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Aramis Life by Aramis

It took a while, but I really like this. It's not typical of the Aramis 'style' of men's scent and won't ever blow you away like, say, Havana would, but by stealth it has crept into my affections.

It starts fresh and fruity - the lime and spearmint are prominent, but very quickly backed up with the more floral violet and something sweeter. The violet leaves remain throughout as the dominant note, joined by woods as time passes. Typically for Aramis this lasts a full day and does develop as it dries down. Avoiding overspray is key to ensuring the sweetness does not become overpowering.

Overall this is a fruity, floral woody fragrance which works well for casual and particularly romantic occasions. A little more lime to provide an enduring tang to go with the violets and it would be immense, but as it stands it's a welcome addition to my wardrobe.
12th March, 2007

Tea for Two by L'Artisan Parfumeur

A very interesting scent. To me, it smells more of coffee and chocolate than tea, with a smoky rubber undernote - like the way your clothes smell after a night at a bar. In ways, it's what Mugler's A*men might have been, but it's much more elegant.
11th October, 2005

Arabie by Serge Lutens

This definitely has the 'wow!' factor. Coffee, hazelnuts, cinnamon and other spices all expertly blended. Sweet, but not sicky. It reminds me of sitting in a warm coffee shop at Christmas time when it's cold outside. I agree that the opportunities for wearing this are limited, but it's a perfect self-indulgence fragrance.
11th October, 2005
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