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Casamorati 1888 Dolce Amalfi by Xerjoff

What an amazing fragrance by Xerjoff!

Fruity with a woodsy bite; just received as a blind buy and I am thoroughly impressed. Dolce Amalfi is creamy, slightly sweet with a citusy feel but as it dry downs you get this woodsy sensation that really comes alive on the your skin.
26th January, 2019

Hindu Kush by Mancera

Hindu Kush has a strong oriental woodsy (perhaps, the cannabis) fragrance with a slightly sweet bent! I get the spices, labdanum, incense, the strong patchouli leaf, mixed with some amber, vanilla, and musk that is very detectable. A good frag head (Hednic-basenotes) shared some insight, ultimately helping with the acquisition of this which really helped.

Hindu Kush is very strong,...POTENT is the correct word; you do not need much of this, as with this brand-some you only need a spray and a half and you are set on projection, longevity, silage, and performance. This is no different; you could get by with only two sprays maybe 2 & 1/2 and you are GOOD FOR THE ENTIRE!! If you go more than that you will need an EMS because you will choke...and those around you will pass out.

Overall: a WONDERFUL fragrance!

(I have the 120ml bottle, so this will be around forever because one spray will do the trick...)
14th August, 2018

Royal Princess Oud by Creed

Upon first sniff you get a dark, yet spicy floral opening. With the spice mix, oud is very present but not dominate. Together with the florals, these really propel this fragrance onward with a nice spice laden floral bomb.

Ladies, this is a nice fragrance to have in rotation.

26th June, 2018
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Absinth by Nasomatto

Absinth has a nice sweet/woody essence that reminds me of Amouage Sunshine Man in that there is this sweetly, sharp green contrast with the woodsy background. I am not sure of the note breakdown, but there seems to be some incense, woods, semi-sweets, bitter pines, and some smokiness all wrapped into this fragrance.

As the dry down emerges, the fragrance settles into a nice woodsy sweet, yet slightly smoky fragrance that I think is very nice!
07th June, 2018

XJ 1861 Zefiro by Xerjoff

A nice (woody) cedar, citrusy sweet concoction combined with an incensy, spicy cinnamon feel. In the end, amber and honey rounds this off perfectly giving you a nice woody slightly sweet ambery fragrance with a tobacco type feel. Very reminiscent of Creed's Royal Oud.(...if you have one, you might not need the other as they are very similar)

Very nice!!!
01st May, 2018 (last edited: 26th August, 2018)

Duro by Nasomatto

I give this 2 thumbs up!!!

What a wonderful woody concoction! An airy, leather, tobacco-smoky, yet slightly sweet fragrance.

Three fragrances come to mind: The spicy berriness in Jubilation XXV; the smokiness of PdM's Nisean, and the Incensy feel of Amouage Epic Man. Now, not to confuse anyone. These fragrances only put me in a certain genre or category, if you will, as you think through the aroma and essence of this fragrance.

Duro is a very nice fragrance! Very pleased.
28th April, 2018

Amyris Homme by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

If I could give this fragrance 2 thumbs up I would!!

Many have expressed that this is linear, nothing special, generic, even designer resembling, although for some this may be true. For me none of the above entered my thought process. I have never been a fan of Le Male, so I don't get that similarity there either.

I do get a citrusy, slightly musky, sweet fragrance;
Very much so, I get a coconut sweetness, even Iris which gives this a floral (semi-musky) feel; the combination of Tonka bean and Oud really gives Amyris a platform and foundation. This is a very calm/nice masculine fragrance in my opinion.

Looking to experience all that Amyris Homme has to offer in the coming days and I can't wait!!!
14th April, 2018

Opus VI by Amouage

Unfortunately, I have to go against the grain here: Opus VI was strong and overbearing. The sweetly animalic note was super over the top. Opus VI has so much going on that it is hard to enjoy, IMHO!!

Don't get me wrong I think it has some great qualities that makes this stand out among its counterparts, however I couldn't get past the incensey, almost [sweetly] BO smell that enveloped as the fragrance evolved.

