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    Aqua Velva Ice Blue by Williams

    Trying this aftershave makes me realize that you dont have to spend lots of money to find a really nice scent. For me, its light, cooling, and i love how it can be poured and applied as needed...the way an aftershave should be. Overall a timeless classic that should not be judged by cost alone!

    08th January, 2008


    Prada Amber pour Homme by Prada

    This is a really fresh, powdery scent that seems to activate itself throughout the day in gentle spurts, never being overbearing or offensive.
    I agree with it smelling like a creamy soap, or even some types of barber soaps and that is a nice change of pace. This stays close to my skin all day and does exactly what a mens' cologne is supposed to do...let me get compliments from my girl when she is very close to me. Overall, a whisical, soapy clean scent that is vever out of place.

    27th March, 2007

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