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Oxford & Cambridge by Czech & Speake

I am a self professed lavender-phile and Oxford and Cambridge hits on multiple levels for me. It is clean and refreshing on the top, but peel back a layer and it has a creamy musk that steers this fragrance to an almost incense like depth. This fragrance (along with Encens et Lavande) earns top marks from me and is a definite favorite.
29th July, 2011

Gucci pour Homme II by Gucci

Very nice indeed. I very much agree with Redcomet in the sense that this is a warm weather scent for those who like cool weather scents. I get a lot of violet and black tea in the top notes, supported by a hint of citrus. then comes the faintest hint of spice. The spice stays around for a while and then dies down to a base of sweetened black tea, amber, woods, and musk. It is not a strong woods but more like a water logged piece of cedar; and the musk is not dirty, but a very clean white musk. All in all, very nice and lasts 24+ hours on me. The longevity can be tricky though; your nose gets used to the smell very quickly, and it can seem to have disappeared. Trust me it is still there with noticeable sillage.

Also, to me it smells a bit like Green Irish Tweed with the green notes removed, and a faint bit of spice added.
26th April, 2009

Infusion d'Homme by Prada

For the irst hour or two I really thought that I would purchase this. Initially it smells fresh, but not in the calone sense of the word; more like cold wet dirt and soap. I get a healthy dose o iris, soap, and a clean frankincense. I held off on going back and getting it right away because it seemed to be walking the line of either staying fresh, or becoming cloying. Unfortunately it went the way of cloying, and ended up smelling like my skin after I have been in a heavily chlorinated hot-tub for too long. Much to heavy and leaning to the feminine side IMHO.

On a positive note, this has great longevity, and wears just the right distance from the skin. I can see how some might like it, but its not for me.
29th March, 2009
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Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

I had been looking for a fragrance where tobacco takes center stage, and this is marvelous. It smells just like the name says. The tobacco isn't fresh, but aged fermented tobacco. The Vanilla isn't synthetic or too sweet, it is right from the bean. There is just the right amount of sweetness, and I feel that the vanilla is nicely tempered by cinnamon. The cinnamon is not out in the open, but lurking behind and smoothing everything out.
04th January, 2009

New-York by Nicolaï

I am giving this fragrance a thumbs up not becasue I like it, I do not, but because this is the first fragrance that I have smelled that truly trasforms throughout its drydown. This is at least three or four different fragrances in one. Mario Justiniani has described its stages perfectly. This is an tremendously smooth and rich fragrance. I get a dark creamy orange with spices on top, a powdery lavender in the heart, and a powdery leather at the base. Very well made stuff, but not to my tastes.

New York is compared to Bois du Portugal quite a bit; although they are in the same powdery family, they are entirely different fragrances. More like second cousins than siblings. In the same way that one could compare Creeds Erolfa to Bonds Wallstreet, or Acqua di Gio to Issey Miyaki.
20th June, 2008

Wild Fig and Cassis by Jo Malone

Picture yourself in a garden under a freshly trimmed fig tree sitting on a concrete bench. The rich dark black soil underfoot has a light cover of snow. The sky is grey, and there is a bitter chill in the air. This is a brilliant fragrance, but not one that I could imagine myself ever wearing. I get a lot of green (as if you were to cut the branch off a fig tree and smell the wood) and soil (filled with minerals). The sillage and longevity are pretty much non-existent. I will give this one a thumbs up for the amazing imagery that it evokes, but I would not wear it. One of those things I love to smell, bit would not want to smell like.
15th July, 2007

Spring Fling by Creed

Incredible. Every Lady I put this on falls head over heels in love with it. I have bought it for my Mother, sister, and my Fathers fiancé, and two girlfriends. They absolutely love it. It smells floral, but not too much so. Think of it as an effervescing floral/citrus/wood. It has the creamy smoothness of Fleurissimo and the sharpness of Spring Flowers. Very feminine. Longevity and sillage are not an issue at all here. If you really want to give a lady a gift that she will treasure, this is the one. This is the only combination scent that creed officially acknowledges. They even gave it its own name. That says something. One of my favorite scents for a lady.
04th July, 2007

parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Avignon by Comme des Garçons

