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Miami Glow by J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez

This scent smells great on me, I think the pink grapefruit really jumps out at first, its a light fruity exotic smell and when it dries down its a pleasant light musk, all in all I think its a great summer scent.
05th May, 2007

Princess by Vera Wang

When I sprayed this on me, I really just smelled cotton candy above everything else, it's a little to "young" smelling for me but would be perfect for my 17 y/o sister.
03rd May, 2007

Very Sexy for Her by Victoria's Secret

I bought this scent when they first came out with it and they were running a special not thinking I would really like it, but it is a subtly sexy scent. Does not last as long as I would like but whenever I wear this my boyfriend always comments about how nice I smell.
03rd May, 2007
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Pink by Victoria's Secret

I love this fragrance, whenever I wear it I would get alot of compliments and it worked very well with my body chemistry and lasted surprisingly long for a Victoria's Secret scent, it really does remind you of "Pink" when you put it on. It always put me in a good mood when I wore it, this was also a fragrance I wore when I was a little younger but would still wear now if I ever get around to buying another bottle.
03rd May, 2007

Dream Angels Heavenly by Victoria's Secret

I wore this while I was in college, it is very light and doesnt last that long but I would always buy the body is also my favorite out of the dream angels series. It must be the vanilla and sandlewood I like so much, I love that combination.
03rd May, 2007

Shi by Alfred Sung

This was a gift and I would not buy this type of scent for myself, I smelled the water lily above anything else on myself and it didn't really do much for me.
03rd May, 2007