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Chloé (new) by Chloé

I so rarely come across fragrances which I really fall in love with, think about, and lust over. This one, surprisingly, is just that fragrance. IT is so elegant and ladylike - the perfumes of yesteryear - but at the same time there is a freshness and ripeness to it. I feel alive and so pretty when I wear this one.
09th November, 2008

Eau des 4 Reines by L'Occitane

A very pretty and light rose scent that is like a true, delicate rose. Minimal staying power however. Reminds me of a more one-dimensional version of the new Chloe scent.
09th November, 2008

Rose Essentielle by Bulgari

Such a pretty, light yet elegant scent. The big problem for me is its longevity which amounts to nothing on my skin. So disappointing as it is a beautiful scent.
09th November, 2008
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Baby Doll / Baby Doll Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

I am not usually a fan of sweeter, fruitier, 'girlier' scents but this one is so beautifully formulated you do not have to be a teenager to enjoy it as it is a very refined and vivacious scent. Like roses and pink fruits dipped in a little sugar. Not at all cloying and makes one feel quite delightful.
09th November, 2008

Stella by Stella McCartney

I have the edp - a dense, rich and sexy scent that is however not at all cloying or suffocating. Very warm and dark at the same time.
09th November, 2008

L'Instant de Guerlain by Guerlain

This is an interesting one - the EDP is very musky and warm on me - initial orange blossum-type notes dry down very quickly to become this warm musk...the quality is very high and it smells beautiful though on my own skin I think I prefer a little extra freshness of floral or soft fruits to balance the musk/amber.
09th November, 2008

Peony Roses by Sohum

An old fashioned floral scent - beautifully crafted. Very sweet on the top notes but with enough intensity and depth to give it some real allure. A rich powdery rose/peony - true to its name.
21st October, 2007

Par Amour by Clarins

I disagree with most of the reviews here. This is a surprisingly unique, high-quality scent. I would describe it as vibrant and warm, with decidedly classic yet fresh tones. The more I wear this one the more I like it.
21st October, 2007

Narciso Rodriguez for Her by Narciso Rodriguez

This is a sexy, almost animalistic scent, yet at the same time very feminine, in an old-fashioned, classic perfume manner. The combination of the two - animalistic and feminine/ladylike results in a unique scent with true 'va-voom'!
21st October, 2007

Very Irrésistible by Givenchy

At first spray this perfume seems overly sweet - an almost cloying juxtaposition of fruit and floral. But then the dry down is something divine - a sexy, rich vanilla and sweet rose, and maybe a touch of amber? I love this one - it is truly scrumptious.
21st October, 2007

Gardenia Royal by Il Profumo

This heady perfume is reminiscent of a really old-fashioned scent, yet it is still fresh - not at all powdery. Begins rather green and wet but sweetens and thickens as I wear it. A little goes a very long way- It may be cloying to some but is nonetheless a gorgeous fragrance. Cannot imagine males ever wearing this as it is sweet and very feminine.
20th May, 2007

Tiptoeing Through Chambers of the Moon by Pilar and Lucy

Someone out there should love this- beautifully made, complex scent. But too sweet and intense for me- I needed something more 'grown-up' and mysterious.
16th May, 2007

Divine by Divine

A classic, high-quality floral- sharp on the skin but softens down with a hint of something musky. Unfortunately it is a bit boring- nothing mysterious, groundbreaking, captivating.
16th May, 2007
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Violetta di Parma by Borsari

A lovely, well-formulated scent. However,with my skin's chemistry it smells a little too soapy and sweet- I found myself wanting to smell more elegant and warm, not sweet and soapy.
16th May, 2007

4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser by 4711

This was one of the first scents I owned- as a little one my mother for some reason would receive a bottle every Christmas (it seemed to me!)but it gave her a headache so I was always given the pretty little coin-shaped bottles. I still have my first bottle, and although I never wear it as an adult, 4711 is very special to me.
14th May, 2007

April Violets by Yardley

One of my favourite scents as a child- I still have a bottle for nostalgic reasons but do not wear it. I adore violet perfumes but this one is too sweet and simplistic to my adult nose. Beautiful to sniff unexpectedly but not complex enough to keep my senses enthralled.
12th May, 2007

Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

My all-time favourite perfume. It is everything to me- elegant, subtly sexy, enchanting, pretty but 'grown-up' at the same time. My favourite perfume to wear to special occasions but I love it so much I wear it everywhere! Never without a bottle.
01st May, 2007

Vera Wang by Vera Wang

I adore this perfume- it is intense but still feminine and really delicate. I love being surrounded by the scent of roses and white flowers- I feel like a princess when I wear it.
01st May, 2007

No. 5 by Chanel

I wish I could love this classic perfume but I do not- to me it smells downright odd- powdery and overpowering.
01st May, 2007

Bulgari pour Femme by Bulgari

I used to wear this frequently but these days cannot wear it much at all. A powdery quality seems to linger in my nose when I wear it- but this could be because it now reminds me of a former lover. Ah, the power of smell and memory!
01st May, 2007