Two fragrances Amouage Opus VI reminds me of: L'Artisan Timbuktu and also, Jubilation XXV. The difference is all have an animalic nuance, however Timbuktu's sweetly nuance is toned down a bit and Jubilation XXV's nuance comes through in the blackberry note. Both of the latter, IMHO, have down the sweet incensey thing a little better than Opus VI.

Performance: 8.5/10
Projection: 9/10
Longevity: 9/10
Silage: 8.5/10
Overall: 8 or 9 out of 10 (for pure fragrance)

(Although not a fan of this, still wanted to give an honest rating for those who do enjoy this...)
23rd March, 2018

Bracken Man by Amouage

So I received Bracken Man from a swap and this is what I think:

Bracken is just that....fern, green, fern, and more green! I think someone else might have mentioned this already, this is Sunshine Man minus the sweetness and vanilla.

I'm a fan of Sunshine Man, in fact I think it is a lovely wonderful fragrance however, I'm not sure what Amouage was aiming for here.
Maybe to bring back the mature style of fragrance with a twist, don't know! But what I get is a dry soapy woodsy but lemony, citrusy fragrance that is lite yet pungent (and that's with one spray...image more). As the fragrance dries down, it remains linear and somewhat sharp.

In the dry down, it remains a green scent with a barbershop feel in the end. I am more into oriental fragrances with a hint of sweetness, therefore this is not really my cup of tea. (This is not like the green in Original Vetiver, however more along the lines of Creed's Bois du Portugal even Polo [green 90's ] bottle...a toned down Polo-and more modern Creed's Bois du Portugal.) If you like those, you will be a fan of this!

The wife's first thought, "smells like something my grandmother use to wear." Not sure if Amouage was going for that, however maybe this is hinting at the mature essence of the scent. As the fragrance continues to macerate, she gives it another smell and says, "its meh." Well, there you have it!

Overall, a nice fragrance for what it is; artistic, linear and green. Not something I think I will keep, however for the right person who is into green fragrances, this will be a gem!

Performance: 7/10
Longevity: 8.5/10
Silage: 8.5/10
Projection: 8/10
Overall: 8/10
10th March, 2018

Asian Green Tea by Creed

Purchased this for my wife as she really liked it when I purchased before for myself. I, too, thought it was slightly more feminine than masculine.. Reminds me of Acqua Fiorentina but lite...this fragrance, Acqua Fiorentina, and Jardin d'Amalfi all share a lot of the same notes. Opens with a pear-like, green apple feel with the green tea accompaniment.
07th March, 2018

Oro 1920 by Bois 1920

So, after getting this for such a great deal-I think this is outstanding juice!!

Bois Oro is slightly reminiscent of Godolphin, however less explosive IMO.
Leather, woods, tobacco, even the hint of raspberry sitting in the foreground....Oro has a dark impression, yet rosy.

I have not smelled Tuscan Leather so I can't give any comparison there...I can say that this does put me in the genre of Oud Saphir-Atelier or Godolphin-Parfums de Marly because of the raspberry/tobacco leather combination.
Oro is its own fragrance just places you in the category of the aforementioned!

Overall, a fragrance that I find very nice and with more time, in substantial rotation!
03rd March, 2018

Red Tobacco by Mancera

Wow, what glee!!

Red Tobacco, I have been waiting for this for some time now.
First spray, I get spicy cinnamon, but also spicy sharp fruity opening; (perhaps a somewhat similar opening to that of Aoud Blue Notes with the fruits, yet different...) as it dries down the Oud comes through quite nicely, however not over-powering.

Red Tobacco has a great balance of Oud, spices, Fruits along with the Vanilla and Jasmine. The Tobacco, Sandalwood, and Patchouli really gives this fragrance its uniqueness and blended balance.

There is nothing like this out there that I can think of that is like this.
However, to give you a point of reference think, Aoud Vanille vanilla sweetness coupled with Aoud Blue Notes' fruity oud sharpness with a touch of Aoud Lemon Mint spiciness. This may give you a taste of what Red Tobacco is like, however more.

