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Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

Yep, a keeper: definitely day-to-day wearability. Went to ER recently at 10 p.m. on a Friday night (ohmigawd, horror scene you're imagining). Guy behind admissions counter had it on (o.k., so I work pt.time in mens fragrances, recognized it on contact). Made me feel better immediately. Imagine: noisy, chaotic, medicine-smell scene. First contact in this environment is man whose smell says, "I'm HERE, I CARE, I'll get something done for you, 'cause I'm professional and calm." Very nice, not offensive or overly strong, lasts fairly well, definite lingering impression.
07th July, 2003

Boss in Motion by Hugo Boss

Of two minds about this fragrance. Plus side: initially refreshing, but brings "creamsickle" to mind immediately, which is o.k. if you like vanilla ice cream with candy-coated orange shell. Have to think it's geared toward younger audience (hence the "in motion" thing). Sphere packaging WAY cool. Downside: I personally don't get much of a hit after the touted dry down; yes, still warm fragrance, but awfully sweet. Not necessarily offensive but makes me long for something sharp with crunch to bite into. Final analysis: thumbs down. Boss has done better, but younger crowd may find it appealing for something different, and it is a little less expensive.
07th July, 2003

Givenchy pour Homme by Givenchy

Reluctant thumbs down. Initially, the grapefruit citrus shines thru; but during/after drydown -- the dry, woodsy note can remind the sniffee a LOT of walking by a pet shop (all those bedding shavings when 'wet'). Will qualify by saying one's particular body chemistry may have a lot to do with it. On the other hand, some of the best most interesting fragrances around are reminiscent of "the gutter". (see XtremeScents June column, it's right on!)
07th July, 2003
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