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Michael Schumacher by Michael Schumacher

Was consistently competent but was aversive to one on one confrontation, often choking during such encounters. Very intelligent but not a likable individual.
Not sorely missed.
I haven't smelt it but I wonder if it was anything like MS himself?
08th May, 2007

Goddess by Impulse

I think they sohuld rethink the name frankly......
08th May, 2007

Envy for Men by Gucci

This fragrance treads that fine line which between harshness and luxurious warmth that is the hallmark of great 'accessable' fragrances (not to be confused with great and challenging fragrances).
I like it but that harsh / bitter note will put some people off so don't buy blind.
03rd May, 2007
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Old Spice by Procter & Gamble

Maybe the version sold to Australia is a diluted version suited to 'modern' tastes but this fragrance exudes none of the charateristics spoken about here when I smell it.
25th October, 2006

Iceberg Twice Homme by Iceberg

I have had no longetivty issues with this one which be an issue in my skin. I mean no dis-respect to ANY basenoter here when I say that to me this frag' smells like a functional fragrance, that is to say, not comprised of expensive ingredients and designed to cover other smells rather than create a unique smell in itself. I ahve both the aftershave and the EDT and I find that aftershave the pick of the two as the EDT can be a bit overpowering. I'll keep coming back to it to see if it grows on me though!
25th October, 2006

The One by Dolce & Gabbana

This is a very nice fragrance. It's a nice combination of the sickly (lily), the fresh (vanilla) and the earthy (vetiver). I think this really is a young womans' fragrance. It would be a much classier statement than the 'in control' 'curious' etc frag's are.
16th October, 2006

Givenchy pour Homme by Givenchy

Well, I really am starting to think that I am too easily pleased. I really like this one. It works well on my skin with the woods and spices coming to the fore. I think there is an unusual interaction between my skin and fruity notes so this might explain why these notes are sent into the background. It's a great frag and i don't really care if it does smell like others as it works well in itself (I can only wear one frag' at a time after all!)
13th October, 2006

Oceanus by Body Shop

Sorry, christykat, I have to agree with allen-at-home about this one about it smelling cheap. Not to say that there is anthing wrong with wearing a cheap& cheerful when you need a pick-me-up!
09th October, 2006

Hugo Energise by Hugo Boss

Is reminiscent of many other frag's releasd last year. I am thinking of Black XS and Paul Smith London but I'm sure someone will disabuse of this opinion!
Average longetivity, reasonable sillage. A compact fragrance. Some will love it. Give it a go!
09th October, 2006

Iceberg Universe Femme by Iceberg

Typically Iceberg. Fresh (minty notes), floral (it is feminine after all), fresh.
This one tends towards a light presence an d could be regarded as 'unisex' much in the same way as YSL NU EDP perhaps but without the dark mystery.
09th October, 2006

Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden

This is a nice scent but it on my Wife's skin it is not esecially powerful of long lasting (which is not a skin chemistry issue I believe). I really san't smell the complex of notes that are stated her or maybe I should say, I can't pick apart the individual notes except to say it is a slightly spicey green tea (which is a bit of a no-brainer really!)
09th October, 2006

Nu Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent

OK I have taken the plung and bought this one. I think I'm a man who is assured of his sexuality (heterosexual). This is a complex, rich frag'. I suppose some might draw comparisons to M7 but M7 has that defining wood note which stands out dramatically (to me). I agree with most o the comments above but must state that there is a deep floral drydown which may turn off other male users. Try a good sample first (as always!)
08th October, 2006

Ferrari #1 (Silver) by Ferrari

First of all. Don't be mislead by the fact that this or any fragrance has a Ferrari badge on it. I think this is good rule of thumb for a lot of 'licensed' frag's.
Ignoring the label then, the next question is what does the stuff in the bottle smell like? I get a real vibrancy between base, mid and top notes which seems to catch my nose at different angles on each whiff. There is a slight progression in dry down but then at the later stages a bit of a cheapy-sweet thing starts happening. Are there Musk notes in there? That would explain it perhaps. This frgrance doesn't push ANY boundaries. In that respect it is not a credit to Ferrari racing team but then again, they didn't make it did they?
03rd October, 2006
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Very Sexy for Him by Victoria's Secret

