to this sweet fragrance. Becaue of that strong scent I was loosing my appetite and did not feel like to eat and drink anymore, and it begun to gave a headache. But in the evening or the next day the drydown is very nice. I have a love-hate relation with this fragranc. Just 2 drops would be more than enough. I guess the only places you can use this fragrance are close to the poles, but please don't spray a lot of it; they are already melting.
02nd June, 2007

Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

This is one of fragrances that you should not smell it from a close distance. This is a pure sillage fragrance of violet and oakmoss with a slight scent of lemon and sandalwood. I can very hardly notice the scent of orange. This more a scent for open-air. I think it is a bit strong for to use inside unless you use very small amount of it. I think it is very suitable to use on an open-air party or event.
02nd June, 2007

Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

I don't know what it is but eventhough I liked this fragrance, there is something in it that reminds me the scent of the poison that gray/black millipedes create when they are in danger. Because of that I couldn't like this fragrance, but a soon after Joop Nightflight followed the same trend of KC Eternity, then I chosed it. It was much better than Eternity.
02nd June, 2007

Derrick by Orlane

Maybe it was and it is still cheap, but the fragrance is very nice. It can remind some of you Jovan Sex Appeal or Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur, but I think that Derrick is much more better than both of them. Jovan has more of Vanilia and PC has more of carnation to me, but Derrick has a little bit spicy and rosy scent which makes it very suitable for evening use or for a romantic occasion. I first received it as a gift from my mom in 1986 as a romantic fragrance, but being as young man a "romatic fragrance" did not mean much to me then, but later on I have learned what it means. My girl friends then found it a very nice and romantic scent and even today women still find it as a nice romatic scent. I'm still using this fragrance and I'm glad that I can still find it.
02nd June, 2007

Diavolo by Antonio Banderas

I've received a bottle of after shave as a gift. It is not bad, a light lemony, flowery almost no spice and bitterness. It can very well be a unisex fragrance. Sometimes it reminds me sillage of some of the fragrances of Creed but a very soft sillage compared to the sillage of Creed. It is just good for smelling nice at home after shaving. Nothing more than that.
27th May, 2007

Comme des Garçons 2 Man by Comme des Garçons

Three days ago I got two samples of this scent. For the first time I'm testing something from CdG. After the first spray I felt my self in a church. I guess there is a lot of liquidamber orientalis in this fragrance. I have Gucci PH, but it is way different than this. After reading the comments here, I ran to my room and tested my Gucci PH. No way it gives me the feeling being in Church. By the way; I'm coming from Turkey, Catholic and Greek-Orthodox churches smell almost the same as 2MAN in Turkey. Not that it is a bad smell. I like it and it gives me a fine, relaxed and peaceful feeling, but I still can't think of it as a fragrance on me. Maybe it is just in my mind, but at leat it would be a good fragrance that you can use with religious occasions or while going to a church. A nice fragrance but not somethink very special or original to me.
20th May, 2007

Latitude Longitude by Nautica

While I was looking for some new fragrances, I have seen this one for a very cheap price. At that time I liked it, but later on I got enough of it. I guess it is the water mint or something else which remnds me a bit gasoline or mothball scent. That is tingeling my nose a lot and becoming ennoying and giving me a slight distorbing feeling on my foorhead. But if I wear this fragrance on a hot summer day and especially somewhere around sea, trhen it smells differet nd much more better. I have the feeling tat his scent is crated somewhere by the mediterranean sea in the summer time.
19th May, 2007

Armani Attitude by Giorgio Armani

Guys, I have the idea that this is a come back of an known scent to me. Of course it is not 100% the same as the other one but based on it as the Thierry Mugler's B is based on the Casual Friday of Escada. If you spray 1 time TM A and two times Casual friday then you would have TM B. I think that Lancome Hypone for men has the same base of Casual Friday. Can someone remember or find out what is it with Armani Attitude. I get sick of these cheap practices of the fragrance companies. Becasue a lot of people lack the smell-memory so they bring the same product or with a little different back again, or they sell it to another brand like AdG as Aqua de Bulgari. It is to me like different brands of mayonnaise or Ketchup. They are slightley different in taste but still the same thing. When a fragranec is discontinued, I wonder when they would bring it back under another brand and when so that we can forget about it and can't remember it anymore and say "Hey, what a wonderful new scent!"
18th May, 2007
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Interactive pour Homme by Police

