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Green Irish Tweed by Creed

I want to revise my opinion. One day after I tested GIT for the first time I sensed a *really cool* scent coming from my wardrobe which turned out to be the GIT test paper in my pant's pocket. I realized that the previous day I had smelled so many scents in the shops and then the GIT and also smelling it too much directly from my arm while it was too sharp that it made my opinion a little bit subjective.

I bought a GIT :) What is the moral of the story?
04th April, 2006 (last edited: 18th April, 2006)

Cool Water Deep by Davidoff

It makes no sense to describe the fragrance here... I just want to mention that all the women like it on me and even more - few of them, the more sociable ones, said it induced a desire to "jump" on me :)
01st October, 2004

Chrome by Azzaro

Well, I bought this fragrance after reading all the reviews here. At the shop I have tried it and at the beginning it was really like CK One. I was very hesitant in whether I should buy it, since there are so many clones of this fragrance. There are 1 euro equivalents, of course. However I decided to take the risk and I bought it - it's not that bad in the long run. For me it is just an average fresh scent. Well, the magic began later. I sprayed it twice on my hand and on my shirt and immediately after going at the office I received a compliment from a cute girl :) At the launch another girl asked me what I was wearing. And my sister also asked me about it. So, I had three compliments the very first day. I will see what will be tomorrow... :) By the way, it is lasting for the whole day and although it is almost identical to all these CK One-ish fragrances out there, it has very subtle yet pleasant afterscent that dominates after an hour, and thus makes it possibly the best variation of that smell - others are either too sharp or too sweet; this is just the right one!
05th August, 2004
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