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    Zegna by Ermenegildo Zegna

    A masterpiece in my book ..... 9/10
    Deserves lots more praise .....
    Perhaps bcoz it has gone unoticed & not been analysed & escribed in reviews by the big wigs ? ......
    Has more going on than 4 modern designer releases all rolled into one .....
    Unique , well blended & balanced throughout its development ....
    ** Dimitrios's Tip **
    pull trigger on site

    23rd April, 2015


    Ferrari Uomo by Ferrari

    garbage , smells horrible , enough said , shame .

    11th March, 2014


    Un Homme by Charles Jourdan

    well well well ... I really cannot add any more comments as one of Basenotes top reviewers ericrico describes it perfectly .
    Im that lucky other friend & thank him for parting with a bottle .
    Its a top quality frag that is worth searching for .
    I don't get the Oscar Pour Lui connection , but the Azzaro PH aura in it i noticed instantly .
    Its not a brute powerhouse but certainly packs sillage & above average longevity.

    18th October, 2012


    Marbert Homme by Marbert

    If you like One Man Show , then you will like this ... Its similiar but different enough to own both & if you like numbers in your rotation or a slightly different but just as impressive aura as OMS then hunt this one down .... A big thumbs up from me .. cheers

    06th February, 2012


    Olympios by Missoni

    Aaaa haaaaaaaa !!!
    Fahrenheit Supreme without the gasoline .
    Smooth , sexy & long lasting.
    Basenotes needs toknow about this hidden gem .

    18th September, 2011 (Last Edited: 30th November, 2011)


    Carlo Corinto Rouge by Carlo Corinto

    pssst .... here a tip , ( forget the thums down for this gem ) ... I own a large bottle & its almost finished , this is an incredibly well blended & very aromatic scent ... the lavender is beautifully balanced with the moss & its heart is enveloped by the prominent green apple & pepper , the base is special too . Corinto's other one Silver is in the same league as this & both these flankers are top quality frags just like the original .. big thumbs up , nothing offensive here ..

    12th December, 2009


    Davidoff by Davidoff

    Everything Shamu says .... this green juice is pure class ... 4.5/5

    10th December, 2009


    Bijan for Men by Bijan

    Bijan , in my book is a masterpeice !! ....

    Because to my nose i picture & sense it as a combination of orangey coloured citrus spices,resins & saps being smoked over a smouldering batch of exotic dried woods .

    Pino Silvestre is green & Bijan is orange & if you understand this it becomes easier to appreaciate this very earth superstrong classic powerhouse .

    28th November, 2009


    Sung Homme by Alfred Sung

    Wow , If i may say Sung matches its colour , very zingy & zesty , fresh & cool , with a herby greenish heart , it wears really well in hot weather & the base is just a brilliant mix of earthy woods & oak , a winner !! i must try more from mr Alfred Sung .
    Great sillage & longevity .Big thumbs up .

    31st October, 2009


    Pour Un Homme by Caron

    A winner , this composition is the blending of the two key notes vanilla & lavender , supported , rounded , softened & enveloped by the other notes that play their part in brewing up this vintage gem , agreed it can be somewhat harsh in the opening but it smooths out fairly quickly & only gets better , a stayer with great sillage .

    30th October, 2009


    Habit Rouge by Guerlain

    I've had this for 12 months now & worn it over half a dozen times , each & every time it has impressed me immensely .
    It is indeed a classic by Guerlain & what impresses me most about it is the balance of its four main notes .
    **** EDC ****

    25th October, 2009


    Black XS by Paco Rabanne

    This should never have been marketed .... its a shame to the classic Paco Rabanne PH .
    Why do i hate it ? >> because its a frag a little teeny bopper girl would want to wear . :(

    11th October, 2009


    Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    Well , after 4 months & about 10 full wearings im qualified to leave my long overdue review on this one ...
    Its a classic !! ***** FIVE STARS *****
    Rich spicy amber , incredible sillage & very very long wearing . It is the strongest frag I use .
    Disregard the comments left by that moron , 4 reviews down the page , he was high on his own aura !

    18th April, 2009


    Vendetta pour Homme by Valentino

    A superb & highly refined masculine frag .
    It shares a little with Z-14 but is much more polished & better dressed .
    Foetidus sums this one up perfectly .
    4.5 stars from me for both longevity & sillage .

