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United Kingdom

cK In 2U Him by Calvin Klein

First ever review on here!!

Tried a tester of CK IN2U in store yesterday. I think: One of CK's better efforts.
Sophisticated versatile smell - would suit office or going out somewnere nice in the evening.
Dries down to a soft, sweet, powdery 'pine.' (but an expensive smelling pine)
Very good sillage on me and lasts a little above the average (7hrs).

Will buy this.

Shame about the cruddy packaging - a fine fragrance in a cheap looking bottle. (what's the white plastic 'jacket' all about???)
09th April, 2007
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United Kingdom

Tomorrow for Him by Avon

Excellent oriental smell - sweet, slightly woody, warm and rich.
This would be my favourite fragrance, were it not for the appalling longivety and sillage - it disappears on my skin literally in minutes.
09th April, 2007