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Virgin Island Water by Creed

I found this one to smell very nice at first. What I found to really stand out were the ginger, lime, and coconut notes and it reminded me of drinks you'd normally get on holiday in some swanky resort in the tropics on a gorgeous beach. So a very leisurely, fresh vibe to it. However, after about an hour of wearing it, I had this whiff of fermented citrus/ rotten ginger and actually thought of checking my bag to see whether I hadn't forgotten a tangerine in it... That pong turned out to be the drydown, and it's a real pity because the opening notes were so fresh ans natural as zztopp said. I suppose that the scent I perceived as being "fermented" must have been the one intented to smell like white rum (which is after all fermented sugar cane juice, so...), but hey, not all of us have the olfactory finesse of Oliver/Erwin Creed. So I suppose that altough it is an interesting and pretty fragrance at first, it's not really one I, for one, would find very wearable because of the alcoholic drydown.
29th March, 2007