It smells nice, but it not very special to me. For my nose and senses it is fresh, cool flovery. It reminds a cool, fresh, a bit chilly spring moorning or a cool, green mountain breeze on a spring day with the mixture of the scents of the all greenish trees and flowers. A bit grassy.
18th May, 2007

Aqua Nautilus by Nautilus

I bought a 50Ml bottle on 2003 and it is almost finishing. I have to find another one, but it is hard to find. I can not find it anymore. It is nice summer, sea scent. Everytime I use it, I feel myself like I'm on the beach or on the harbour on a nice summer day. I hope that I can find it on Internet.
18th May, 2007

Sergio Tacchini by Sergio Tacchini

This is one of my favourite fragrance. I'm almost agree with foetidus, but for me; what makes this fragrance special is that you can not say that it smells more to wood or more te lemmon or more to mint. For me it is so wel balanced that you have to try to find out what blend it is made of. To me it has a unique scent. It is fresh but at the same time it is warm, it is classy-clasical but at the sasme tome sporty and modern. It goes together with the feelings of the smeller. Some of my friends & colleagues find it fresh, some find it warm, some find it sporty, some find it classy. I guess it is made either by a shapeshifter or Barbapapa ;-)
08th May, 2007

Canali Men by Canali

Never heard of this brand before. Suddenly there were avertisments in the magazines that it had won a contest somehwere in Canada. I was very curious about it but they did not have it in The Netherlands at that moment. A few months later I have seen it in a fragrance shop and gave it a try. I have to say that the scent I smell is good but not that specail to me and I had the idea that it was very light and not long lasting fragrance. After a while I don't smell it any more. ut this is not the idea that I got my friends and collegues. It is not that much interesting for the male friends and colleagues, but female friends and colleagues are very fond of it. Most of them wantd to know what it is wanted to buy for their boyfriends or husbands. This is also one of the fragrances which you don't smell that long, but it stays long on you and the people around you can smell it. At least I have this issue with some of the scents. Some I smell all day long like Terre d'Hermès.
16th April, 2007

Morgan de Toi Homme by Morgan de Toi

The moment I smelled it I liked it. I have never heard of this brand. There was a tester in one of the fragrance shop. I haven't payed any attention before. I went inside and looked if thay had something new and they had some very special limited fragrances with very special bottles (of course very expensive). While I was leaving the shop, I have seen these testers and gave a try to the one for males. The moment I sprayed it, I liked it but I wanted to give it a time. What I have noticed is that it dosn't change that much. Only diffrence is at the opening it is a bit more alcoholic and citrusy, but later on it becomes subtiler and becomes woody. Sandalwood, but a fresh sandalwood as if there is a bit touch of pine or cedar. Sometimes it reminds me scent I had in my room when I was at highschool; the mixture of pencil made of cedar, smell of my ereaser with a nice scent and the tangarines and apples I ate. Maybe that is why I like this fragrance. It brings me back to those days,but only that but also the people around me like this fragrance very much. A lot of friends a colleagues ask me which brand it is and wanted to buy it, but neither I nor they can find it. I hope that it is not bought by a big name to birng it to the market with it's own brand because I have seen prctices like that before. Many years ago I had special fragrance shop in Ankara and the owner of ths shop was crazy about scents. He used to France very often and came up with new fragrances with not very wel known brands. He used to let me know because I was a good customer of him. He used to tell that this scent would be very popular and come to the market by a different brand. One of the I can remember is CK One which I had it by a different brand 2 years ago before it was on the market by CK. The other one that I can remember is Jaguar.
16th April, 2007

Ténéré by Paco Rabanne

I owned this once. Then I had a Dutch girlfrend and as soon as I saw the advertiement of this perfume on a dutch magazine I asked her to buy it for me because at that time they didn't have it in Turkey yet. It wasa very strange scent for 80's. I did not smell like an 80's smell. I guess YSL Kourus has changed the tendency and that is why Tenere was different. I had the feeling that it was a fresher PR classic with overwelming honey scent. My father used to put honey in his tea in place of sugar. Opening of the scent reminded me the this honey tes melange but more fresh like a minty tea, but 15 or 30 minutes later it was setteled down and found it's character. There were two things that I was affarid: people would think like I smell like honey and I would have a lot of flies and bees flying around me. But non of these were happened. Most of the time friends were asing what fragrance I was using, because it was much more different than the fragrances of then. Pity that I can not find it anymore. :-(
16th April, 2007

