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Fleur du Matin by Miller Harris

Caution: Wear this on the fabric as oppsoed to skin if you want to last it more than 2-3 hours. If you can go beyond that, then it is a pretty decent fresh herbal scent with a tinge of floral elements. I would classify it as unisex as it isn't floral enough to qualify it as feminine in my book. Not amongst the best creations from this house, but it is good quality stuff. If you liked Citron Citron and Tangerine Vert, then this might be right up your alley.
26th June, 2008

Tuscany per Uomo Forte by Aramis

Why o why did Aramis discontinue this? If they had to pick one, they should have discontinued the regular Tuscany. Tuscany Uomo(regular one sitll in production), though nice, isn't as interesting as this gem. Imagine Tuscany's opening notes mated with Alexander McQueen's Kingdom, and you get Uomo Forte. The middle and basenotes of Uomo Forte aren't as harsh woody as Tuscany Uomo's either. This one is woody alright, but more of a comforting woody as opposed to dry/harsh woody of Uomo. A true gem that is getting harder and harder to find.
06th June, 2008

Heir by Paris Hilton

This is a positive surprise. Class isn't the word that would normally be associated with Paris Hilton. Crass would be more like it. But unlike Paris Hilton herself, this fragrance is pretty classy. Any lover of 80's classic fresh scents would enjoy this one. This is quite reminiscent of Nina Ricci Signoricci.
31st May, 2008
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Osmanthus by Keiko Mecheri

Keiko Mecheri is one of the most under-rated niche houses IMO. That being said, you might want to look somewhere else if you are in search of a strikingly bold Osmanthus prominent scent. Keiko Mecheri Osmanthus doesn't have much going on, and thats what makes it beautiful. This is quite a bit subtle and creamy simple yet elegant floral, and thats what I like about it. I have always found a floral with a lot of complexity too hard to wear, perhaps because any floral that isn't simple enough would get into the feminine territory rather quickly. For a man, this is one of the best florals around. For a woman, it might be too bleh in general, but could serve its purpose when you are in the mood of appreciating simpler things in life.
25th May, 2008

Bois de Santal by Keiko Mecheri

Beware of the name. I was fortunate enough of known this isn't really about Sandalwood before I tried it. Had I not known tha fact, I would have been utterly disappointed as I would have been expecting it to be a rendition of Sandalwood. This is a big mess up on Keiko Mecheri's part. This is a light floral with a not too musky and woody base. I do smell a bit of amber in there as well. A subtle floral for men that is perfect for summer.
25th May, 2008

Wild Hunt by CB I Hate Perfume

Wild Hunt is very intoxicating! Imagine yourself in a dense forest with tall trees, pine, moss and fresh bitter leaves all around you soaked in sun. It is piny throughout, but the strength of pine is tamed by the presence of moss and something that smells like very aromatic leaves.
21st May, 2008 (last edited: 27th June, 2008)

Stardust for Men by Llewelyn

This is some good stuff- if you are into somewhat "fresh" scents. The opening is quite a bit reminiscent of Creed GIT and Coolwater. But the dry down is much less "sporty" and more luxurious than these two, and that is a good thing!
09th May, 2008

Outrageous by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

I am not sure why is this classified as a women's fragrance on basenotes. It is not overtly feminine by any means. Even Barney's is selling it as a men's fragrance! Now to the fragrance: It smells like a mixture of wet paint and children's cough syrup- atleast for the first couple of hours. Of all the Malle creations, this smells the cheapest. Its one thing not liking the smell. But this one smells CHEAP! Even Coty Aspen might exude more quality than this one! The drydown isn't half as bad, and is a bit reminiscent of Guerlain L'Homme for men. The only reason I would give it a neutral is for trying to create something different and for originality. It fails in every other regard.
11th April, 2008

Route du Thé by Barneys New York

This is what Costume National Scent should have been. Just a tad bit light on Amber, and add a bit of fruitiness to give it more character.
11th April, 2008

Bleecker Street by Bond No. 9

This is a good fresh scent but nothing unique. It might not be a complete copy of Creed Original Vetiver, but does resemble it somewhat. If you want to get it for the snob factor, then go for it. Otherwise Bvlgari Pour Homme Extreme smells just like this (a tad bit stronger than Bleeker Street- which is a good thing), and lasts longer too.
02nd April, 2008

Chinatown by Bond No. 9

Chinatown is unique. Chinatown is weird. Chinatown is powdery/fruity/pungent/sweet all rolled in one. Chinatown is GOOD STUFF! One of the very few unique scents from this house. For dishing out over $200 for a bottle, the very first thing I look for is the uniqueness of smell- and this fits the bill perfectly.
02nd April, 2008

Sandalwood by Art of Shaving

Caution: This one is not for faint of heart. You have come to the right scent if you want the notes named fragrances to be so true to the notes that even a 4 year old kid could tell what it is. The scent has a sharp medicinal initial burst that could throw you back, but it does tone down after a few minutes. Sandal is prominent in the top, in the middle and the base notes! That alone makes it a must try for any sandalwood lovers!
02nd April, 2008

Aramis 900 by Aramis

Want something herbal? Want something a bit floral? This is it for you! Aramis can't seem to come out with a bad scent. 900 is only second to JHL.
02nd April, 2008
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Aramis Bermuda Tonic by Aramis

A bit pepperish/spicier than your regular run off the mill fresh scents. I didn't find it weak. In fact it has a lot of sillage and lasting power on my skin for a fresh/aquatic rendition. Definitely a keeper!
19th January, 2008