    22nd March, 2009


    Alain Delon / AD by Alain Delon

    Another love at first sniff frag .
    Super rich , complex & very masculine .
    Nothing synthetic or cloying .
    A little secret I will share to those lucky enough to venture this deep researching this sleeper .
    This came before Santos & Caron's 3rd Man , and these two others I believe were crafted , mixed & released with the same results in mind .
    They both came close first Santos , which is like a brother but is a lot weaker hence the Concentree that followed .
    Then 3rd Man which was released some 5 years after AD which I regard a twin but not identical .
    If you like Cartiers & Carons offerings , try & get a sample of this !
    ***** 4 & half STARS *****
    .ps ... Is nothing like Yatagan as mentioned below .

    18th August, 2008 (Last Edited: 30th December, 2014)


    Nemo by Cacharel

    I liked this very much straight from the first whiff ..
    Nothing pungent or synthetic to my nose .. Reminds me of Opium PH & Varvatos ..
    A super sexy frag .
    *** 3.5 STARS ***

    18th August, 2008


    Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills

    Very few frags have this effect .. but upon first sniff this was instant love ..
    Giorgio is rich , complex , sensual & very masculine ,,
    I will never be without a bottle ever again ,,
    ***** FIVE STARS ****

    18th August, 2008


    Maxims pour Homme by Maxims

    A big thumbs up to this masterpeice !
    It was love at first sniff .
    I disagree completely with TV's absurd comparison to it being a combo of F Smalto & Montana ,, this is nothing of the sort .
    Incredible opening & rich throughout the drydown , with a musk that just really must be worn to be appreciated
    ***** This is in my top five *****

    24th June, 2008


    Etienne Aigner by Etienne Aigner

    Liquid Gold !! This fragrance is rich luxurious and why on earth it was discontinued is beyound comprehension .

    15th May, 2008


    Missoni Uomo by Missoni

    A quality scent that unfortunately is no longer available . A big thumbs up by me .

    14th May, 2008


    GrigioPerla by La Perla

    Thumbs up ! Its green & fresh and leaves you wanting more & more ,, I believe its longevity was its demise ,, A concentree would be most welcome ,, I use it for intimacy rather than day long projection/attention .

    10th January, 2008


    Derrick by Orlane

    Im glad I bought this as a blind buy almost a year ago ,, Its sweetness is mild and hidden deep in its makeup of spices ,, I wear it in rotation with and find it interesting ,, 4/5

    28th November, 2007


    Basala / Basara by Shiseido

    Another thumbs up from me !! potent , unique and definately one thats up their amongst the very best .

    26th November, 2007


    Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

    A classic and deservedly so ... Unique and very distinct ,, Strong & Long lasting .

    25th November, 2007


    Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur by Pierre Cardin

    A true classic thats worth 3x the price we are paying for it now ***** FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY *****

    13th November, 2007


    Alessandro Dell'Acqua Man by Alessandro Dell'Acqua

    Quality all the way ,, I really appreaciate the earthy fresh scent ,, nothing artificial smelling at all ,, ***** FIVE STARS *****

    29th October, 2007


    X-Centric by Dunhill

    Hmmm .... weak thin & watery .. smells like a child covered in watermelon ,, thank god for Edition & others by Dunhill

    26th May, 2007


    YSL pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

    I once said this was very very ordinary ... well a few years and a dozen or so wears later my 180 !!
    this is great classic mens fragrance .. I will be getting another bottle along with the concentrated version as well .

    21st May, 2007 (Last Edited: 15th November, 2011)


    Dunhill Edition by Dunhill

    Strong & overpowering if to much is used ,, I really noticed the cloves ! I like it a lot .
    ** Almost 3 years later ***
    This is a masterpeice , i just don't like it , i absolutely & wholeheartedly reccomend this as a blind buy to anyone & it sits in my all time top ten .

    08th May, 2007 (Last Edited: 31st March, 2013)


    Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

    The classic Grey Flannel is a heavyweight amongst the legends of designer frags .. your either gonna love it or loath it ... totally unique & very strong , a winner ...4.5 stars .

    08th May, 2007 (Last Edited: 09th February, 2012)

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