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Iris Poudre by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

To me, it's vaguely reminiscent of Bulgari pour Femme. It must be the powder connection. At any rate, it is one of the more wearable Frederic Malle perfumes.
12th January, 2008

Rock 'n Rose by Valentino

It's very young and fresh, thats much is true. It's also very boring and quite bland.
23rd December, 2007

M7 by Yves Saint Laurent

I love this one but can't get my husband to wear it. So, I wear it myself. It is soft enough for a woman but definitely made for a man (now did that sound like a Secret commercial or what?)
23rd December, 2007
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Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent

This takes me back to my late teens instantly. I think I spent one night kissing someone who wore it. It's nice enough but nothing special. Certainly much less offensive than the other legend at the time, which was Fahreneit.
23rd December, 2007

No. 5 by Chanel

Wow, I thought there would be a lot more reviews about this one. I think Chanel No5 grows on most people with age. I remember smelling it when I was in college because my best friend was into all things grown up: she would wear black pants and black pumps to go to class and she would wear Chanel No5 (she would also sometimes wear First by Van Cleef At that time, it was too overpowering, almost air-freshener or laundry detergentlike and also, I hate to say this but, what my aunt might wear and I did not like her. I was into easy stuff like Lumiere by Rochas or Eau de Givenchy or Anais Anais.

But enough about me, this one sparkles. It feels like you're wearing something effervecent but not in a girly way. It's someone who is comfortable in a suit or a bikini, take your pick.

I have the EDP which is rather sharp but I like it. After reading all the reviews, I just went and smelled the parfum which smells almost identical to Joy by Jean Patou on my skin.

A rather longwinded way of saying Thumbs Up, Way Up!
20th May, 2007

Bandit by Robert Piguet

This is Perfume 101 for any serious reviewer. They don't review Chanel 5 because of its mainstream popularity but cannot do without reviewing Bandit. For this reason alone, I was scared of trying it. Fortunately, I ended up with the EDP which is supposed to be less aggressive. It was actually quite tame on me. The reason I mentioned Chane 5 is because it smells similar (but far more interesting) on my wrists. I have not heard this from anyone else so it must be my chemistry. At any rate, I am definitely hooked and for some reason feel superior because I can pull this one off (meant in a joking way). I figure this is Perfume God's consolation price to me for not being able to wear the likes of Flowerbomb, Black Orchid, and Angel.
16th May, 2007

Blu Notte by Bulgari

I like the powder but it smells a bit generic to me. I think I'm spoiled by the original Bulgari.
14th May, 2007

Brit Red by Burberry

They're not kidding with the rhubarb and the gingerbread. I usually stay away from gourmand scents, they dont' work well with my chemistry. This one makes me think of Hansel and Gretel's gingerbread house.
14th May, 2007

Le Baiser du Dragon by Cartier

I'm glad all the reviewers gave it a thumbs up. I don't have a good history with Cartier perfumes but this one is positively different. It has patchouli but it's very unlike all the other patchouli scents out there. The almond scared me but I really didn't notice it on my skin. On me, it smelled spicy in an Opium sort of way but more modern.
14th May, 2007

Black by Bulgari

I can smell the rubber but it's not offensive. I thought it would be more edgy but it's just nice enough. Nothing special in my opinion.
14th May, 2007

Brit by Burberry

Among all the different Brit versions, this is my favorite. It's not very interesting and gets a bit too close for comfort to those scents that I do not care for such as Coco Mademoiselle and Flowerbomb but there is a freshness to it that stays through.
14th May, 2007

Weekend for Women by Burberry

Sweet but inoffensive. As with most other Burberrys, it's uninteresting but you can't really go wrong.
14th May, 2007

Burberry for Women by Burberry

I swore I could smell green apples but it is not in the notes. Maybe I'm mistaking something else for it. At any rate, it is one of the rare Burberrys that I actually like. It's clean, even a bit soapy but also warmish.
14th May, 2007
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Blu by Bulgari

Not bad. A tad too masculine for my taste.
14th May, 2007

Bulgari pour Femme by Bulgari

This is one of my favorites. It's powdery and floral but not too heavy on either. It's clean but not 1-dimensional. I was surprised to see that it was introduced in the Nineties. It seems more like an Eighties one to me (in a good way).
14th May, 2007

Initial by Boucheron

It's not unpleasant but it's a bit too warm for my taste.
14th May, 2007

Jaïpur Saphir by Boucheron

This is one of my favorite perfumes. I agree with some of the previous decsriptions: it's cool and velvety but at the same time you can smell hints of vanilla and woods, which softens things up. It smells luminous and bright but has enough mystery and darkness to not be too boring. Finally, it is powdery but wet at the same time. Simply divine, at least on my skin.
14th May, 2007

Jaïpur by Boucheron

Jaipur is well done but does not compare to its sister Jaipur Saphir favorably. It's rather forgettable in the end. I can't even remember what I feel like when I wear it.
14th May, 2007

Boucheron by Boucheron

This is my second favorite in the Boucheron line. They make high quality fragrances and they don't feel the need to be original or du jour. Just classic enough to have staying power. Having said that, this is the most unusual use of orange I have seen. I don't usually care for fruity stuff, this is different. I can smell it in the beginning but it blends beautifully with the rest and only leaves a hint of freshness.

I'm sick of "old lady" remarks. Okay, we get it. Can you be more specific please? Should we all be wearing Coco Mademoiselle???
14th May, 2007

Beach by Bobbi Brown

I agree with Flathorn 100%. The perfume is nothing special but I think the soap and the oil fare better. Perhaps, she should think about making a candle and/or room fragrance and/or linen spray from this one.
14th May, 2007

Bobbi by Bobbi Brown

It's nice. Nothing special. Sort of like the feeling you get with her make-up line.
14th May, 2007

Bijan With a Twist by Bijan

It smells clean and floral. Not at all what I would expect from Bijan. I can't stand his billboard ads and his other perfumes. This one is different.
14th May, 2007

W by Banana Republic

Nice enough. It smells like pencil sharpenings.
13th May, 2007

Cristobal by Balenciaga

I have this one. It's not what I would expect from Balenciaga (for me, the epitome of Balenciaga is Le Dix). It's just okay, a bit too sweet and safe for my taste.
13th May, 2007

Le Dix by Balenciaga

I received this as a gift from an old uncle. Even at age 17, I appreciated it. It smells very powdery, which is something I have always liked. If that makes me an "old lady", so be it.
13th May, 2007

Azzura by Azzaro

It's fresh and clean. A bit boring too.
13th May, 2007

Grand Amour by Annick Goutal

I am too lazy to learn the notes so I will only state the feeling it evokes. It is a very grown-up fragrance. It makes me feel like a mature woman who is getting ready for a night out.
13th May, 2007

Folavril by Annick Goutal

I agree with both reviews. I tend to like soapy perfumes and this fits the bill. It is slightly wet and also a bit fruity but not in a teeny bopper way.
13th May, 2007

Kingdom by Alexander McQueen

Pros: The bottle is very original. The scent is very original. I love McQueen's designs in general.

Cons: It smells like I have eaten Indian food, exercised and not showered for an entire week. Way too much cumin for me to handle. I feel the same way about Eau d'Hermes.

13th May, 2007

Alessandro Dell'Acqua by Alessandro Dell'Acqua

I don't quite speak the language of formal notes so my reviews will be in laywoman's terms. This one smells very clean, soapy, and wet to me. It is rather sharp but in a good way.
13th May, 2007