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Calyx by Prescriptives

Green, grassy, but not so fresh, rather sultry, "thick", "waxy" - it possess the same waxiness as Eden Cacharel, smells "80-ties". I dont detect grapefruits. Calyx is single note of Spathiphyllum (something like red apple + wet grass + Juicy Fruits bubble gum).
11th June, 2008

Dalimix Gold by Salvador Dali

Red roses + green pepper. For true roselovers only (+- akin to Very Irresistible). Nothing in common with Dalimix (no melons, no pears, no mignonettes, no masculine, cologney accents). Strong smell of roses, sultry, slightly fruity, succulent- it is not a sweet maralade.

Notes: galbanum, lily, mint, rose, jasmine, cassis, pepper, ambrette, patchouli, orris.
02nd June, 2008

Rumeur 2 Rose by Lanvin

Good. Fresh, playful and.. elegant. Slightly aldehydic. Rose + lemon + grapefruit. It reminds somewhat Baby Doll.
13th April, 2008
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Rougeberry by Body Shop

3/4 raspberry + 1/4 blackberry + freesia + slightly caramelic base. Vivid. Long-lasting.
13th April, 2008

Rumeur (new) by Lanvin

Dirty, sour, cheesy socks + nail remover + cyanoacrylate in Super Glue. "Screaming", synthetical. Run-a-mile type of scent.
13th April, 2008

VV by Roberto Verino

VV by Roberto Verino resembles Esencia De Duende by J. del Pozo, but it is more agreeable. Cucumbers + green apple + cinnamon/ginger. Fresh, cologne-y, a little masculine.
13th April, 2008

Poême by Lancôme

Single note of persian clover (Trifolium resupinatum) - lovely, sweet, honey-ish, mesmerizing fragrance, somewhat powdery; you can almost feel like a bee.
13th April, 2008

Purplelight by Salvador Dali

Beautiful, light, greenish scent of dewy white lilies and the scented Solomon's seal (Polygonatum odoratum).
08th April, 2008

Iced Blue by Salvador Dali

A very synthetic lemonish fragrance. Masculine. Citral + limonene. Something like WC cleaner.
10th July, 2007

Daliflor by Salvador Dali

Sweet. EDT smells like grape juice + flowers of vine + vanilla oil + soap. Its drydown is very interesting on my skin - a "buttery", soft, velvety, honey-ish sandalwood. Nice, innocent, clean and voluptuous (yes!).
10th July, 2007

Kenzo Amour by Kenzo

Does Asia smell like a pudding? I don't think so. Shallow.
09th July, 2007

SummerbyKenzo by Kenzo

A nice, "yellow" scent. Summer smells like a tanning oil. Mimosa + violets (a little hint) + soap. There is something plastic, synthetic in it (could it be indole?). I like it.
09th July, 2007

Le Monde est Beau by Kenzo

A beautiful floral. Light, transparent. Cosmos flower (bitter, salty note) + white dewy flowers.
09th July, 2007
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Jungle L'Éléphant by Kenzo

A little synthetic scent of evening stock (Mathiola) + cinnamon. Strong, longlasting, schizophrenic.
09th July, 2007

L'Eau par Kenzo by Kenzo

Very realistic, "lemonish" and "honey-ish" scent of watermint (Mentha aquatica).
09th July, 2007

Parfum d'Été by Kenzo

Synthetic green leaves + synthetic lilies of the valley. Not my fav.
09th July, 2007

Kenzo by Kenzo

Kenzo by Kenzo is similar to Eden Cacharel. It is rather sultry, tuberose scent, very "eighties". Mandarine + tuberose + scent of an adhesive tape (something plastic). Sweeter, much more "naive" than Eden, Eden is more watery, green, depressive, sad and anxious.
09th July, 2007

Daylight by Gabriela Sabatini

A nice, very "yellow", bright, soft scent. Unripe apricots (really, green small fruits) + violets + vanilla. It is similar to Kenzo Summer (which was created 3 years after Daylight), but Summer is much more soapy.
09th July, 2007

Rubylips by Salvador Dali

Red currants + wild strawberries + honey + "dusty" and smokey patchouli. It is a little "shampooy" scent. I don't know. Average, poor lasting power.
05th July, 2007

Création by Ted Lapidus

Elegant. A very(!)chypre, herbal scent. No flowers, no fruits. Somewhat masculine. Tobacco/dried herbs + smoke + honey + smell of glue on an adhesive tape + lichens + wood.
05th July, 2007

Dalimania by Salvador Dali

Very sweet, "sticky". Coconut fragrance oil + "dusty" note (sandalwood and patchouli). Smells like chocolate wrapping papers.
05th July, 2007

Dalissime by Salvador Dali

Sweet but yes, rather older, "dusty" smelling fragrance.
Apricot syrup + something peppery/herbal. I think I like it.
05th July, 2007

L by Lolita Lempicka

A cheap cake. Vanilla + caramel. For 4-6 years old girls only.
04th July, 2007

Notte Romana by Borsari

It is a very modern scent despite it was created in 1939; light, informal, fresh, transparent, a "blue" scent. White and pink lilies + spices (anise, rosemary) + clover. Similar to L'Eau par Kenzo or the "blue sweater" by S.Rykiel.
04th July, 2007

Visit for Women by Azzaro

Akin to Jeans by Trussardi, but much stronger. Resinous, "red", feminine. Cherry + resin.
04th July, 2007

Blue by Ralph Lauren

Hmm. I don't know. Cold, weird, fresh. Clover + black locust + water mint + stable (!). I like the flowers, but this animal hint just damages the composition.
04th July, 2007

Romance by Ralph Lauren

I like it. Flowery, elegant, soapy, metallic. Lychee scented tea + roses + "salty" note of marigold + smell of an adhesive tape (the same chypre note as in Libertine by V.Westwood).
04th July, 2007

Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka

Another Angel wanna-be. Cherry&Anise scented inhaler stick + vanilla. Horrible.
04th July, 2007

Biagiotti Due Donna by Laura Biagiotti

Average. Roses + peony + brioche/cheese-cake (vanilla and yeast). The same "yeasty", weird note as in Narciso Roderiguez for Her.
03rd July, 2007

Narciso Rodriguez for Her by Narciso Rodriguez

Not my cup of tea. It smells like grape hyacinths (Muscari) + a big brioche (yeast!). It is not sexy at all, it's "yeasty".
03rd July, 2007