Very well made! Top notes smell to me like Frankinsence, Myrrh, Cedar, and dust. Dry down smells of a smoother version of the frankinsence and myrrh, but with a noticeable amount of patchouli. Not sweet to me at all. Even though I really like this, I find it very difficult for me to wear. Longevity and sillage leave something to be desired on my skin.
03rd July, 2007

Blue Sugar by Aquolina

This is way to feminine on my skin. It smelled just like cotton candy. Definitely not for me.
26th June, 2007

Passage d'Enfer by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Tremendous!!! This is just what I have been looking for in a night scent! I have searched high and low, and finally I have found it. This is just what I have been looking for. It’s dark and mysterious with an evil grin. Perfect with a dark suit.

I get a lot of incense in this, though it is well balanced out by the lily, which adds a bit of sweetness to balance it out o me. Definitely not too sweet on my skin (I am not a big fan of sweet feminine fragrances), and it lasts for about five hours. It dries to a very dry incense that wears close to the skin.

21st June, 2007

No. 88 by Czech & Speake

Wonderful; though for me this can only be worn at night in cold weather. I associate, like many others, smells with colors. To me this is black and crimson. Not for everyone, it definately has an evil streak in it. Beautiful and charming on the exterior yet at the same time sadistic inside.
20th June, 2007

Cuba by Czech & Speake

Wonderful fragrance..... for a woman. I really can't see this for a man. I has a very clear rose, overlaid with a spicy tabbaco. This would be a great fragrance for a womans formal wear. It gets its seductiveness from the spicy tabbaco, and a charming inosence from the rose.
18th June, 2007

Original Santal by Creed

I apologize for being an echo, but this is Joop!. I liked it on the initial blast (strong cinamon and spice that almost burns the nose), but then it faded to an exact replica of Joop!. Unfortunate.
06th June, 2007
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Orange Spice by Creed

I thought that I would hate this one, but I kind of like it! I am not a fan of overly citusy scents, and from the name, that is just what i expected it to be. It is not though! It deffinately has orange in it, but Creed has somehow managed to balance it out very well with the use of spices, and Amber. Still not something i would wear, but definately worth a try.
05th June, 2007

Bois du Portugal by Creed

Outstanding! Dry woods, smoke, incense, and lavender all done in a incredibly smooth and rich emulsion. Perfect for whenever the occasion calls for a suit. A votre sante!
04th June, 2007

Jaïpur Homme by Boucheron

I like this one. It reminds me of the shaving cream that my grandfather used to use. Not a fragrance that I could see myself wearing out, but wonderful at home sitting by the fire reading a good book. Very mellow, warm, and comforting.
03rd June, 2007

Wall Street by Bond No. 9

I really enjoy this one. If you are like me and found Erolfa to be a bit sweet, then you are really going to like this one. It has a beautiful sea salt accord, and is fresh without being at all citrusy. A very well made Vetiver note also shows up for me. It reminds me of walking at the beach wearing linen on an overcast day with a cool breeze. Lasts quite a long time on me and I only need three sprays at the most.
21st May, 2007

Baldessarini by Baldessarini

I like it, I used to love it, but now only like. Has a warm smell of peaches and cream to me with a bit of strawberries in the background. This one is OK.
14th May, 2007

Black by Kenneth Cole

Soapy flowers and black licorice. Just not for me.
14th May, 2007

Hugo by Hugo Boss

I agree with "historywillabsolveme", This is one of the most Nauseating frangrances I have ever smelled. I cannot stand it. The burning tires and motor oil notes I get form it are revolting. Be kind to others and leave this one at Ross where it belongs.
14th May, 2007

Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

I agree with "Redleg" on this one. I find it to be a great cologne, although a bit sweet. A cigar will really enhance the experience of this cologne and balance out the sweeness. Not really a day scent for me though.
14th May, 2007