As with all Mancera fragrances, you want to be very careful with the trigger as this is very POTENT! Again, great smell, but POTENT; if you're not careful this fragrance has the potential of being cloying!!

Glad I have a bottle!!

Performance: 9/10
Projection: 9/10
Longevity: 10/10
Silage: 8.5/10
Overall: 9/10
25th February, 2018 (last edited: 28th February, 2018)

Sunshine Man by Amouage

So, this is a very different arrangement of sweet vanilla and limey green(s)/spices (not forest green)...not sure if I have ever come across something like Sunshine Man. It is as if someone mixed Reflection Man's sweetly florals with Beloved Man's spiciness and Interlude's spicy Oregano and voila, out comes Sunshine Man!!

Initial spray; Orange and Bergamot, yes faint Lavender, a liqueur vibe and the booziness it provides along with Juniper berries. The Cedar(wood) begins to emerges slowly as the sharp green(s) [almost piney] settles, with some camouflaged sweetness that accompanies that I think comes from the Brandy (liqueur). In addition to the aforementioned, I also get an ENORMOUS dose of vanilla but with an herbal bent that is front and center as the fragrance settles.

So the bottle's design suggests hot, sunny, bright, beach, fun...although I get a sunny vibe, there is this coolness that I conjure; a coolness that suggests frost, being able to see the air coming out of my mouth while standing outside in the snow! (I am not sure why this image comes to mind but it works-maybe because I live in the Midwest and it is cold).

After about 15 minutes or so, I am beginning to get less sharpness however, more of a bubblegum candish-like aroma..
( the green vibe begins to take a back seat and the sweet, spicy, woodiness starts to emerge.)
This fragrance is starting to make a statement: Sunshine Man is starting to shine! This fragrance is edgy, brash, but also evocative and pronounced!

After about 30 minutes....after the top notes have produced and Sunshine Man has reached the fragrances' mids, I believe you are left with a NICE spice laden, spicy floral composition with some woodsy tones that is less pungent than its start however, more sweetly vanillic in the end.

I think Sunshine will take me a few wears to decide what I concretely think of it. However, this offering is very different than what this brand {Amouage} normally presents...a few superlatives: Creative, evocative, unique, edgy, and conspicuous, just to suggest a few! Someone mentioned that this fragrance is one that is an acquired taste...I second that.

As for gender, some have mentioned this to be too sweet therefore feminine. In my honest opinion, this fragrance is definitely masculine all the way! Not sure if I could see a female pulling this off. Season, I can see this shining in the colder months, summer maybe...we'll just have to wait and see! This is (IMHO) a special occasion kind of a fragrance; not your typical signature scent!

Performance: 8/10

Longevity: 9/10

Silage: 10/10 ***If you over spray, you run the risk of overdose for oneself and others. ***This fragrance carries with it a HUGE scent cloud!

Projection: 10/10 (3 sprays carries ENORMOUS projection!

Overall: 9/10
29th January, 2018
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Lonesome Rider by Tauer

Just received Lonesome Rider and it is very nice! A spicy somewhat boozy gourmand fragrance with a sweetly dark feel; I don't detect just sweets nor is this just dark, however the combination; Lonesome Rider has this woodsy yet soft edge about it that's almost powdery. Perhaps from the Incense and Sandalwood combination.

(There is a rubbery aspect that I detect initially hidden underneath it all but it is not off-putting, however just an observation worth noting...this is probably due to the leather, vetiver, and pepper)

This comes in 1.7oz and you don't need must of this to project or to leave a scent trail (silage) to be noticed.

(This fragrance puts you in the mindset/genre of Phaedon Dzhari, gourmand, sweetly dark, spicy, etc.)
A great scent!

Projection: 8
Longevity: 8.5
Silage: 8.5
Performance: 8.5
Overall: 8
24th January, 2018 (last edited: 15th February, 2018)

Nisean by Parfums de Marly

Nisean: A great one to have in your wardrobe!!

