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A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

There's only two possibilities: love it or hate it. And I decided to hate it.

It smells like burnt chocolate that is melted in sugared coffee. This added with alcool and bottled.

Sorry, but for my nose this stuff stinks.
23rd June, 2007

Adidas Team / Team Force by Adidas

It is not bad. But it smells ordinary. It's an everyday fragrance. Not offending and not special.

18th June, 2007

Monsieur Galimard by Galimard

A very great perfume. I bought one litre of it by internet and it arrived yesterday! It is really not an expensive perfume.

I know it since my youth when I was in Grasse for one day during my vacation in south france in 1990. I bought it and it became my favourite perfume then. I was really sad when it was finished.

It is a very fresh perfume which gives you a summer feeling. It is very long lasting! It is useable like a perfume in a vaporisator but also like an after shave. I got the one litre bottle yesterday and I can still remember the smell after 17 years.

Terragon is the most intensive note of this perfume. It gives the perfume a unique touch. Terragon is also not only a top note. You can smell it also after eight hours. But moss is also very intensive after some hours.

This is definitively a thump up for a really easy wearable summer perfume!
07th June, 2007
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Baldessarini Ambré by Baldessarini

I don't like it! It is really a very smokey perfume. First it smells great to red apple and with very interessting other notes. When the top notes are gone it smells only smokey and chemical. I had to wash it away. Its like you stand too long on a barbecue grill and a fine amber perfume is mixing with all the smoke notes from an open fire.

Thumbs down!
05th June, 2007

Roma Uomo by Laura Biagiotti

I love it very much. It's fresh and very male. It has a Mediterranean touch. It reminds me a little bit of pipe tobacco.
05th June, 2007

Minotaure by Paloma Picasso

This is my absolute favourite perfume. It is so wonderful! it is fresh and it is well combined. Top note ist very fresh, with a citrus note. The heart note smells similar to chestnut. Not the same, but similar. I like it very much.

It's my all time favourite!
05th June, 2007

Baby Blue Jeans by Versace

This mixture of citrus fruits with cedarwood and sandalwood is great. I feel very well with wearing this.

This is just a great fresh summer perfume!
31st May, 2007

Higher Energy by Christian Dior

a very long lasting perfume. i love it! i feel fresh after a long business day. with notes of lemon and moss.

big thump up!
30th May, 2007

Cool Water by Davidoff

this was a good perfume once. but it is too famous. and too soulless. a lot of people buy cool water if they haven't an idea what else to buy.
on my skin it smells exactly the same like on a piece of paper. it is not like a personal perfume that gives a personal touch on the skin. it has no personality for me.
sorry to say that, but 'cool water' is really 'out'. :-(
29th May, 2007

Joop! Go by Joop!

It's a thumb up!

It's not true that this perfume smells cheap. It's one of the great sweet perfumes (if you like that). It's not too sweet and that's important. After an hour it becomes more decent with a tropical touch and more woody notes.

It's a nice summer perfume. It smells like sun, beach, freetime. It is fruity but not too fruity. This is the point that it really doesn't smell like a cheap perfume.

But it is not a perfume for all days. It is not a business perfume. It is also not a sport perfume. It is a perfume for the young man to wear druing the summer holiday or sunny days.

I must say that I got a lot of positive reaction after wearing this perfume.
25th May, 2007