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L'Âme soeur by Divine

Starting as an ordinary "aldehydate", it soon shows its grandeur: full and voluptuos flowers, amber and vanilla on the sweet, powdered and sensual bottom line. A good fragrance, smart and too much sensual, thrilling and quite classic. A seducing firework, on the right woman.
02nd May, 2007

Rush for Men by Gucci

Spicy, warm and woody fragrance. Not bad, quite ordinary; not much else to say. For a middle-class single man, as trendy as tasteless.
02nd May, 2007

Patchouly by Etro

Earthy and sharp, with an oriental vanilla bottom. Too spicy and woody, easy to appreciate but quite hard to wear; sensual and dark, thrilling and mysterious, animal and almost disturbing. Ends on a quite ordinary spicy/leather bottom. Not a masterpiece, but curious.
02nd May, 2007
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Rush 2 by Gucci

Quite good, much better than the masculine version, at least more various and interesting. Starting with ordinary fresh top notes soon reveals a sweet and seducing flower heart, that takes you slowly on a soft carpet, as a relaxing shower in the breezy sunshine heat. Not much original (it reminds of shower gel), but good and quite easy to wear. For a summer dinner on the beach.
02nd May, 2007

Desire for a Woman by Dunhill

Not a masterpiece, but a good fragrance. Sweet and soft top notes with a well-built unique heart, ending through a quiet and warm atmosphere. Surely not an original perfume, quite good as a present for your colleague or your son's wife.
02nd May, 2007

Songes by Annick Goutal

A masterpiece in the sky of floral bouquets, an immense, balanced and iridescent cathedral of sweet and charming flowers and woods. The name perfectly suits the fragrance; a dream starting with jasmine smiling notes, ending on a long flower-vanilla soft carpet. Perfect, long-lasting melody. One of the fragrances that sometimes make me dream to change place and time (and sex).
23rd April, 2007

Mandragore by Annick Goutal

This juice should be classified as the "idea" of a perfume. I've tried it both on arm and on strip, and the impression has been the same: too fresh, surely charming, but actually too light and evanishing. Reading the composition of the fragrance you discover a plenty of notes that come to your nose only for some minutes, not more, like a suggestion. I'm not talking only about the top ones (conventional orange). That's why in my opinion this is just an "idea" of a perfume, or a "souvenir" if you want. Nothing more than a good, fresh, sunny eau de cologne (but pretending, as the price tells you, to be a parfum).
23rd April, 2007

L'Homme de Coeur by Divine

A masterpiece, the fragrance that made me become a Divine-addicted. I have always been too critic about men's "fresh" fragrances, they always seem to me quite boring and conventional. This is actually a "fresh" perfume too, but a unique way of "freshness"; is fresh as a green north meadow after a rainy afternoon, dancing in a light grey breeze, drops falling from the fresh leaves. A cold watercolour picture of the French north coast on a mid-november day. Melancholy with a touch of smile. The central and charming iris note brings the first fresh and light notes (lavender, orange, juniper) gently through a fairy violette to the soft ending carpet of vetiver and muscs. I know that these words could make it appear as a "normal" good fragrance; believe me, it's not.
23rd April, 2007

Yatagan by Caron

A mistery to me. I tried to smell it many times; on stripes, on my arm, I put it on my friend's arm and on my father's neck. I was trying to find out where was the problem; how could I not appreciate this famous, classical "masterpiece" in men fragrances? Actually, I do; I hate it. Each time I smell it (any time I see it in shops I do it, still hoping on a divine enlightment) the same imagine comes suddendly in my eyes; a brown, dirty dog drenched with whisky. I know that this strong, leather-animal line of men fragrances is hard to wear, and maybe I am not able to imagine it on the "right" person. But considering it as it is, smelling it on a neutral white strip without imaging a hypotetical man wearing it, I cant' stand it; all of its notes are on the same tone, a stinking and boring chaos of wet leather, the nightmare of a pub-owner's dog.
23rd April, 2007

Kenzo pour Homme by Kenzo

Artful idea; charm the sea-lovers audience bringing them the "authentic" sea smell in a bottle, to wear in the grey city chaos. The idea itself is not bad, a bit trivial but not worse than others. And the fragrance too, not bad, a bit minimal, actually too similar to a blue morning, a long white coast on a mid august afternoon. Salty, fresh, sensual. Too "trendy". The point is; is this a perfume? There's nothing else but that, the central "sea" note. The fragrance tastes good, a relaxing balance of light notes; but, is it a perfume? Such a solitary and boring one-way smell is maybe good for a car fragrance, not for a man perfume.
23rd April, 2007

Bulgari pour Homme by Bulgari

A mid-level manager waiting for his plane in an airport; this is Bulgari pour homme. As Fresh, lasting and smart as conventional, boring and monotone. If that's your idea of perfume, supermarkets are full of deodorants; better waste that money on those.
23rd April, 2007

L'Infante by Divine

This bottle brings you the smell of Flowers' heaven, where only the best, sweetest and sensual flowers go to sleep. No words allowed on this fragrance; just a blushing smile.
19th April, 2007