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Santa Fe for Men by Aladdin Fragrances

My gf claimed Caron's Third Man smelled like Sante Fe, and I had never, to my knowledge, sampled it. Lo and behold I picked up a 1oz bottle of SF for 2 USD (!) on clearance. Her nose was dead on- very very similar to Third Man- so much so that one could call it a clone. A tad sweeter than Caron's offering, and I feel Third Man has more longevity and complexity. But to someone passing these could pass for the same juice.
14th January, 2007

Kiss Him by KISS

Suprisingly...good. I saw this in Dillards and laughed...until I smelled it.

KISS is widely known for their marketing of tawdry products- Christmas tree ornaments, guitars,and even KISS coffins.

I fully expected this to be extremely run-of-the-mill; an ubiquitous aquatic/citrus concoction that was barely worth mentioning and surely not worth remembering. However, this seems to be one of the ballsiest scents of the last couple of years, opening with a huge blast of cumin not experienced this side of McQueen's Kingdom. The cumin lasts and lasts in this, and really drives the fragrance.Sso if you aren't a fan of cumin this is not for you. The stuff lasts too- a full day on my skin, and I swear it is still detectible on a tester card I sprayed it on 3 weeks ago. Its probably not going to win awards, but I do have to commend it for being unique. But I suppose KISS- love them or hate them- are unique in their own way. I'm not a KISS fan, so this actually made its debut as the first piece of KISS merchandise I have ever bought. Gene, I bought your morning coffee. You're welcome.
11th November, 2006

Francesco Smalto pour Homme by Francesco Smalto

I was introduced to this one around 2001- I think it might have already been discontinued at that point. As others have said, its 80's all the way- very much in bed with Polo, Drakkar Noir, and Sung Homme. Its can be jarring and a little herby for the first 30 minutes. Let the heart notes come through abnd you see what a gem it is. I have been singing FS's praises since the day I bought it, and I still love it. On an additional note, some of my horded bottles are by different manuafacturers. A couple of these boxes have 2004 printed on the bottom, so we may not be enjoying a discontinued scent after all. A real sleeper that I'll wear regardless of the current trends.
03rd August, 2006
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PS by Paul Sebastian

I just picked this up tonight. I got to test it first, and this one I picked up before looking at reviews here.

I'm really suprised no one has compared this one to Salvador Dali, as it smells very similar to me. A bit lighter. But what I do find intriguing is that both draw a lot of the same comments- many of them not too flattering and involve bodily refuse. I however like the scent. Despite the fact that I am 30 I love these heavier scents- darker, deeper, smells of earth and nature...the more primal and perhaps bestial notes found in this and Dali. Has much of the "snuffed candle" headiness that I also find in SD. Strange, sharp, and maybe savage are adjectives I might use, but not stinking. Having been born in '79 and still kicking, it can't be THAT bad, can it?
11th June, 2006

Messe de Minuit by Etro

Probably the single most unique fragrance in my closet MdM is the scent of an old violin being played my candlelight in the dampest room in a wooden manor. Old in a musty moldy sort of way that I would not describe as much gothic as I would grandma. It runs the risk of smelling like thrift store clothes. My g/f hates it, so I find rare opportunities to wear it.
17th November, 2004