Police (original) by Police

The moment I smelled it, I liked it. It is more artifical than netural. This is how I call some fragrances like Cerrutisi, Kouros or Turbo. I dón't know why but they remind me recently washed clothes which are smelling nice slean and seductive. Suchs scents to me are not romantic, sexy, classy or else but they are just clean, casual and seductive daily fragrances for just to smell good, but different then the other regular fragrances.
16th April, 2007 (last edited: 29th May, 2008)

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

I'm a fresh member of this side and since I saw thi side Creed was just a fragrane brand for me and the other thing I knew that it was an expensive brand, but after seeing here that it was chosen as a best or one of the best fragrances a few times, then I got ver curious. There isjust one small shop where I live in Netherlands sells that brans, so I went there to give it a try. I tried GID and some others. I have th same idea like the other members: t smells like Cool Water. Actually I hould say that Cool Water smells like GIT because GIT is formulated before CW. But if you have a good nose and expeience than you can smeel that GIT is not as simple as CW. It is complexer than CW. Most of my friends and colleagues thought that it was CW.
16th April, 2007

Caractère by Daniel Hechter

This is one of the fragrances that doesn't smell to the wearer as it smells to surrounding. Once I tried it and I did not like it that much. To m it was not somehing very special, but it was not bad at all. Because I'm a scent freak I always smel the air like a dog. Time to time I smell a nice scent but I did not know what it is. I got so curious that I began to ask the men that what they were using and answer was always Caractere. The other thing about this fragrance is that you don't smell it anymore after a short time and you think that it doesn't last longe, but in fact it does stay on long. I wonder what the reason is, but with some of the scents I have noticed that Like Canali, L'instant Guerlian, Chanel Anteus and some others.
16th April, 2007

Basala / Basara by Shiseido

I can remember the first time I tested this scent somewehere in 90's. After seeing a lot of advtisement and articles about this japanese fragrance in the magazines I decidedto give it a test, but of course being someone who was used to the fragrances of 80's it was a very strange scent for me. But years later, somewhere in 2002 I have seen it a fragrance shop and gave it a seond try, but this time I liked it very much. I guess the main smell that makes it very unusual is the Coriander, which is not mentioned above among the notes. This is one of the fragrances which smells very strong to you but not around you. Don;t get the ida that the people around you smell it as strong as you do. It smells very nice to outside.
16th April, 2007

Exception by Gainsboro

I had once received a tester of this scent from a friend who is a crazy for scents just like me. A very nice warm typical end of 80's fragrance: spicey, musky, vanilla. Opening is not that nice; first you get the idea that it would be very heavy and stinky, but a little later it settles down and becomes very nice. I don't know what it is but I smell like something like black pepper. I don't know if some of the notes smell like black pepper. After the tester I have searched for it in a lot of shops, but unfortunately it was not possible to get it. Pity!
15th April, 2007

L'Eau Bleue d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

A very daring scent. It smells a lot of thyme or rosemary at the beginning. We used to have thyme oil at our home because it was very good for stomach ache. When I was kid they used to drop some on a cube of sugar and give it to me. I still keep one at home. They use thyme and rosemary oil on the hair. Once I bought special oil mixture from Body Shop which has rosemary oil among the others. What yoy smell on the opening is a strong rosemary smell. First I didn't like it because it was just rosemary to me. But later on afew weeks later I guy in our company smelled so nice to me and and the scent was familiar to me. I was thinking to find it out, but I couldn't ann at the and I asked it to him. As you could guess; it was L'Eau Bleue. The same day I went to the perfume shop and gave it another try. This time I liked it, but still I was not sure of it. A few days later I sprayed some on me. I wanted to see the effect of it on the other people. Most of my collegues and friends liked it. I told them I was testing it and I was not sure if it was to heavy or shouting "Hey! I'm here" Most of the have found it fresh, some've found it a bit minty. Just a few who are interested in cooking smelled some thyme or rosemary, but they've told me that it was not overwhelming. The problem with this scent is that you feel like that you smell strange or bad but the traces that scent leave are definitely nice. It is just like in the case that you hear your voice on a record and most of us hate it because we hear it dfferent. It is same with this fragrance, we feel like that we smell unpleasent, but this is not the fact for the people around us.
14th April, 2007

