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Derby by Guerlain

I believe what I have is a vintage version of Derby. To me, it is a nice, well-behaved, and refined leather/suede fragrance. It is incredibly long-lasting - as I write this, it's been 14 hours since application this morning and I can still pick up hints of its soft, suede goodness - but it is a quiet, reserved scent all the way through. In the few times that I've worn Derby, it is never loud, brash, or even particularly bold, but it *is* a fragrance that would be likened to a quietly confident gentleman with a friendly smile, but never truly chummy and always maintaining a proper bit of social distance from others. When I first tried Derby, I had expected something stronger and more prominently leather, but each time I wear it I find that it grows on me just a little bit more. I still am not wow'd by Derby, but I do enjoy it. I wouldn't consider it worth the price that it commands, but I have to say that if I'm going for suede, this is a much, much nicer experience than Daim Blond which to me has barely any suede and is altogether too fruity and sweet to be considered a nice leather (it'd be a nice gourmand to me, though). Derby has a notable sweetness to it, and speaks softly and feels suitably light for a leather, but it is quality all the way through - smooth and refined with impressive endurance, I have to say this is a solid, high-quality fragrance that I enjoy. Unfortunately, I just can't consider it at the top of any list I could come up with.
10th December, 2008

Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

Allure Homme Sport was the very first fragrance that I purchased. It appealed to me on first-sniff at the counter because it wasn't "cologney". I knew nothing at the time of fragrance families, and certainly had never sniffed AdG or other "fresh and sporty" fragrances. All I knew was that I liked how it smelled on the test strip. It has been over a year and a half since that day, and I still greatly enjoy Allure Homme Sport. I won't say that it's terribly original or unique, but I will say that it is simply very nice and enjoyable! Sometimes I deliberately select this fragrance, and sometimes I simply reach for it when I'm in a hurry and don't want to (or just can't!) carefully decide what fragrance to wear for the day - and it simply works whether I'm going casual or semi-formal, going to do something active or sedentary.

It is a very well-executed fresh, sporty fragrance with a hint of pepper in the midnotes, and a long-lasting, mellow vetiver-musk base. It is the fragrance for which I have received the most compliments to this point from both men and women - though the most enthusiastic compliment goes to another fragrance!

If you're looking for a well-executed, pleasant, flexible fragrance in the "fresh" category, Allure Homme Sport is a solid choice, and in my opinion, better than many of the others in the same category.
15th November, 2008

Maitresse by Agent Provocateur

A darker, incensed rose fragrance with excellent longevity. It took about half an hour to "kick in", as it were, but once it did, it was a rich, heady experience. It has the same kind of feel as Agent Provocateur EDP in the pink egg bottle, but this is far longer-lasting and less brazen. It is by no means demure, but it is smoother and a little less loud. Very enjoyable, but there are other roses that I enjoy yet more, so I did not consider Maitresse to be bottle-worthy. If you like roses, particularly with a bit of spice to it, give this one a sample-try.
11th November, 2008
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Vera Wang for Men by Vera Wang

A nice but generally run-of-the-mill fragrance. It has a bit of sweetness in its top and heart notes, but it isn't altogether an olfactory dessert. There's something sharp and "bubbly" in the topnotes that I would have to assume are aldehydes of some sort - it reminds me of Platinum Egoiste's opening in that regard. I can't identify the specific notes in Vera Wang for Men, but there's something about it that rounds it out and grounds it so that it never gets too sweet nor too sharp. There's something that gives it some weight and substance, likely what gives it a sense of formality or classiness. I think it could be worn quite well as either a casual or more dressy fragrance - but its longevity is rather lacking. After about 2 hours on my first test, it was really quite weak. It lasts like an EDC, from the few that I've tried thus far.

Overall, Vera Wang for Men is nice, but I'm certainly not buying a bottle of this after my sample runs out - assuming I even feel like using it up.
01st September, 2008

DKNY Be Delicious Men by Donna Karan

Almost 10 hours after application, I can still smell it faintly on my skin. That's good longevity! Unfortunately, I've got to put my nose an inch from my skin to pick up the scent and have had to do so since about 30 minutes after application. The fragrance is light, slightly sweet and tart, a certainly brings to mind apples but in a decidedly artificial way - like a Jolly Rancher candy. The fragrance is certainly inoffensive - it would be difficult indeed to find anyone who would find the scent objectionable, assuming they could smell it on you in the first place. However, it is also decidedly boring, patently uninteresting, and in my opinion, perfectly pointless. In an effort to create something that nobody could ever object to, DKNY has produced something that is exceedingly faint, uninspired, and lacking in charm or appeal. It may have good longevity, but lacking in character, projection, or enjoyment, that is neither a plus nor a minus.
03rd May, 2008

Boucheron pour Homme by Boucheron

A light, refined fragrance, I find Boucheron PH able to straddle the line between dressy casual and formal. Whether wearing a golf shirt and dress pants or sporting a dress shirt and jacket, this scent comes across with enough refined vitality that there is a sense of elegance and sophistication without stuffiness.

It's not a scent that ever particularly wows me, but it is always a pleasure to wear it. Whereas Bulgari PH has a more "business" feel to me, and Chanel Pour Monsieur has a more formal evening feel, I think Boucheron PH has a livelier and more energetic feel from the citrus notes but has all the refinement of those other two scents.

I think the citrus notes and the soft powdery dry-down make for a great combination and it is the two together that makes this an enjoyable and versatile fragrance. Combined with good longevity, it is one of the standout surprises in my wardrobe as I purchased this based on the positive reviews here.
03rd July, 2007

Rochas Man by Rochas

I don't have much experience with gourmands in general at this time, but I have begun to acquire a degree of breadth in my fragrance wardrobe and Rochas Man has a firm and secure spot in my collection. Warm, comforting, casual and fun, I can use RM whether I'm heading out to a friendly party, having a nice casual evening out with a lady, or even on casual fridays at the office.

It is definitely a sweet scent, but it is smooth. It projects well with good sillage, but without being overbearing (if applied intelligently!). I get great longevity with RM, and although I can't say it develops or changes too much over the hours, it's such a comfortable and fun scent that I don't mind!

It's a scent that I think suits a younger man, or at least one who has the heart of one! Fun, casual, and long-lasting. Chocolatey, warm, and mellow. Though it is a simple pleasure, it is always decidedly a pleasure to wear!

29th June, 2007