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Écume de Rose by Les Parfums de Rosine

I really like Ecume de Rose, but it is not my favorite of the Rosines. I prefer the bolder Flamenca, Folie and d'Ete. Ecume is very nice, and I like the freshness added by the marine notes. But, like I said, I like my rose perfumes bolder, and this is a little bit more on the restrained side. And maybe because it's restrained, I feel like it doesn't last as long. It is definitely the 4th on my list, though, and beats out Rose de Feu, which is just a little to odd, and Roseberry, which just smells awful to me.
06th August, 2007

Rose d'Eté by Les Parfums de Rosine

This is one of my three favorite Rosines. I cannot decide which I like best of them, because I like them all for different reasons. I find this the most casual of all of them, maybe because of the fruity notes. And I love the fruit notes included. Yellow roses are my favorite, so that also contributes to my love for this scent. But most of all is the richness; it really DOES smell like a sunbaked rose in high summer fresh from the garden, and I LOVE my roses. Definitely a keeper!
06th August, 2007

Patchouli 24 by Le Labo

I really liked this, from beginning to end. The super smoky opening notes were great, and the dry down, which is sweetly vanilla, really appeals to me. I kept thinking that the end notes were awfully familiar, and I realized that Black Orchid smells like this at the end, too, though maybe not as sweet. This is a real keeper for me.
10th July, 2007
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Alamut by Lorenzo Villoresi

I did not like the overwhelming first note, which just smelled bad to me, rather like burnt rubber. Then it quickly faded to a vaguely musky/woody smell.
09th July, 2007

Little Italy by Bond No. 9

Wow, it smelled like i rubbed orange juice on my hand. It lasted about an hour. Too one-dimensional for me. I will pass it on to my teen daughter who wearss scented oils and loves lemon.
09th July, 2007

Rosa Flamenca by Les Parfums de Rosine

Strangely enough, I HATE this when I first put it on. There's a single, overpowering sweet note at the beginning that reminds me of either Obsession or Poison. But once the overpowering first note dies away, it just smells really, really good, like the real garden rose named Tiffany. It reminds me of Rosine's Rose d'Ete in that it is a very ripe rose scent, without the lighter approach of Ecume de Rose or Zest de Rose. If you like a straightforward, natural, floral rose, you'll like this.
06th July, 2007

Le Baiser du Dragon by Cartier

I wanted to like this because of the name and the bottle, but to me it smells like medicine for sore muscles or something a hippie would wear.
20th June, 2007

Onyx by Sage Machado

I agree with the previous reviewers that Onyx doesn't have the coconut smell you associate with most products containing that fragrance. It just adds to the overall creaminess here. I am not sure that I smell the tobacco here, but I definitely liked the powdery, creamy drydown. Although their ingredients differ, it reminded me of a slightly less sweet version of Bond. No. 9's Westside, which I also really like. I see Sage as a casual, daytime fragrance.
19th June, 2007

In The Library by CB I Hate Perfume

Boring. I smelled a vague sweetness, like I was wearing SOME sort of perfume, but that was about it. And it was gone so fast!
19th June, 2007

Gathering Apples by CB I Hate Perfume

I agree with the second of the preceding reviews completely, plus the apple had not sweetness to it, so it didn't make me feel like I smelled nice at all. It just smelled like an apple does when you bite into it and smell the juice. Too plain.
19th June, 2007

Just Breathe by CB I Hate Perfume

This came and went so fast that it's hard to say WHAT it smelled like. It was pleasant, and I felt like I smelled lavendar, but that's about all I could get. I will give it to my boyfriend who meditates, and maybe he can get some use from it by sniffing the vial before he does that.
19th June, 2007

Wild Berries by Keiko Mecheri

I liked this fragrance somewhat when I first put it on. I didn't get so much a berry smell as a fruity, clean smell. However, the more it settled in, the more I liked it. In the drydown stage, you definitely smell the berries, but thankfully they're not too sweet. Instead, the musk gives them a creaminess, so I pictues a big bowl of mixed berries with whipped cream when I wore this.
19th June, 2007

Russian Caravan Tea by CB I Hate Perfume

This smelled most spicy and tea-like to me, and it lingered for awhile, which is more than most of the others of this line that I have tried. I liked that it wasn't as sweet as it was spicy, and I liked the ratio of tea to spice. I will give this to my daughter, who likes scented oils; it is too plain for me, despite it being nice.
19th June, 2007
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Lavender Tea by CB I Hate Perfume

I love tea and lavendar, and so this started out very nicely for me. But, like all the other scents I have tried in this line, it's gone very very quickly, especially for what they cost. I'll maybe put the rest of my sample on a hanky and put it in a drawer to freshen the clothes.
19th June, 2007

L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain

I love the name and the concept, but I do not like the way this fragrance smells. I don't get medicinal from it, I just get sharpish and musty and depressing. It also reminded me of a fusty, pale version of Mitsouko. I've just about smelled all the Guerlains now, and Shalimar remains the best for me, with Plus Que Jamais the only other one I really like. I can't make my mind up about Mitsouko.
19th June, 2007

Sous Le Vent by Guerlain

Sous la Vent reminded me of a milder version of Mitsouko. It has that sharp, green smell, but not as sharp as Mitsouko, and it calms down more quickly. Like someone else observed, it has a soapy, clean smell to it. I also agree that it would smell really good on a man. In fact, I will probably pass this on to my boyfriend; it's not floral enough for me. It has a nice linger to it.
18th June, 2007