What a nice take on sweet woods, saffron, and dry patchouli! I have defined this fragrance in the following:

Balsamic: Very balsamic.
Dry: Yep, dry!
Warm: Extremely warm.
Sharp: Slightly sharp, but nice.
Woodsy: Very much so woodsy....
Sweet: Absolutely sweet!
Saffronic: Yes, a nice saffron!
Incensey: Incense for sure!
Spicy: Definitely spicy!
Leathery: Leathery, indeed!
Bombastic: Bombastic, this fragrance is enormously thick and bombastically big and I likey likey!

(Nisean is dryer than Molton Brown's Rogart, yet sweeter than Creed's Royal Oud-these come to mind as I take in Nisean PdM!)

Performance: 9
Longevity: 9
Silage: 9
Overall: 9
06th January, 2018

Oajan by Parfums de Marly

Just received my Oajan in the mail, and I must say I am amazed! An excellent excellent fragrance!

After the first spray, I detect a boozy, cherry tobacco, sweet, gourmand, slightly vanilla, with a small hint of cinnamon in this. Oajan sits right in the middle of Herod and Habdan; a gentle yet alluring fragrance. Habdan has a cherry/smoky tobacco vibe and Herod has a sugar tobacco vibe; Oajan has a cherry tobacco vibe that is less sweet and less smoky as opposed to Habdan. The cherry chapstick vibe I get is likened to Speakeasy of Frapin and not bad, just something I observed as the scent developed. This fragrance is phenomenal!!

Along with the Honey, the Tonka Bean, Ambergris, and Artemisia show up quite nicely. The Patchouli, Musk, Labdanum, Benzion, and Osmanthus are however very faint in that they aren't so heavy that they take center stage or overpower the aforementioned notes.

Overall, manly goodness-a VERY nice fragrance from Parfums de Marly!!
23rd December, 2017

Shagya by Parfums de Marly

Shagya is a very linear fragrance; Agarwood Oud, Guaiac wood, some Patchouli, Musk, and Bergamot. Listed additionally, are Cedar, Geranium, Lime, Pink Pepper, and Papyrus.

Upon first sniff, this reminded me of Parfums de Marly's Kuhuyan from the soft oud cedar combination. I also get a slight oily reminder of Mancera's Kumkat Wood, less the sweetness though.

Shagya gets to Kuhuyan's dry down much faster. Kuhuyan's beginning is puzzling and weird but the dry down is very nice. The down side is that is takes too long to get to that dry down in Kuhhyan.

Shagya, a nice, soft, woodsy, faintly sweet, with a hint of musk type of fragrance. Not overbearing, sharp, etc. but very mellow.
IMO unisex, not distinctly masculine yet very pleasant...

Diamondflame: While I'm not bowled over, I must confess I do like it." My sentiments exactly!!

{This is so soft it is hard to determine if you are wearing any fragrance at all.}

Overall a great offering!
02nd December, 2017

Musc Ravageur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle


I must apologize for my (maybe) misleading take on this:

My expectation was a bit different upon first trying this and I am not sure if I was ready even prepared for what I initially received. Within this fragrance, one has to allow to macerate. Give this a bit of time, if judged on the onset, you will be surely disappointed, however if you allow some time I believe you will appreciate what this fragrance has to offer. I believe I might have express dislike prematurely without allowing Musc Ravegeur to develop on my skin with time and patience.

After going back to this, giving Musc Ravegeur a full wearing my thoughts have changed slightly;

Musc Ravegeur is a nice gourmand spicy, ambery fragrance. Maybe I didn't give this enough a of a chance in my first initial wearing, however.
Soft, animalic with some vanilla creaminess...not woodsy but floral with a touch of sweetness. Not sure if I would rush out to get a bottle, however I can say the pendulum has swung!!

In my previous review my sentiments somewhat remain, however modified. I still get the rough stringent (urinal) aroma up front, however with many fragrances sometimes that is detected in the initial spray. That stringent blast does not remain very long. Overall, a nice fragrance!

