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Myths Man by Amouage

I have the same thoughts as "vitaman"
Actually quite nasty.
28th June, 2016


Kiori is a beautiful scent. Unisex in my opinion. It has great longevity and the perfect sillage without any olfactory fatigue. You can enjoy smelling yourself all day without offending anyone else.

Because of the pure perfume strength, literally one drop can suffice for the day. Although my personal preference is two drops.

Do you appreciate compliments? Look no further - you'll get plenty.
Kiori can be worn anytime - anyplace, it's that versatile.

If you like natural perfumery, but hate the poor longevity you're in for a treat. Kiori lasts all day and retains its beauty until the end.

Kiori isn't the type of scent that you'll find yourself picking apart. How's the structure, complexity, etc....? There's something so inherently right about this scent, that you don't care about anything except enjoying the day with Kiori.
03rd October, 2014

Hard Leather by LM Parfums

This is as good as gets folks. Super well balanced. Super longevity. Sillage is heavenly. If you make it your signature scent you'll only have to spray every other day. I enjoy the day after application even more than the day of application.

If your a fan of Puredistance M or Xerjoff Richwood - Then Hard Leather should be on your must sample list.
24th January, 2014
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M by Puredistance

Best masculine release since Patou pour Homme in 1980.
29th April, 2012 (last edited: 27th October, 2015)

Oud Luban by Aftelier

Mandy Aftel is a talented nose, and has some very nice fragrances in her line. The big problem for me is the short longevity. That happens with natural perfumery.

Oud Luban is a different beast all together. When Oud Luban is applied to the hair, I get a nice 8 hours out of it.

The beauty of Oud Luban is well balanced, suave, and debonaire. No stinky synthetic oud here. This stuff is extremely versatile. Just wear by itself (in your hair) for a wonderfull smooth woody oud day. Apply on skin to boost a floral scent. Experiment and layer, the combinations are endless.

Oud Luban wasn't just thrown together to have an oud scent in line up like so many other companys are doing. It's a well structured scent to be enjoyed by perfumistas and newbies alike. Thank you Mandy for giving Oud Luban some love, it gives back.
05th January, 2012 (last edited: 17th January, 2012)

Musc Maori 04 by Parfumerie Generale

My Wife has been wearing this for 3 years now. She gets compliments whenever she wears it. I love smelling her when she wears it. It's simply an addictive fun, sexy scent.
29th December, 2010

Gathering Apples by CB I Hate Perfume

Just received 4 samples from CB. Gathering Apples turned out to be my favorite of the 4. I put Burning Leaves on one arm and Gathering Apples on the other.

My Wife and I proceeded to the local nursery to buy some trees. The female salesperon we were talking to smelled so good I was getting ready to ask her what she was wearing and I realized it was me.

This is the perfect fresh summer scent without smelling so typically citrus. I don't think most people will realize your wearing cologne, just only you smell good. Ya gotta love that aspect.

It doesn't smell cheap like Caltha says or I wouldn't like it for sure. It's extremely classy. I'm ordering a full bottle to enjoy this summer. Burning Leaves was great too. Have to keep that one in mind for next winter. Spend a day with Gathering Apples and I'm sure it will win your appreciation.

27th April, 2007

Coromandel Eau de Toilette by Chanel

Coromandel works well on my Wife as well as myself. On me it is similar to Egoiste, but with a twist. Instead of drying to a woody note, Coromandel is more spicy.

My Wife and I both would put this in the gourmand category. It's a warm comfort scent that works well for men and women. Most of the time you can't make out particular notes and you simply don't care. Everytime I get a chance I look around to make sure somebodys not looking at me, and smell my wrist.
Ahh! What does it smell like now? This heaven or that heaven, I'm confident it will one of them.
Easily the best of the new Les Exclusifs.
It has the best sillage and lasting power of the 6 also. I'm buying a bottle because I have someone to share it with. Even if I didn't I would buy one for myself because I know I could empty it.
31st March, 2007

No. 88 by Czech & Speake

I've been ordering 50 decants a month for the last 10 months trying to find something as wonderful as #88.

This is the scent of money, not literally, but one who has plenty. The sillage, strength and lasting power are amazing.

Smell you wrist and its not strong, but my Wife says she can smell me 20 feet away. She smells smokey rose and soap. a Upon first whiff said to order the big bottle. The only other fragrance that acts exactly like this is one my Wife wears. "Sweet Oriental Dream" by Montale. I can smell super fresh rose 20 feet from her and yet not strong on her wrist. I'm so excited I finally found something for me in the same league.

This #88 creates an aura around you that never lets go. If you like smelling like you've spent the day at an expensive spa, then look no further.
25th March, 2007