West Side by Bond No. 9

I'm not a huge fan of sweet florals, but I liked this one because there was one odd note in it, to my nose it smelled like steamed white rice in the background. I have heard that is a note in Kenzo Amour, and I like that fragrance, but I didn't notice it like I do in West Side. And it IS a beautiful bottle, for sure!
16th June, 2007

Badgley Mischka by Badgley Mischka

I liked that this perfume lingered well and that the scent kept changing. I smelled the berries at first, then it switched to a more floral scent, and then lingered in the woody area. I don't think I'd buy it, but would definitely wear it if it was given to me.
16th June, 2007

Fleurs de Bulgarie (original) by Creed

Of the three Creeds that I've tried, this is the only one that had some guts to it. I liked the spice mix into the rose florals, which made it way more interesting than the tea rose scent, which seemed realistic but rather watery to me. I have to say, though, that it reminds me a lot of a fainter-smelling Jicky, without the cloying sweetness of Jicky's dry down. It lingers very nicely, too.
16th June, 2007

Nuit de Noël by Caron

I LOVE Christmas, but if it really smelled like this, I would hate it. Once it goes into its final notes, I can bear the way Nuit de Noel smelled, but prior to that, it smelled like my grandma's feet.
16th June, 2007

Damascena by Keiko Mecheri

This is a very true, natural rose scent, but it has a metallic scent on my skin that I definitely didn't like. For rose scents, I still feel that Les Parfums de Rosine are the best, both for the scent and staying power, particularly Ecume de Rose, Rose D'ete and Un Zest de Rose.
15th June, 2007

Chinatown by Bond No. 9

I read many rave reviews about this fragrance. I liked the scent, which mostly seemed like a spicy peach to me, with some floral notes at the beginning. I usually don't like peach; when it was very popular in candles and room sprays, it came off like cat spray to me. But here it is delicate and sweet. It reminded me a little of Elizabeth Taylor's Black Pearls, which also has a peach note and I really like. I would have liked Chinatown to linger longer than it did.
15th June, 2007

Secret Mélange by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

For the first hour I wore it, I smelled nothing but the cloves, and I felt rather like one of those clove-studded apple pomanders hanging in a closet. It eventually dimmed down to a sweet, less-specific spiciness. I think this would be a great perfume to layer with some others, but it IS more single-note than I expected from the description.
15th June, 2007

Jicky by Guerlain

I LOVE the way Jicky smells when you first put it on and for the next 15 to 30 minutes -- fresh, spicy, herbal. When it settles down to its end notes, it is a little bit on the sweet side for my taste, although not enough so that I would not wear it. I definitely notice the relationship to Shalimar, which is still my very favorite Guerlain!
15th June, 2007

Vol de Nuit by Guerlain

This starts off wonderfully tangy, like Tabac Blond, but then it simmers down very quickly to a vanilla scent that seems to characterize all the final stages of the Guerlain perfumes to some degree. Vol de Nuit's finish is a little spicierm, though. Not as sweet as Jicky, not as vanilla as Shalimar, and not as sharp as Mitsouko. I still like it, but not as much as Tabac Blond or Shalimar.
15th June, 2007

Mitsouko by Guerlain

I was so excited to try Mitsouko because of all I'd read about it here and because I love Shalimar. I ordered a sample of it, and I find that I still like Shalimar better, also Jicky. But then to me Jicky smells like a more casual Shalimar. Anyway... I like Mitsouko, but there is a sharpness to it that is just a little too much for me. It reminds me of the smell of curry powder, oddly enough. I asked my daughter to smell it, and she said, "wow, all I smell is that it's really, really sharp."
15th June, 2007

Après L'ondée by Guerlain

I found this to scent to be just kind of blah - nothing special, just vaguely floral and powdery, as in the description. It certainly is no match for the older Guerlains, which are so dramatic, whether you like them or not.
15th June, 2007

Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare by Creed

I grow roses and have three of the old-fashioned China tea roses -- Monsieur Tillier, Rosette Delizy and Sombreuil. This fragrance does truly smell like them, and it lingers for quite awhile. On the other hand, I have tried other rose fragrances that I think are just as good -- Les Parfums de Rosine's Ecume de Rose, Une Zeste de Rose & Rose D'ete (although this latter smells more like a Mr. Lincoln or Chrysler Imperial rich red rose). They are also less expensive at $85 per bottle.
15th June, 2007

Black Vetyver Café by Jo Malone

I really liked the initial burst of scent here, especially the citrus and coffee notes. Unfortunately, this almost immediately fades to just the vetyver scent, which is NOT my favorite part of any pefume. Also, I NEVER picked up any scent of temple incense of sequoia, which were part of the description that made me want to try this.
13th June, 2007

Datura Noir by Serge Lutens

I admit I was attracted to try this because of the exotic-sounding name. It's definitely too sweet for me, to sum up my overall reaction. For me, it smelled like pistachio ice cream smells and tastes, which is the almond note, I'm guessing. The initial sweetness was dulled a bit by the fruity notes that came up next, but it was still too sweet for me. It finally fades to a long-lasting, pleasant vanilla almond scent. I CANNOT imagine a man wearing a perfume this sweet; I'm surprised it's promoted for both genders.
13th June, 2007