************Initial Review:*************

[So I maybe the only one who thinks this fragrance smells.......Um, um (what's the correct word here I am looking for) stinky?!?! I've read that for some this reminded them of urine in the initial spray.....BULLSEYE!!!
I thought it was just me thinking this. Don't get me wrong, Frederic Malle has some great fragrances, however in my humble opinion Musc Ravageur is not get the rave reviews I suspected!

I had never smelled Musc Ravegeur before but have heard so many raves about it! I am not sure what to think; vanilla, spices [cinnamon], and woods [cedar]. Right away I get those notes followed by some lavender and bergamot. However when these are mixed together...el nopie nope!

In the end, all that is left is vanilla and spice, perhaps more vanilla than spice! To me this smells dated, almost like something a grandfather would wear. Gourmand yet, slightly dark and ambery-ish is what comes to mind!
Glad I only have a small sample; equally glad to have given this a try;]
07th November, 2017 (last edited: 13th November, 2017)

Café Tuberosa by Atelier Cologne

If I could give this 2 thumbs up I would!!!

Another one of those fragrances that gives me the feeling of excitement and delight!! The kind of fragrance that solicits feeling of wanting to dive deep into its goodness. I mean, really deep dive into its goodness!

I thought this was going to be a FLOWER bomb of a fragrance (not to be confused with Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf)...well, initial smell-A MAJOR BLAST OF BOOZINESS up front followed by cocoa and coffee combined with dark rose and tuberose.

As this dries, you find yourself in a cloud of sweet almost candy-like gourmand of a fragrance that's musky and full of dark coffee that has been nicely done!!

I think this could perhaps be unisex. My wife says to her that its very masculine!

[If I might add, even though iris and pink pepper are not apart of the note break down, my mind seems to think there are hints of these because there is the resemblance of Dolce & Gabbana's La Roue de la Fortune 10 hidden deep within the recesses of this fragrance. Those notes are found in the aforementioned fragrance...] This makes me love this fragrance that much more!

Very nice!!
07th November, 2017 (last edited: 12th November, 2017)

Laudano Nero by Tiziana Terenzi

Received a sample from Notino's; some of the notes:

[Wormwood, Cognac, Tobacco, Amber, Red rose, Cedar, Iris, Sandalwood, Cashmere, Incense, Camphor, Oud, Vetiver, Musk, Vanilla, & Labdanum].

Now the abovementioned notes are blended very well together. I can't say that I recognize them individually though.
With that, in the opening I get an extreme dose of what I would call cherry tobacco.
As this initial smell fades the combined notes give you a RICH, dark, SWEET Rosy Incensey laden smell. Followed by some Sandalwood Cashmere-ish, woodsy [cedar] goodness. [breathe]

In my opinion, this fragrance is very warm yet sharp up front. In the dry down you are left with this spicy sweet velvety (maybe even suede)-like fragrance resting on a woodsy foundation!

Nice it is!!

I cannot comment on the similarity to Black Afgano, however, as I sat trying to figure out why this smell was so familiar, it hit me.
Laudano Nero reminds me of Dzhari of Phaedon. That sweet almost suede-like feel with a spice-incense vibe, even Bois 1920 Relativamente Rosso. Both sharing a dark, sweet ambery essence!

Performance: 8/10
Projection: 8/10
Longevity: 10/10
Overall: 8.5/10

P.S. I must say, the longevity on this is GIGANTIC and that's because its concentration is Extrait de Parfum; (...containing 15% and 40% of oil concentration; known to contain the most precious raw materials in comparison to the respective eau de parfum versions which has a fragrance concentration of between 15% and 20%).

When I sprayed Tiziana Terenzi's Laudano Nero onto the back of my hand, it literally lasted 2 days gradually dissipating. Extrait de Parfums have the highest fragrance concentration and this is the reason this fragrance lasted so long.

This is a nice fragrance overall!
(...looking to maybe add this to my wardrobe; pulled the trigger-added [10/26, received 11/1])!
07th November, 2017

Nagud by Bois 1920

Sharp rose with a bit of musk. After the dry down, all that's left is a rose dominant fragrance. I like it for what it is, however it reminds me slightly of Mancera's Black to Black, (even The Aoud) for which I own; B2B is far better in my opinion.... Nice, but a pass.