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

I can remember just like Yesterday: My father bought this fragrence one of his flights on the free shop. He did not have that much notion about fragrence. Mostly what he used to do was to buy a one he knows or used to buy a very new one or ask to someone there which fragrance is very popular or very new. So he came back with YSL Kouros. It was just out to the market. When I first smelled it I did not like it at all. It was very daring scent for its time if you compare it with the fragrances of its time. But the more I learned about the fragrances and the more I tried them, my opinion has changed. some of the fragrances I liked, I don't like anymore and the ones I did not like now I like very much. One of them is YSL Kouros and I always have a bottle of it at home I see fragrance as wine: The first wine I dran I found not delicious, but after you learn the wine culture and drink more and taste more, then you know what it means, what is good, what is medium and what is... But at the end it is always our own choice.
14th April, 2007

Jules by Christian Dior

This is one of the fragrances which is carved in my mind. I guess it was 1982 and I became very interested in fragrances because I have discovered that girls were more interested in nice smelling guys. I can remember that there were girls inlove with me just because of the scent of my Arrid deodorant. Anyhow, my father had bought Jules at that time; one for him and one for me. One of the things that I can remember is that he used to shave every morning and most of the times he was before me or was already left the house. Most of the times when I was awake I could smell the scent of this fragrance and it always made me happy. Even now time to time when I wake up I can still smell this fragrance, but it is pity that they don't produce it anymore. But what I have just read here is that they still should sell it in France. I'll give it a try. It is not far away from The Netherlands.
14th April, 2007

DNA for Men (original) by Bijan

I bought this one 6 months ago in my hometown in Turkey. First I tried the new DNA but I didn't find it very different than the watery fragrances of today, but this one was definitely different. For me it is a typical North American fragrance a bit more to AfroAmerican type but I guess not sweet enough for them. At the beginning wel; I guess because of the bergamot and probably some other spices. A woody, spicey and a little sweet. Sometimes it reminds me a delicious cooky. I have read somehwere that it smells like Curve, but I have no clue, because I don't know Curve. Maybe someone who knows it can tell more, but I;m not surprised by hearing that because nowadays if a fragrance becomes popular later on you see that some other brand brings tha same scent exactly the same or a with a little bit twist on the market again, or some old fragrances being brought to the marjet as if they are something new.
14th April, 2007

Boss Spirit by Hugo Boss

I'm agree with Jon Remy. It is a shame that some good fragrances are not made anymore which has the spirit, but they keep on going with the watery ones like Aqua. I got this fragrance way before it was imported in my country and everyone was asking me the name of it and you could notice the effect of it on the women they get the scent. Even in the public places some women couldn't resist to ask me the barnd of it, but pity that I can not find anymore this fragrance with real spirit. Most of the new fragrances are just like the one day flies, just watery they are being forgotten very soon. I hope I can find an old bottle somewhere around the world.
15th March, 2007

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

I can remember it just like today: it was March of 1981 I was 14 and buying my first cologne. Before that I had used Paco Rabanne which I have received from my parents, but this was going to be my own choice. At that I was lucky because the city where we were living had an American air force base so we had to chance to by an American cologne which was hard to find in Europe. I have to say that I had and I still have a very good nose. I was good at remebering the names of scents after smelling them once. I have been to special cosmetic shop where they had a lots of colognes. The guy showed me a lot of colognes, but most of them I already knew. The one that impressed me was Azzaro. I was already done, but I wanted to know how it would smell after acertain time. So I sprayed some on my wrist and went for a walk. I liked it very much and bought it the next day. One of the things that I can remeber is that the girls at school and in the neighbourhood were fond of this cologne. They used to come around me a smell me and go crazy. Wanted to know the name of it and most of them told it to their fathers or bought as a present to them or to their brothers. being as a scentiac I have lots of colognes and I still use and love this one. But I don't know what it is: now it smells a bit different to me than it did before. Is it because I was young at that time and had different feelings, does it have something to do with age or is there something changed with the scents. I still buy and use scents that I had to use before but some of them don't smell like they did before, or I don;t get the same feeling I got before. Who knows.
15th March, 2007