I prefer to waer scents for myself. I am a married man and don't really want women swooning around me. This a frag which a guy would wear if he specifically wants to wear something for women to smell on him. Nothing wrong with that as long as you are aware of it. All in all a 'comfort' fragrance (just like 'comfort food').
03rd October, 2006

Scuderia Ferrari Black by Ferrari

Well I tryed this a few times on my skin previous to purchase and I couldn't get the Dunhill Desire for a Man similarity at all. Now that I have applied it on me in a decent quantity, lo and behold, Dunhill Desire for a Man has mysteriously appeared on my skin!
I guess judging by the range of similarities that people have sited, this one must a be a bit of a cameleon!
03rd October, 2006

Chrome by Azzaro

I think the Musk topnote sets the tone here. The Hedione is another transparent note, I believe and the fragrance is quite synthetic-heady. I can't take too much of it myself and I think there a few out there who agree.
03rd October, 2006

Champs-Elysées by Guerlain

Light weight Guerlain. How much can you strip from a fragrance and still retain some smell?
03rd October, 2006

Adidas Game Spirit by Adidas

Avoid at all costs.
02nd October, 2006

Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

Have to agree with Fragrancefan255 on this one. It smells like a number of other fragrances and offers nothing new which is not something which we have come to expect from the house of Chanel. It is a nice fragrance (so it gets thumbs up) in it's own right but one gets the feeling Chanel could have harnessed it's resources more constructively and pushed things on a bit.
02nd October, 2006

New West for Him by Aramis

Bring it back Aramis. Attach electrodes to it's cap, wait for a thunder storm and unleash this scent!
02nd October, 2006

Adidas Dynamic / Dynamic Pulse by Adidas

A waste of glass, plastic and alcohol. (oh and money)
02nd October, 2006

Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka

I have to agree with most of the sentiments expressed about this, i.e. Amazing fragrance but very little lasting power on my Wife's skin which is a shame (and she has NO problems with other frag's and longivity by the way!)
02nd October, 2006

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

This one is a beauty. A rich complex of smells here and I don't get any of the powderiness others are reporting. Certainly not black, more a really dark green (which in the right light looks black!)
19th September, 2006

DKNY Be Delicious Men by Donna Karan

Maybe I'm too easily pleased but I really like this one! It's a toffee / coffee apple blend which is at once fresh and deep. This may well be a very skin-dependent frag' though judging by the polarisation of opinions that it has garnered!
19th September, 2006

Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger

What's not to like.
It's fresh and distinctive. Only the fragrance snobs who will miss out on this one, the rest of us who can look past the American cleaness of it can have some fun.....
19th September, 2006

Casual Friday by Escada

Incredible edible.
Just got hold of some of this and it is wonderful. There is some A-men in there but it comes across a bit spicier on my skin. Still alive and well in online auctions!
19th September, 2006

Black by Bulgari

This one does not evolve and it certainly can smell rather odd when on certain types of skin but on the RIGHT skin it is great. Longetivity is it's major problem, that and the fact that it has been deleted in Australia (according to the stores I have visited)
19th September, 2006

Safari by Ralph Lauren

Unmistakable (in my opinion), has all the marks of a good fragrance. I associate it with money as over here in the antipods it is a bit of a 'power-frag'.
19th September, 2006

Rive Gauche Light by Yves Saint Laurent

There are those who believe that 'light' or 'lite' beer is an abhorence. Drain away the alcohol and you invariabley drain away the taste too. Making a destinctive, often divisive fragrance more palatable by straining out the very things that give it it's character can have the same effect.....
13th September, 2006

Tommy Jeans by Tommy Hilfiger

Nice, a very nice citrus with some echoes of Happy for men. Nice (I've said it twice).
13th September, 2006