Performance: 7/10
Longevity: 7.5/10
Silage: 7/10
Projection: 7/10
Overall: 7.5/10
07th November, 2017

Dark Aoud by Montale

Picked up a sample of this.....

This fragrance reminds me of Aoud Vanille from the house of Mancera (Montale's sister store/brand). Rosy but not completely floral, dark even slightly sharp but not harsh, sweet but not syrupy.

I love the masterfully blended notes of Sandalwood, Oud, Black Pepper, Saffron, Vetiver, and Leather. With these notes, you get the leather but a bright rosy feel as the dry down emerges. Afterwards, this beautiful sweet slightly powdery aroma envelops and it's very intriguing.

Dark Aoud, again reminds me of Aoud Vanille; Not sure if I need this since I have Aoud Vanille....we'll see! Overall, great fragrance!
07th November, 2017

Platinum Collection : Vetiver by Commodity

I almost found this hard to describe.....

Vetiver from the house of Commodity is not your typical green, sharp fragrance. Commodity has a very different take on vetiver and it is rather intriguing!!

Here is the note break down:

Haitian Vetiver, Indonesian Patchouli leaf, Apple, Australian Sandalwood, Blackberry, Jasmine, & Cedar (..maybe a few others).

From my sample, I get a sweet, citrusy, whiskey-ish type smell up front followed by a Jasmine Cedar dry down in the end. As the fragrance settles there is this nice almost sweet saffron-ish type of aroma that envelops due to the combination of Cedar, Vetiver, Jasmine, and Apple. This is a really nice fragrance from a house recently discovered.

(Note: I tried all but Leather and Tea and this seemed to be the one I gravitated to the most).

This, I think, could be full bottle worthy....verdict is still out with longevity and projection.

Performance: 9/10
Projection: (big cloud for the first 30mins, tapers slowly)......8.5/10
Silage: 8/10
Longevity: after a shower, still whiffs after 5 hrs. in...............9/10
Overall: 8.6-9/10

Very Nice!
04th November, 2017 (last edited: 17th February, 2018)

Byerley by Parfums de Marly I find myself, ever few minutes, sniffing my wrist; this fragrance although strange, is really intriguing. Strange, by that I mean a very different vetiver.

Byerley has this citrusy (from the lime) yet creaminess that the notes combined create. Very interesting how the essence of campfire and smoke could be bottled up and presented as a fragrance. A vetiver that is not typical, not your pungent traditional vetiver smell, perhaps that is due to the merge of smoke; a vetiver that is almost too complex [IMO] to conjure words.
14th October, 2017

Portrait of a Lady by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Portrait of a Lady is now called "Portrait of a King embracing his Lady!!

...WOW, what a fragrance!!!

Floral, because of the Rose and spices; but also, slightly woodsy from the Patchouli and Sandalwood.

In the end, you are going to get a beautiful creamy, yet rose combined spice fragrance that is dry and incensey! Lovely!

Performance: 10/10
Silage: 10/10
Longevity: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

[Update: I didn't have to sell myself to get this :o); got a 1.7oz for a really good deal! new-$135]
13th October, 2017

Darley by Parfums de Marly

A nice sweet Minty, Rose, Lavender, Sandalwood, Guaiac wood, Patchouli, and Amber fragrance with a floral opening that is very soft and very noticeable! Darley is light, but pointed! Daring!

...a creamy airy fragrance that could be found amongst the likes of Reflection Man even Lyric Man. (If these PdM fragrances smell this good, I can't wait for Byerley to arrive.)

Overall, a great fragrance!!
11th October, 2017

Layton by Parfums de Marly

I will keep this short......What a wonderful gem!!!

Without repeating what other reviewers have stated.....with these combined notes (Apple, Lavender Violet, Geranium, Guaiac wood, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cardamom, DEFINITELY Vanilla, Pepper).....I get a Tobacco, sweet fragrance with stellar appeal!!

