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La Petite Robe Noire Eau De Toilette by Guerlain

Wonderful for a date

The first time I wore this 2013 edition of the LPRN was in winter and it didn't shine at all. I could hardly smell it except for the first few moments, and then it just seemed to disappear. But when I recently decided to give it another try, it surprised me in how much I loved it and how I keep getting pleasant whiffs of its sweetness throughout the day, even though I only sprayed it once behind each ear as I have always done. The weather is warming up now so one day my boyfriend and I decided to have lunch at a beachside restaurant. As I was getting ready, I saw this little bottle on my perfume table and decided that I'd wear it for the day. It was such a lovely surprise! Once in a while throughout the day, I would feel its wonderful envelope about me like a burst of romance and joyousness that enriched our date by the sea. I only have a sample of this beautiful fragrance and now I'm longing for a fulll size bottle.

It's proof once again that certain fragrances are indeed seasonal.

Pros: just the right amount of sweetness; very long wearing
Cons: not for colder weather"

07th August, 2013

24, Faubourg Eau Délicate by Hermès

i have both 24, Faubourg and this fresh version and i don't like this at all. It feels "sticky" on me - not very summer-y i'm afraid. This pales into abysmal insignificance when compared to its original version which I LOVE but can only wear in winter.
21st April, 2007

Contradiction by Calvin Klein

This is definitely a dry winter scent and i agree with FroFro - it's hard to find an appropriate occasion to wear this so my bottle, although i like the scent, has been sitting for three years without too much wear.
21st April, 2007
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Tender Touch by Burberry

This is probably the only Burberry scent that I like. I loved it when I bought it several years ago and would often wear it during summer but i find i don't like it as much anymore. Maybe i am too "mature" for this scent now. :)
21st April, 2007