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No. 5 by Chanel

This is a wonderful fragrance. It reminds me of crisp winter days - and nights, of Christmas (first had it as a Christmas present), frosty February walks and meals out at Easter. I like its sweetness but then I really dislike fruity perfumes. I always want to own and wear this and it's fantastic that previous generations of women have enjoyed it too. I don't think this has to make it an old lady's perfume or that anyone should use the term old lady in a negative way. We are all maturing and mature is still feminine just as this fragrance is. Chanel No 5 is quite simply a beautiful classic fragrance to be enjoyed by anyone.
22nd December, 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier

This is a fragrance that I once owned but threw out. There was nothing offensive about its smell, it was pleasant enough although at the time I couldn't have named the individual notes. I think the thing I really objected to was the bottle and the can. The bottle is a decapitated and limbless trunk of a woman and it is presented inside what can only be described as a baked bean can. I found this distasteful because it seemed to be in some way a statement of disempowerment to women or to femininity. I don't know what the bottle designer was trying to do but the psychological effect on me was such a downer I really couldn't enjoy the perfume. The first thing to go in the bin was the baked bean can, but the bottle remained strange, in a broken Barbie doll kind of way. I sometimes smell the fragrance on others and it is really quite distinctive and pretty though.
29th October, 2007

Obsession by Calvin Klein

To me this fragrance is orangey and peppery and ambery. I like fragrances which stand out from all the rest and this one does just that. It seems to suit the winter time very well because it is very warming and when I wear it I feel like I am glowing. It's long lasting and delicious in some kind of sweet, foody sort of way. It's like candied peel, black peppercorns and Earl Grey tea. Wearing it is like sitting by a huge roaring fire in a big, old house while Jack Frost is busy painting every blade of grass outside.
24th October, 2007
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Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears

Midnight Fantasy is my first experience of a Britney fragrance.I'd always felt I wouldn't buy a celebrity fragrance as I'm not keen to identify with a particular person. I certainly didn't think a Britney perfume would suit me as they seem to be aimed at younger women, however,I discovered it on a very dull shopping expedition and bought it on an impulse.The next day Britney shaved her head but interestingly this hasn't put me off at all and I'm very glad I "bit" because I feel I've discovered a gem.

I bought it because I thought I could smell pears and certainly when it opens that's what I still get. Pears and sugar and maybe a hint of woodland strawberry. It's a smell of late Summer, sitting in the open air after a day in the sun. But it's more than that, it's deeply feminine and has something sweetly musky about it.I love the cherries as they develop after five minutes or so. Later the muskiness disappears gradually and it becomes much more about fruits of the forest.I get more than the fruits listed.Besides the pears I can smell blackcurrant,Bramley,blackberry, gooseberry and the ancient herb, Sweet Woodruff.I've heard people say Midnight Fantasy is like a fruit cordial but there's much more to it than that.It's gorgeous in an abundant, earth goddess sort of way. It's warm and flirtatious and it lasts really well.If I put it on at night the cherries are still there in the morning and remain on my nightwear sometimes for days.I love cherries, this is a wonderful scent and as soon as I spray it on I feel a sense of wellbeing and excitement.This is no dusty old handbag smell, this is about fertility and the forces of nature;about Mothers and food and the Earth and the forest.It's magical in a playful and lovely way.I'm not sure how it fits with Britney but her image in the advertising is very beautiful,never mind the realities of her life.This is A Midsummer Night's Dream in a bottle, yes exactly that.

I'm going to enjoy my bottle of Midnight Fantasy and I feel I'll buy again when it runs out.It a fragrance which really gets noticed and I'm always complimented when I wear it.It's certainly made me interested to sample the original Fantasy.

Highly recommended!
03rd June, 2007