11th October, 2017

Galloway by Parfums de Marly

Thumbs WAYYYYY up!!!

So I was visiting my sister in the Maryland area and while there she took me to Nordstrom's. There I had the opportunity to try Oajan, Layton, Darley, and Galloway. Now, I thought Layton and Darley were unbelievable!!! (Hope to get my hands on either or both). And Oajan was too dark. However, Galloway I thought, this stuff smells horrible-pepper and more pepper and maybe something else but because I smelled so much pepper nothing else was detectable! Neither my wife nor my sister liked this one either. For some reason I couldn't understand. I read many reviews and some said this smelled like GIT, some mentioned that it was citrusy, some mentioned floral even sweet.

What did I smell then? I only got pepper, nothing sweet, spicy, no citrus, no GIT comparison...ZERO!!!

Fast forward a month later, I thought, "maybe it was just me I'd like to try this one again if I get the opportunity." So, I blind bought a 2.5 oz bottle for $80 bucks, what do I have to lose. After spraying one spray on my wrist, I thought, "this stuff is amazing." Even my wife said this smells great!!
Citrus-check, Pepper-check, Sweet spice-check, NICE-check!!
I have no idea what was in the bottle at Nordstrom's that day and I was on my way to discounting this one had I not given this a second try.

This does not remind me of GIT and I have not smelled Lalique White so I cannot make the comparison there. Galloway is slightly citrusy, but more so musky with some sweet pepper. The sweetness coming from the Orange Blossom and Iris combination mixed with the pepper is amazing! In the end you get a nice soft but straight forward fragrance with a spicy green (not forest green) somewhat woodsy background on top of that sweet citrusy opening. Know that what you get in the beginning is what you are going to get in the end...not a bad thing, just my observation.

I like this a lot! A very nice fragrance; not sure exactly what happen with the tester I tried in Nordstrom's but anyway, I look forward to wearing this one in the coming days!

Performance: 8/10
Longevity: 8/10
Silage: 8/10
Projection: 7.5/10
Overall: 8/10
13th September, 2017

Godolphin by Parfums de Marly

This is luxury at its finest; Godolphin. What an amazing scent! This will open your sinus cavity quite nicely as two sprays seemed very potent/concentrated.

Review: sweet, green, fruity, floral from the Rose and Iris, all laid on a leathery, Oudy, musky bed that brings to life the pleasantries of mystery olfactory but a freshness that is other worldly!

Godolphin has the oud factor in its DNA as a Parfums de Marly staple, in that this is very different than Herod, Habdan, even Pegasus to name a few.

I've noticed that Parfums de Marly does a great job of giving the right dose of sweetness with the right dosage of spices that evolves into a nice sweet/oud with those I have come across and this is no different.

This juice brings to mind the likes of Atelier's Oud Saphir. In fact, the two could be sprayed and it would be very hard to determine the difference. (Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure of smelling Tuscan Leather, so no comparison to be made there).

A nice fragrance!

Performance: 8/10
Longevity: 8/10
Silage: 8/10
Overall: 8/10
31st August, 2017

Rendez-Vous by Atelier Cologne

(7/23/17) ATELIER: This brand is on a quest to become the best or at least vie for the running!! What a brand; a sleeper; a brand that is slowly creeping to the top of the list of greats! Might not be considered "niche" for many, however, it is inching its way to that level!!

(7/26/17) Just received this juice and I must say, its better than what I was expecting. Rendez-Vous is green and slightly sweet, but very much so suede. This is not a leathery suede inducing fragrance, but because of the Iris and violet leaf those notes are more reserved adding a somewhat floral vibe to the composition. The dominant players in this are the Pink pepper, White Musk, Suede, Patchouli, and Bergamot all working in concert with the others as to not becoming a one man show.

Less pungent than Silver Iris, more less suede-ish or leather-ish than Camelia Intrepide. This one sits between the two....

Rendez-Vous is a nice fresh fragrance. Glad to have it.....

Projection: 7/10
Longevity: 7/10
Silage: 6/10
Overall: 7/10
26th July, 2017