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Frangipane by Chantecaille

And I quote:
"Inspired by an extraordinary tree shading a marble pool, in an ancient palace in India, FRANGIPANE exudes the sweet smell of frangipane flowers mingled with vanilla and Moroccan orange."
This scent is very nearly the real thing!
As I've walked to work on an early summer's morning here in Western Australia, I pass many lovely vintage gardens with frangipane trees tucked in a corner. The lovely little waxen flowers are a richly scented delight, as is this fragrance.
Thumbs up for this sweet treasure!
03rd August, 2007

Empreinte by Courrèges

The notes, to my nose, are deep toned dusky greens with a heavy indistinct floral & very warm lower notes of mainly wood plus some leather. Empreinte is an intense Oriental/Wood, dark sensual fragrance. It possesses a blend of bergamot, cedar, spices & vanilla. It is definitely for evening wear, way too hard for daytime.
I don't like it on me. It starts to choke me with it's dustiness, gives me a dry feeling in my throat.
I can't recommend it since I don't like it, but if you like heavy dry & dusty warmth, especially in the winter, then this could be for you. A positive point; it lasts forever!
09th July, 2007

Pacific Paradise by Escada

My love of pretty glass bottles has been my undoing for this scent.
I purchased a cute little miniature of Pacific Paradise, untested, just for that reason.
The scent itself.... arrrghhhhh!!! YUCK!!
Smells like sickeningly sweet lollies on my skin!!
Anybody wanna trade minis??
28th June, 2007
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Cuir de Russie Parfum by Chanel

Cuir de Russie by Chanel is very different from anything I've ever worn before, but it really pleases me.
My perfumed day dream conjures up fur coats/hats, high leather boots, icy cold snowy evenings with frost on the forest trees and riding in a troika home to a roaring fireplace. I catch the scent of the CDR wafting up through the collar of my fur coat as I huddle in it for warmth. Ohhhh... those Russians!!
MMM...I like it, I like it very much!!
Igor, bring me my VODKA & caviar!! ;-)
28th June, 2007

Aqua Allegoria Gentiana by Guerlain

Today the postman delivered a lovely gentian blue Guerlain coffret from the UK. The main fragrance of 3 is AA Gentiana.
I am so pleased with it!! It is a fresh citrus & floral, delightful everyday scent but with something deeper as it blends with my skin. The start is a strong grapefruit/orange note but then warms into a very unique gentian/lime powdered musk scent. More long lasting than Pamplelune.
Sad indeed that it is discontinued...will have to spritz with reserve!! :-(

25th June, 2007

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

What attracted me first?
I will have to here confess my weakness for glass objets d’art, and Coco Mlle drew me in with this initial feminine wile. The delicate colour of the juice, in the stunningly simple lines of its charming glass container, also beckoned me. Just one little spritz; oh my...I was being drawn further astray, and then as the dry down commenced... well, I was well & truly trapped.
I simply adore this perfume, every bit of it, every aspect, just the whole THING!
My gentle (well I thought it was gentle) hints to my dearly beloved husband paid off when he presented me with a beautifully wrapped little box on my birthday. This, of course, makes Coco Mlle even more special.
It is my SPECIAL OCCASION perfume now, but some days I just can't resist spritzing for the "feel good" it gives me.
Sparkling, lively top notes of orange & bergamot, followed by clear pure middle notes with accords of jasmine petals & morning rose. Finally, clean notes of patchouli & vetiver express a discreet sensuality. The whole package, a true pleasure!!
25th June, 2007

Armani Code for Women by Giorgio Armani

This cool bright autumn morning I was forced to run an errand. Blah! However, since the errand was in the mall, I made a little side trip to the fragrance counter of the largest department store there wanting to test just 2 new scents.

The SA was snotty & seemed not to have time (her department was basically empty), but she raised a brow long enough to spritz my left wrist with ARMANI CODE for WOMEN.

YUMMM, I loved the instant orange blast! Wonderful! However... it was gone in a flash and the next notes on dry down were basically boring honey/vanilla.

Not for me! Thanks for nothing Miss SA, hope I didn't disturb you too much today!
11th June, 2007

Bright Crystal by Versace

An unwanted trip to do an errand this morning, turned into a mini fragrance sniff session.
I disturbed a bored SA and made her spritz me with this Versace sent, plus one other she decided I needed to smell.
So I have Versace Bright Crystal on my right wrist and Armani Code for Women on my left.
VERSACE BRIGHT CRYSTAL wins, hands (wrists) down!!! It had a so so start, but now a couple hours later, I can't stop sniffing my right wrist (god I hope nobody is watching!! LOL) It is subtle, lingering, very lovely, just beautiful on me! Must add to my WANT list!!
11th June, 2007

Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune by Guerlain

I am now almost at the bottom of my 2nd bottle of Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune. Do you suppose that means I LOVE IT?? I do... but am now searching for something new, something exciting, something else TO LOVE! I do believe my birthday is coming up... perhaps a small hint to hubby about... ummm say Coco Mademoiselle?! Must take a sniff in the shops very soon. But until that new love comes along... Pamplelune is still my one true love.
19th May, 2007